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  1. I found the manual for the updated multimedia(MM17) online by looking at the corolla manuals and discovered: it should support mirrorlink v1.1 or later (including v1.2) - I think we were tied to v1.0 previously, requiring old phones! mirrorlink is supported via USB or USB & WiFi FLAC/ALAC (lossless) audio is supported I aim to test this soon when I get a more update phone...
  2. Finally got my new car (business edition, mid cycle refresh) and I was happy to discover the following 'extras' I was not expecting: the voice button on the steering wheel works! I can select music or make phone calls. it has 802.11 wireless (there is an on/off option). Not sure how this is used yet though! there is mention of mirror link/cast - so maybe I can get navigation on the main screen via a smartphone? looks like you might be able to view videos, there was a browse video option, although I have yet to try this. there are two knobs and real buttons on the multimedia system. I must say the multimedia system is much improved, it's fast, slick and easy to use! :-) I am very happy!
  3. Yes, I had to get a spare wheel, plus all the benefits of 15" wheels. :-)
  4. I see the toyota web site has pics of the refreshed version of the car now, and it seems to show some proper controls on the multimedia system - here's hoping!
  5. Don't you worry about thieves leaving it connected permanently? I am amazed it doesn't slide around either! I wish the tom toms lasted like my old go 300 did, that had a big battery, so you didn't have to bother plugging it in most of the time! I wonder how long the tom tom 6200 lasts if you reduce the brightness a bit?!
  6. Yes, it's a very sad state of affairs. I presume not many cars have the heat recovery system, so maybe they will avoid such cars just for convenience. Trying to be a bit positive here...
  7. I presume the gen4 prius don't have a tilt activiated alarm? At least that would draw some attention when jacked up surely?
  8. So I have ordered a gen 4; the test drive really showed how much more refined it was! It was night and day. My polarised sunglasses worked fine and I could see all the displays. I am going for the MY19 mid-cycle updated version. There are some differences I have not seen mentioned anywhere, so I'll list them: retuned engine to provide improved CO2/MPG improved levels of noise vibration harshness Of course it's marketing speak, so who knows how much was really changed! Also, business ed. has optional front/rear parking sensor pack + SIPA, and bus. ed. plus has optional JBL.
  9. I presume its harder and less valuable, the dealer has not had any in to fix yet. Also, my car was in a large car park with a gen 3 and numerous SUVs type vehicles(easy access!), and only my poor gen 2 was assaulted. It must just be really easy and probably an over engineered part(i.e. valuable) on the gen 2's. Of course, when they run out of gen 2's who knows!
  10. Yes, I also found out about catloc whilst investigating. If I was going to keep the car it would have been the way to go. The dealer says they have had four gen 2s in now that have suffered the same crime. However, I caved and have just traded in my gen 2 and ordered the new MY19 prius :-)
  11. I thought it was just a London problem after reading about it online recently, but I have just had my CAT stolen today. :-( So this is just to warn you all, it's happening in Cambridgeshire now. Will find out tomorrow how much to fix, but surely it can just happen again... so I'm not very motivated to fix it on a 10 year old car... I expect it will cost a lot too... Are we sure the gen4 is not affected by this? I still can't believe it happened, and in broad daylight...
  12. I'm still looking for a gen4 replacement for my gen2 and a dealer mentioned he found a possibility, but I am having alarm bells because: the car has 17" wheels and a space saver tyre - is that something that toyota would even sell? It's not a valid combo in the brochure I have! they have suggested changing the wheels to 15", but will that affect the registration document and/or the insurance? I'm thinking I should just wait and get something with the correct original spec!
  13. > Also, re your comment above about windscreens, did you see this? - Yes, many thanks for the info.
  14. Just a followup, I had a Aygo courtesy car recently (2018 plate) and it had 4 settings on the lights stalk: auto, dipped main, side and 0 - which I presume is off! Why does an Aygo get the off option when the Prius does not? It makes me wonder if you could fit that Aygo switch/stalk in a Prius?!
  15. Doesn't the American version of the 4th gen prius have two rotary knobs instead of touch controls? I wonder why they think only certain parts of the world prefer knobs! In my gen2 I use both steering wheel controls and the rotary knobs, as the latter are much quicker in certain circumstances.