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  1. Happy Birthday Carina95_!

  2. Brake Piston Cap?

    ahh, thank you ever so much. do you know where the best place is to get them? online, or asking about shops?...
  3. Brake Piston Cap?

    I don't know why, but when I was doing the brakes earlier on the car. I noticed that there was only one cap on the brake piston. Passenger side didn't have one, drivers did. It's confusing me, and I want to know if there should be one or there shouldn't be. Or if it's fine as it is. If someone could let me know, please? It's a 2007 Toyota Avensis D4D- T4 2.2 turbo diesel. (if you need the info)...
  4. Hey people! Name's Kate, and I will soon be buying a 1.6 Toyota Carina E GLi. I have got some plans for her, mainly rims, ride height and exhaust. If there are any people on here who have done these things on their Carina, i'd love to talk to them about the parts and how they did it. As it is hard to find certain parts for them. Thanks, Kate.