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  1. asked the same question to my local dealer and was told this is normal. Probably goes a long way to explaining the abysmal fuel consumption figures some people quote especially doing shortish jouneys , mine can take 10 miles to settle down with really cold weather
  2. paintpot


    just a quick post to say goodbye. The nightmare is finally over. Moved to Toyota from VW about 3 months ago and new almost imediatley i'd made a huge mistake. So now its hello to mr Audi and goodbye to a noisey, thirsty sluggish diesel that is the Auris 2.0 d4d engine. In my quest to trade the auris in would just like to tell you I was declined a p/x because in the words of the salesman "not the sought of car we would want to take in p/x because they are more trouble than they are worth. Nice to know I wasnt parranoid hey hey I.M FREE :-) :-) :-) Hurry up lads before they are all gone!!!
  3. Hi guys just put a tenners worth or unleaded in a empty tank :-( (low fuel warning just came on) then brimmed the tank diesel. All seems ok at mo driven for 50 miles without so much as a cough. Hopefully will start when cold fingers X. Any body know of an additive to help , Has any body else had experience of a mis fuel with this engine. Are they tollerant to a drop of unleaded
  4. in my short experience of the auris would have say they are probably amongst the most unreliable and poorly built motors on the market
  5. only crunches when cold, fine when hot. Cant see how could be wrong grade oil full history from mr T, surely they wouldnt change gearbox oil grade? worried prolonged use will wreck rest of gearbox How could mr T make such an appalling car head gasket failure oil consumption issues noisey diesel engines dimal fuel consumption now gearbox!!! Hope mr T watches this forum he might realise how many customers he's losing and how much damage is being done to the brand My experience of toyota dealers is pants they dont look after customers , dont deserve any loyalty
  6. only crunches when cold, fine when hot. Cant see how could be wrong grade oil full history from mr T, surely they wouldnt change gearbox oil grade?
  7. Hi guys, have a 2008 2.0 d4d Auris 44k miles that crunches into 2nd gear when cold. fine when gearbox is warm. one dealer says its normal lots of auris boxes have this fault another says theyve never had any auris gearbox issues. Whos right whos telling porkys. is there a known fault with these boxes.??? Can the lingage be adjusted or am I looking at gearbox rebuild Car covered by used car warranty who will no doubt say wear and tear. Toyota main dealer (where purchased) not accepting liability
  8. TOYOTA WARANTY BULLETIN last revised 1st april 2011 AD engine out of warranty guidelines (0730J) conditions covered 1) oil consumption worse than 0.5 litre per 621 miles (1000km) 2) overheating and head gasket failure due to carbon deposits on the pistons for all other out of warranty conditions related to AD engine problems where the customer complaint can be directly linked to a "carbon clogging" concern ie. egr valve DPNR, 5th injector egr cooler, blocked manifold etc, we would accept this as being linked to a oil consumption condition. Vehicles covered. TAKEN FROM OFFICIAL TOYOTA BULLETIN DISTRIBUTED TO ALL TOYOTA DEALERSHIPS FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT WARRANTY ON 01737367400 HOPE THIS HELPS COMPLETE BULLETIN IS ON LINK VIA THIS SITE NEW ENGINE AURIS 2.0 D4D AT 43K MILES those vehicles fitted with AD diesel engines Avensis with 1ad or 2ad engines prod date april 2005 to feb 2009 rav4 with 2ad prod date july 2005 to dec 2008 auris with 1ad or 2ad engines prod date sep 2006 tosep 2009 verso with2ad engine prod dateapril 2005 to nov 2008 age mileage covered 7 years old and 111846 miles (180000km) which ever comes sooner coolant power steering fluid and air con gas should be reused and cannot be claimed
  9. Had my auris 2 days , can honestly say its the worst designed car ive ever had. 25% worse economy than vw 130 pd feels like 25% less power 50% more noise more like a tractor than a modern car engine life expectancy 30-50k?? visibility bordering on dangerous All these issues have been raised in these forums As soon as reg doc comes back from dvla its up for sale. Cheap motor anyone?? 2008 (08) auris 2.0 d4d sr 5dr silver 43k new engine 250 miles 12 months warrranty toyota backed, sure could transfer. Cant afford to run one of these. dont need the worry. back to vw audi for me!!
  10. hi all, new to toyota new to the club bought my 2.0 d4d sr auris two days ago, Reading a few posts now starting to regret it ( what have I bought) my auris 43k new toyota engine, just found out they have serious engine problems. no wonder main dealers are so agreeable to replace these motors without fuss, would destroy toyota if they were known for making unreliable, underpowered, thirsty rattly engines which it seems they do. Traded in my 130 pd bora ror 2.0 d4d sr auris vw quiet and refined v toyota rattly and course vw 55mpg easy v toyota 42 mpg at a push vw 100k plus v toyota 43k on first engine how long on the second?? beginning to wonder!! What is the full story with these motors?? Am I going to regret my purchase?? can anybody reasure me?? VERY WORRIED BMW motor in a toyota...bring it on