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  1. Was not in use just parked at my mates house, only time it got driven is when I drove it back after purchase. Shame really did like it.
  2. Unfortunately for sale I have my toyota corolla 1.6 g6, normally come in the 1.3 models however this is a factory 1.6. 3 owners. Genuine reason for sale to many cars and no one drives it and it's a shame to just have it sitting there. car has 116000 miles on the clock stack of paperwork 2 keys and fob full logbook still has original cassette unit with cover. MOT till July 2017. Factory spec, G6r front lip, front upper strut brace, 6 speed gearbox, disc brakes front and back, sunroof, electric mirrors + windows and all the other usual standard extras + Corolla t sport 16" alloys with brand new falken tyres all round. start and drives beautiful . little damage on front pass side front wing which is pictured. Will need allingment due to new alloys. Apart from this it is a superb motor just as you would expect. £650 firm. Location Birmingham. 07594815349 for any more info
  3. that's a real shame, I don't mind bring them over here if there goodens always wanted to get a car over from Ireland seen a few nice ones just never bit the bullet but will keep an eye out
  4. that's mental that is, so what happens to the cars over 12 years for people who carnt insure them sell them ***** cheap ? is there actually people who pay that price? didn't tax the car then left it parked at my mates house. might just leave it there for a while untill I sell one of the others.
  5. well I left it in so the cone does not just hang off the intake pipe but rather sit on the box causing less strain on the pipe, and secondly the bottom of the standard airbox does have a factory air duct attached to it so more cold air flow from outside less heat soak maybe ? + easier to refit standard when removing :P
  6. I used this exact one on all my previous Corollas, as the adapter that I got it with was a perfect fit for the corolla when the top of the stock airbox is removed, it gives it a nice deep induction sound and personally felt more responsive, to be honest I only put it on for the sound and I recon it helps it breath better, if you are looking on getting one any cone filter will do my mate has a track AE82 with a £10 ebay filter and the job perfect. also on the e11 don't remove the complete airbox jus the top and the panel filter leave the bottom there for the filter to sit in. 60mm is the size of the intake pipe
  7. Here's some pictures for you guys, some damage on the passanger side which has been touched up by previous owner however on the lookout for a wing in same colour to keep originality, moved the car from family house to a friends drive way closer to home. Still need 4 wheel laser allingment as the car feels all over the place so that's the next priority Got a Cone k&n filter ready to go on when I get a chance not taxed yet however will defiantly be keeping, could someone confirm the bottle next to the brake fluid is clutch fluid ? Also the strut brace and front lip would that be factory.
  8. The oz alloys have been removed and sold for asking price, car has got Corolla T sport e12 alloys onit now will be taxed tommorow and on the road, think I will be keeping it will get pictures up tommorow.
  9. nope it's running fine, just so many cars at home and only 2 drivers so parked it up and sorned it to tax at the start of next month, as I bought it on the 15th and had already had taxed a few motors didn't make sence to tax this half way threw the month + gave me time to get some alloys as I never liked 17's on a e11. so I can change alloys and get the allignemnet done at once
  10. I have them up on ebay for £350 collected, 4 new matching tyres all round which have covered little to no millage. will be removed ready for sale in the next day or two, thanks for the kind words, I'm unsure weather I will be keeping it as so far it's parked at a relatives house since purchase however I will be changing the wheels sorting new brake fluid and getting the allingment done and then I will decide what to do.
  11. just a small update, went and bought some corolla T sport 16 inch Alloys with tyres and Oz will be removed and for sale, cars currently off the road.
  12. that's what I thought till I come accross this so just snapped it up as it was a steal, ill try, the handling is all over the place to be honest need to get it on a lazer allingment ramp and see what's going on.
  13. Back in a corolla again and it's a g6 to my suprise it's a 1.6 g6, originally when I seen it I thought all g6's where 1.3 however this is a 1.6 soo yhh, anyway it's more or less fully standard to the genuine cassete player only mods being 17" OZ superlegera alloys and not sure if standard g6r front lip and a 3 point fromt upper strut brace, 116000 miles on the clock with full service history 3 owners. here's some pictures will get better ones another time. anyone confirm how many 1.6 g6 where made as this is the 1st one iv ever seen.
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