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  1. My car is a Corolla design MY22 trying to find out how to alter the settings so when I select P or when I start to drive off all the doors will automatically lock ? Can’t find it in the manual and tried looking on internet and YouTube but the settings they have is different to mine. my display only shows this
  2. Thanks was hoping it was a garage door open/close button 😂
  3. What’s the button on the bottom of the rear view mirror do ? the button presses in and out just wounded what it does. Only tried it while the engine is off only just noticed it and there’s nothing about it in the manual. car a is brand new my22 Corolla design thanks gary
  4. Just to update this …… all sorted now thanks a lot
  5. Picked the car up today and well pleased with it. And it’s the my22 model. im just trying to get the CarPlay to display the apple my home garage door opener. I’ve got a meross garage door opener which is Wi_Fi and supports apple home and works when I’m away from home. when I’m sat in the car inside my garage I’ve noticed my iPhone switches over from Wi_Fi to 4G so I’m guessing the CarPlay works through Wi_Fi. the my home app on the iPhone shows unavailable when I’m sat in the car, probably because the CarPlay switches off my phones Wi_Fi to 4g. do I need the my home pod for this to work ? I’ve turned all the Siri settings on. sorry to confuse you all 😂 gary
  6. Mines been in transit state since Wednesday, how long is it normally to get delivered state ? it’s only going from where there made in Derbyshire to the dealers in Sheffield thanks
  7. Mines also a 1.8 design in black ordered on 1st December. I’m in uk. went to build progress on the 24th January, this morning it went into transit. so it took 2 days to go from build to transit. hope mine is my22
  8. Always had a phone holder in every car I’ve had phone always tends to fall out my pocket and end up down side of seat
  9. Looking for ideas on how to mount a iPhone 13 pro ready for when the new Corolla is delivered. was thinking of getting a MagSafe vent mount but looks like it would cover half the media screen up so that’s a no go then thought about putting a vent MagSafe holder on the right hand side vent but looks to far in. what do any of you guys use ? pics would be great if you can so I can get an idea if it will be suitable. thanks
  10. Ordered a Corolla hb design in black estimate date they gave me was may. I placed the order on the 1st December
  11. I also got an email this morning saying car is now being processed so looked on Myt app now it’s showing up yippeee can now track her
  12. Mine was ordered on 1st December and still can’t see any progress or had any sort of emails from Toyota think I’ll get in touch with Toyota uk see if they can sort it out
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