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  1. I asked for 0w-16 and wrote it on the job sheet, but they still used 0w-20 according to the invoice. 😩
  2. Can't believe how many ways there are to spell prius in that report! Shame it does not record the model year, so we could see how many gen2/3/4 there are...
  3. Just about to get my gen4 serviced and I see toyota recommend 0W-16 on their blog - I think I saw that in the manual too and it's what was originally used. Is there any chance the dealer will use this or will I be lucky if I get 0W-20?! I will ask for it!
  4. > I've not heard of any Gen 4 having the cat stolen It has happened, see the toyota blog: August 19, 2019 "Took delivery of my brand new 2019 Prius in mid July. CC stolen 1 August. £1400 pounds for a new one oh and by the way, the parts aren’t available until end of September. Had the car for two weeks."
  5. It was an issue before the gen4 facelift came out in the uk and I was told that model would not be affected, but now it seems it can - why didn't they fix it then! They are going to lose a lot of customers over this, bit of a 'Boeing' moment if you like... 😞
  6. Just saw this: https://www.msn.com/en-us/autos/news/2020-toyota-prius-gets-apple-carplay-and-a-slight-price-hike/ar-AAHfHL9
  7. I found out that CCTV is useless unless they can cleary see the faces and id them. The plates were cloned, so no help there either. Regarding toyota, I would not trust their hybrids until something is done. I'm sure other cars are affected too, but only mine was attacked in our car park! Do hybrids have more tempting CATs I wonder? (2 instead of 1?) At least an electric car would be CAT less! I probably would have gone EV this year, if there were suitable ones available at the time.. We are almost there I think....
  8. I can't believe I now need to worry about my gen4 after being assured at the time there was no issue with gen4's... It's really depressing. I'll probably get a catlock(now available for gen4 apparently), but it sounds like even that is not foolproof... What I really don't understand is why it's just prius' (and Aurius) being targetted, surely most toyotas hybrids are now at risk? I had a quick look under some cars today at the dealership - looked like a new rav4(a possible future choice for me) would be easy, lots of access, I doubt you even need to jack it. I have not heard any
  9. I just visited my local dealer and they tell me I can have a catloc fitted to my gen 4, for the usual £250.
  10. I have the 6" tom tom, so there's only 1" in it! But I prefer not to have to look down and across at a sat nav; the tom tom sits on the dash behind the steering wheel, so it's directly in my line of view. (I coped Pete B's setup after seeing his pictures!) I miss the gen 2 with it's high up display, but, the gen 4 facelift is supposed to show nav arrows on the HUD, so that might mitigate it I guess. Does the toyota sat nav do 3d views now? (Not on my gen 2!) It's a very smooth update on the tom tom and nice and high up point of view on the display. The traffic is the main re
  11. I just disabled the SKS remote entry in the car options, solved that issue. I am quite happy to press a button to unlock/lock, just like the old days!
  12. This was almost a deal breaker for me, as I really wanted sat nav, but the initial cars didn't have it(business edition) and the dealer said it could not be upgraded. I must say that even though it's a bit inconvenient to setup/put away, a tom tom is *miles* better than the sat nav I had in the gen 2. I still hope apple car play may arrive one day given we have MM17 at least...
  13. I seem to have got a facelifted prius that you can't actually configure: business edition with SIPA 🙂 Maybe the first few cars were special? I like the black bits, but you do have to keep dusting them.
  14. I seem to remember there was something a bit clunky with that switch, like if you pressed it again when it was on nothing came up on the LCD display to say it was off - which is what I would have expected(but I guess the yellow/orange icon on the left of the dash should go out). Turning if off worked for me, but these days I always leave it on; it 'tells' my passengers when I'm getting tired!
  15. > DId you see my test drive notes? Oh yes, a very interesting read! 🙂
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