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  1. I am going back to petrol so this is farewell to my t180 07 auirs downsizing to 1.6 petrol
  2. DPF Removal to become MOT failure from Feb 2014
  3. hi my smart key is doing the same thing both my keys i am going for new batteries my key is 5 years old hope this works
  4. i have to replace my front brakes pads and discs .how much or can i do this my self what tools would i require how long should this take
  5. Try show room shine :fireman:it works great on my red auris t180
  6. The under skirt cover pvc below my engine on my t180 has come of i will have to replace with new is this a big job or can irepair it looking for parts no thanks if you can help
  7. Hi had the reinforcement bar done it took two days great service from toyota at Linwood renfrewshire
  8. yes it is the reinforcement bar the welding is meant to be poor
  9. I had the car in on the vosa recall then two weak later phone call to say this was still to be done
  10. Toyota have asked me to bring my t180 in on the recall to repair welding on the front the job will take two days has anyone had this repair done thanks
  11. Hi i had my t180 in on Friaday 58227 mil had to replace rear pads and discs parts and labour +vat 185.16 good or bad discs had to be replaced
  12. Hi the reason being when cold the reves are high at times you can take your foot of the pedal and it goes its self untill it heat up i was going to turn it down i was geting 28 miles in town but after cleaning the engine with wd40 coverd it my milage went up to 38 in town after two weaks it started to come down so i covered it again it went back up so i was going down the line i must be hitting the choke thanks
  13. Can you ajust the idle speed on Auris t 180 is there a automatic choke on this car and can it be altered
  14. hi my machanic said up to 4 hours to remove and replace with cleaning 400.00 on his advice i did put forte in to clear it 1500 for new dpf
  15. hi buy 2 bottles of FORTER Dpf cleaner put this into half a tank go for some long runs over a couple days it worked for me :fireman:
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