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  1. Hi mate, Im new to the forum and not that sure how to negotiate it. Could you possibly send me the link for the Iq workshop manual  please. Thanks Nigel . 

  2. Yup, Still rolling along perfectly. 🙂 Other than new brake pads and a new set of tyres there isn't much to note really. It's gained a few more stone chips in those years and now around 115k miles on the clock but once a year oil changes and it's a goodun . 😁 Gave her a polish over the weekend. Craig.
  3. I did my own upgrade using an LED bulb from ebay. All these years later it is still working fine.... Look a few posts down on this thread... https://www.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/topic/134890-an-iq-called-toya/page/2/#comments Craig.
  4. I've just purchased a set of the PIAA bulbs. Haven't got them yet but will let you know what they are like when they do arrive. I hate LED and HID lights so it was the PIAA ones or the Toyota Optiwhites. Hope I made the right choice... Craig.
  5. craggle

    Thanks Guys!

    Any damage inside the boot lid? Looks like a second hand boot and bumper and it will be good as new again. Bet you could sell the Scion spoiler if it happened to fall off in the accident.... Craig.
  6. You would be better off finding wider wheels really. I have 7x17" ET42 rims on my car now with 215/45 17 tyres and it improves the handling no end. Changes the look too and no problems with them touching the bodywork or anything else. If you are on a budget have a look around for cheap BMW Mini wheels as they are the same bolt pattern, all you need is spigot or adaptor rings for the centre. I also have the Eibach springs for a lower ride and improved handling. Craig.
  7. Yes, they do. Not sure how you would contact them though as they are Japan based. If you join this page on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/180066273080/ And look for a member called Tsukasa Sangawa. He runs a company in Japan called Air Repair and he has made a small number of limited slip diffs and a number of other modifications. I'm not sure if they are for the 6 speed gearbox or 5 speed though, they could be the same thing or completely different. Craig.
  8. Tighter coils on the rear springs are at the bottom on my car. As for new dampers, Toyota dealer would be my only guess. Do you think the ones on there have failed? My car is still on the original dampers just with new springs fitted onto them. They are still working fine with no leaks. Craig.
  9. I have the Eibach springs on my car but won't be back with it until the weekend. If you can wait till then I'll take a look but pretty certain I fitted them with the print the right way up, plastic sleeves at the bottom on the rear. Craig.
  10. When you say it takes a few seconds to respond does it do anything, do the revs increase? If the revs don't climb then maybe the accelerator potentiometer or throttle position sensor on the pedal itself is faulty. Might be worth a trip to a Toyota dealer to get it on the computer and see if any faults are recorded. Craig.
  11. I have a BlackVue as well. Very pleased with it although the three I have now installed seem to come with a blank SD card and you need to download the software and install it on the card before the camera will work. Why they don't do that for you I'll never know. My parents have a forward only Thinkware camera in their Range Rover and that is very good for the money. Seems to be a copy of the BlackVue but much more affordable. I fit them all myself but not afraid to play with cars. The cameras only need a 12v supply which is fairly easy to find behind the dash. Craig.
  12. craggle

    Engine change

    Suspension is different, front springs anyway. Think the brakes are the same. Biggest challenge would be the ECU which is probably coded to the keys / security system / dashboard so that would all need changing. Different exhaust, gear lever, engine mounts, air con pipes, coolant pipes etc. etc. Seriously not worth the hassle, buy a 1.33 car if you really want one. Craig.
  13. It is possible to get the steering wheel controls going again and I did it with a little box from "Connects2" Have a look half way down this thread... https://www.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/topic/175840-stereo-adapter-1-din/?tab=comments#comment-1431913 An extra USB port would be useful for charging. I bought one a long time ago but never got around to fitting it, must do that one day..... Craig.
  14. Nice work. 😃 I have a 3D printer here at work now and if I had one when I made my new radio facia I may well have done the same. Looks great. Did you get the steering wheel controls working as well? Craig.
  15. craggle

    Understeer noise

    I think you mean the car tyres make a funny noise when turing on full steering lock? If so, it is perfectly normal, they all do it. The wheels can't maintain a proper line on the road when turned that tight so one has to slip slightly as you move. They return to normal when the steering angle is reduced so not really a problem, you only use full steering lock at a very low speed. Craig.
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