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  1. I have the 6" tom tom, so there's only 1" in it! But I prefer not to have to look down and across at a sat nav; the tom tom sits on the dash behind the steering wheel, so it's directly in my line of view. (I coped Pete B's setup after seeing his pictures!) I miss the gen 2 with it's high up display, but, the gen 4 facelift is supposed to show nav arrows on the HUD, so that might mitigate it I guess. Does the toyota sat nav do 3d views now? (Not on my gen 2!) It's a very smooth update on the tom tom and nice and high up point of view on the display. The traffic is the main reason I am currently using a sat nav, so that is why I favour the tom tom so much. I havn't tried to take a different route yet, but I do remember all the 'turn around when possilbe' type messages when I had a tom tom a while ago!
  2. I just disabled the SKS remote entry in the car options, solved that issue. I am quite happy to press a button to unlock/lock, just like the old days!
  3. This was almost a deal breaker for me, as I really wanted sat nav, but the initial cars didn't have it(business edition) and the dealer said it could not be upgraded. I must say that even though it's a bit inconvenient to setup/put away, a tom tom is *miles* better than the sat nav I had in the gen 2. I still hope apple car play may arrive one day given we have MM17 at least...
  4. I seem to have got a facelifted prius that you can't actually configure: business edition with SIPA 🙂 Maybe the first few cars were special? I like the black bits, but you do have to keep dusting them.
  5. I seem to remember there was something a bit clunky with that switch, like if you pressed it again when it was on nothing came up on the LCD display to say it was off - which is what I would have expected(but I guess the yellow/orange icon on the left of the dash should go out). Turning if off worked for me, but these days I always leave it on; it 'tells' my passengers when I'm getting tired!
  6. > DId you see my test drive notes? Oh yes, a very interesting read! 🙂
  7. Just a followup for those thinking of upgrading: Being tall, I do miss the higher seats in the gen2 which I found more comfortable - the gen2 gave me some thigh support, I cant get that anymore. The economy is very good. So far I have had 66mpg, 68mpg and now 70mpg(measured at pump, not the displayed car mpg); I like the way this is heading! (The car is not really run in yet and we have warmer weather now. I would get aroung 56-58mpg in the gen2 at the same time of year). I only use the 'normal' driving mode and I have aircon always enabled and climate set to eco. I still think the gen2 might be a little bit quicker off the line, but I don't miss the gen2's horrible braking/skipping when going over bumps/potholes. It is so much nicer to drive than the gen2. Almost fun! I turned off the road sign assist, it was wrong a lot and prevented me seeing the instant economy bar next to the speedo (like the gen2 bar), which truly tells you when that engine is off. I find the auto wipers pretty good. I find the visibilty is genreally better, although it's a shame you can't invert the mirror at the top off the windscreen like before. I have not yet seen another gen4 mid cycle refresh on the road, so it's nice to drive something a bit different. I gave up on mirrorlink - just hoping carplay may arrive given my car has MM17 multimedia like corolla and rav4 I am keeping an eye on any feedback(PeteB!) on the latest Rav4 hybrid, as that has seats that would suit me more (but I would miss a lot of prius features/running costs!)
  8. Yes, I had samsung carmode app on the phone too, tried launching it before, no good.
  9. I have car and house keys on the same ring, so a pouch would not work for me unfortunately. I kind of prefer the old system of pressing a button, I find the new system a bit unnatural anyway!
  10. Being over the speed limit was turned off by default on my car. Regarding mirrorlink, it did not work with a samsung galaxy s7 phone running android 8.0.0. The phone said it was connecting via mirrorlink, but the car didn't see it. I probably need an older version of Android... this is a bit pants I must say!
  11. I'm going to disable it on the multimedia system to be sure. Then it will work much like my old gen2! It's a pain to keep having to remember to turn off the fob...
  12. I found the manual for the updated multimedia(MM17) online by looking at the corolla manuals and discovered: it should support mirrorlink v1.1 or later (including v1.2) - I think we were tied to v1.0 previously, requiring old phones! mirrorlink is supported via USB or USB & WiFi FLAC/ALAC (lossless) audio is supported I aim to test this soon when I get a more update phone...
  13. Finally got my new car (business edition, mid cycle refresh) and I was happy to discover the following 'extras' I was not expecting: the voice button on the steering wheel works! I can select music or make phone calls. it has 802.11 wireless (there is an on/off option). Not sure how this is used yet though! there is mention of mirror link/cast - so maybe I can get navigation on the main screen via a smartphone? looks like you might be able to view videos, there was a browse video option, although I have yet to try this. there are two knobs and real buttons on the multimedia system. I must say the multimedia system is much improved, it's fast, slick and easy to use! :-) I am very happy!
  14. Yes, I had to get a spare wheel, plus all the benefits of 15" wheels. :-)
  15. I see the toyota web site has pics of the refreshed version of the car now, and it seems to show some proper controls on the multimedia system - here's hoping!