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  1. craggle

    2 days, 2 Toyota IQ’s, same issue - Head Gasket

    It does form in the cap normally. The cap gets oil in it, gets hot when running but is in the cold airflow over the engine so it makes condensation quite nicely. Just clean it out when you service the engine and it will be fine. Head gasket issues are not something I've heard of when it comes to iQ's Craig.
  2. craggle

    hooray! - yaris gr-sport now on toyota uk configurator

    No car with the word "Sport" in the name should have 5 doors. Wonder why they discontinued the 3 door models. Craig.
  3. craggle

    Module that closes windows and mirrors

    Where did you get that kit from that does the windows as well? Craig.
  4. craggle

    Bought Myself a Winter Project

    That looks great! Now the question is do you use it.... (I have an original Tamiya Lunchbox that I liked so much once built I just shelved it and never even put a battery in it! ) Craig.
  5. craggle

    2014 and DRL's failed

    Have noticed that myself on my partners Yaris. Same thing, clear the windows thinking they have packed up and then check them again when returning home and they work. Not sure why they don't simply turn on with the ignition? Next think for me to look at is the LED high level brake light as I think a few of the LED's have failed as it has dark spots. Craig.
  6. craggle

    Display on top of dashboard

    I'm guessing mean the airbag warning panel above the slot in the centre of the dash for the CD? If so you need to remove the heater control panel first by carefully pulling it towards you around the edges, it only clips into place so ease it around off around the outside edges. Once that is off you will see two hex head bolts either side of the radio unit. Undo them, 10mm socket needed, then once again pull the whole radio housing towards you and it will un-slot from the dash top and lift away. The display panel only clips into place but could be glued with hot melt glue if the clips have broken somehow. Craig.
  7. craggle

    Air Horns?

    Have a look at the second post in my car thread... I fitted twin tone horns to my car and fed them both from the original single wire via a small splitter cable I made. So far they have been fine with no blown fuses. If you plan something with more power consumption you may find the fuse blows straight away so would need to fit a relay and supply from a heavier duty 12v supply. Craig.
  8. craggle

    Help with kerbing wheel!

    Check the tyre pressures are correct for the car. Some tyre places will just inflate them to a nominal figure when fitting new tyres. I have seen anything from 25psi to 40psi in freshly fitted tyres! Craig.
  9. craggle

    Air Horns?

    Bumper comes off dead easy. There are about 6 bolts I think, 10mm head, under the bottom lip of the bumper that hold the little black splash guard things in front of the wheels, remove those. Under the bonnet lip there are 6 or 8 plastic clips. You lift the centre up a bit with a screwdriver then the whole plug will pull out. The edges of the bumper just clip to the wing panel near the head light. Carefully ease them away and the bumper will unclip. That is it. You may want a mat / blanket on the floor in front of the car so you can put it down once removed. You may need to unplug the fog lights if you have them fitted. I can get the bumper off my car in ten minutes tops. Craig.
  10. craggle

    Help with kerbing wheel!

    That is a pretty small dent. Take it to a tyre place, get the tyre removed and ask them to look at the rim. If it is okay they will fit a new tyre for you. You can clean the dent up and paint it in your own time if you are that worried about it. I see cars on a daily basis driving around with far more damaged wheels than that. Craig.
  11. craggle


    David is also known as Tarquin. Doesn't post here quite so often now but believe he still lurks in the shadows... Craig.
  12. craggle

    Bought Myself a Winter Project

    That looks good. 😃 Not really a fan of the beetle myself, worked on one once and it kept giving me electric shocks! Turns out an HT lead was worn through on the heat shields and the putting the spark into the car. Still, an RC one on the shelf in the garage would look pretty cool. Quite fancied doing a blue one same as the box art. Look forward to seeing the Toyota when it is finished. Was thinking of buying myself Tamiya's new Land Rover Defender RC kit as that does look good and Land Rovers are my other hobby. Cheers Craig.
  13. craggle

    Bought Myself a Winter Project

    Looks great! 😃 I have one of the Beetle kits that was built by someone else and they did a pretty bad job of painting it! If you have the body kit, chrome parts, stickers and window masks still lying about, do you fancy selling them? Craig.
  14. craggle

    Rear bumper loose making car vibrate at low speeds

    So the bumper has snapped where the brackets attach? If they are both snapped it may have had a light knock in the rear or someone reversed into something causing them to break. Options are a new bumper or take the bumper off and reattach the brackets. I have done this quite successfully in the past using a soldering iron to melt the plastic back together. Sounds a bit dodgy I know but it can be done quite neatly with practice. I would then reinforce the area with some fibreglass mat and resin. Craig.
  15. craggle

    IQ3 Winter Rims

    Don't forget to check the size of the centre bore on the Mini wheels, I'm pretty certain they need spigot rings to fit the iQ Craig.