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  1. Derek I cannot imagine a scenario where that would happen between going into Mr T and coming out again. There may be collapsible collars to put pre-load on which might go but others better qualified than me could comment. It's the speed and nature of the change which baffles. Kenny
  2. A scrap exhaust is errr.............scrap, not worth two toots on a ragmans trumpet! We pay to have our scrap removed, that includes metal, oil batteries etc etc, we then have it recyled responsibly with the required paperwork chain etc We don't have that many scrap CAT's but when we do, we save them up and a recycler collects and pays for them It makes me smile to think you have been "ripped off" by getting nothing for your old exhaust :D: An aftermarket CAT can be scrapped for as little as £2, a full size CAT can be anything up to £250 (prices change all the time) most CAT's scrap for about
  3. Kev I nearly fell on ma droddum with the JS gag - respek - I'll give it a go but I'm not convinced. It would be by far the easiest fix.... Ian Don and BK got there before you on the tyres but thanks anyway but I agree it's very rare for these things to go bang but I'll do what I can and keep spending money on the warranty a last resort. Kenny
  4. Don It's an option but given Mr T's announcement that he'd never seen a RAV with a diff problem I'm pretty relaxed about it to be honest, unless someone came up with a 'press this button and the whine'll disappear' solution I knew that I'd need to live with it. It is baffling to me why it's changed, paranoia kicks in about what happened during its test runs but other than that it's whining, I'll live with it. I've got the option of taking out an extended warranty according to Mr T and as long as I'm not turning up on the premises next week that's available if it gets significantly worse, so I
  5. Kev Thanks for that, I'm assuming they could have switched over the tyres but the garage phoned me up to tell me about the diff, the technician saying he was treating it as a mechanical failure and that they could replace it for a very reasonable £2795 suffice to say I declined and took it home. So while I'm happy to investigate the tyres it does sound like the diff and that's why I was wondering about the alignment.
  6. Stuck the sidelights in today and it was 10 minutes from bonnet up to bonnet down. I needed to take off the plastic cover on the slam panel but all in all a doddle. In terms of brightositynessness they're a whole lot better, in the light they're just two points of light but in the dark they really light up the whole sidelight with still a distinct point of light in that cold whitel light. Tenner well spent.
  7. If you're driving on full snow then the diff lock will really help in the braking department but as I've opined before, it switching off at around 24mph won't help if you're going faster. If it is minus 30 then grip can be very good and quite different from our usual UK slush/thaw/freeze cycles. As mentioned above though traction accelerating is not an issue but defying the laws of physics stopping is, even if you're confident of your tyres I'd give yourself lots of space and keep it gentle on the middle pedal. I'm assuming the fuels will be already doctored for these conditions but you can g
  8. Stella I'm now in much the same position with a car which although has cost a fortune is a really nice car which has only disappointed in that it hasn't demonstrated the reliability, fun and build quality of the old 4.1, it's still a cracking car. Since buying the car last year I've had the brakes, exhaust, engine all changed and got rid of the run flats. I was always going to keep it for around 5 years and although I could have researched the fuel consumption and tyres and saved myself those surprises I am going to keep it. As Charlie says 6 years seems to be a reasonable time nowadays f
  9. I always thought the sidelights were pretty non existent in their standard form so took Ezmusic's lead and ordered Cree high intensity LED sidelights. They arrived today so I'll put them in and report on brightnessosity.
  10. No got the run flats replaced on the standard wheels by Mr T, very efficiently I might add, with no damage to the tyre pressure sensors.
  11. It's got Pirelli Scorpions on but the change in type of whine was striking between going into garage and coming out?!!
  12. Got the beast back from Mr T after getting the engine sorted and the diff is now whining in a manner that is different to the slight whine it used to have. Originally it would whine around 60mph on just catching the throttle to keep it moving, lift off or accelerate and it would disappear. Now it appears at most speeds, is not affected by gear or throttle position and is just whining away at most speeds. It does diminish but that might just be my ears getting used to it. Anybody got any ideas? Could it be that the propshaft has been put back on in a different orientation from before the eng
  13. Replaced my T180 exhaust with MrT for the usual £1k+ with 67k on the clock and felt cheated after two 4.1's lasted more than 130k each with only the mild steel hangers needing replacing and both were sold on without replacement. I'm interested in Kingo's comment on scrap value. Is the exhaust an exchange item or was I ripped off by Mr T? How much are we talking about in scrap value?
  14. The 3 lights of doom came on again on the 28th after being turned off by Mr T (see particulate filter blocked thread) they then went off on the 30th and all systems are go again. Why did this happen? Do these lights go off eventually if you ignore them for two days? or does it fix itself and cancel the alert? A guid new year to yin an a' Kenny
  15. Mistermena Thanks for this tip, I've ordered the cleaner as a temporary fix and claimed the discount (its an ethnic thing....) but hopefully this situation will be resolved soon. Kenny
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