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  1. Must be a bit of a squeeze in the Aygo Only if he can entice & manage to fit a bird into it with him
  2. I could go totally ballistic about American mispronunciation, but being mercifu, I will simply give a few of my pet hates. Aloominum for Aluminium Hundi = Hyundai Kohog = Quahog............Family Guy
  3. Seems nobody wants to remember. Sorry Raist, I couldn't reply or support your effort as I haven't been on line for a while. At least, Raist was able to Post & I to reply in English. {& the Mods are still reasonably reasonable} :lol2: }
  4. Well, they have to find the money to pay for the "Classic Car Rescue" program on Tele
  5. "1939 - Nylon stockings were sold to the public for the first time in Wilmington, DE." They had been on sale everywhere else for 10 years prior to this See Raist. People still do read this :D Just wanted to reassure you & give you the motive to go on...........& on............... & on .................etc :lol2:
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