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  1. Why do women nag so much?? -.-

  2. Seriously, who sleeps with these people on Jeremy Kyle??

  3. Super night once again :-)

  4. Big mommas ouse lol :-D

  5. Anyone want any Avon?? :-D

  6. main topics on yahoo.jp:Five men to life in full view stations,Never happen remains sprawled kitten,A passenger plane in terrible crosswind,Just ride the escalator to become a smile,To monitor the work of people "watch ya 'girl....???

  7. Just to let Miss Jake carlin know that im currently having a coffee b4 I go on the pc... SUPER!

  8. New TV, New Car Parts, Mama June Taylor's birthday present..... im broke....

  9. Well enough to play skyrimmin tonight :-)

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