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  1. RelaxedDrive

    Collected my car today

    Doesn't the American version of the 4th gen prius have two rotary knobs instead of touch controls? I wonder why they think only certain parts of the world prefer knobs! In my gen2 I use both steering wheel controls and the rotary knobs, as the latter are much quicker in certain circumstances.
  2. RelaxedDrive

    Dashcam in Prius Hybrid

    Isn't that just key fob battery saving mode? So when you press a button on the fob to open the car it then cancels that mode!
  3. RelaxedDrive

    Dashcam in Prius Hybrid

    I believe the smart key entry can be turned off by a dealer (or via OBD) - is that correct? I would want that option. I'm used to a gen2 and it having somewhere handy to put your keys whilst driving, I am going to miss that!
  4. RelaxedDrive

    Collected my car today

    On my gen2 you can definitiely feel the different button shapes, very clever! The only issue is when you want to adjust something while negotiating a corner. I have found I only really use the buttons on the steering wheel for audio/climate control. And I always leave AC on (as mentioned above, it's only actually on when needed). BTW, do you realise the 2 audio knobs push in/out, i.e. can be recessed, just in case yours are recessed! And have you found the hidden 'tissue box' tray?
  5. RelaxedDrive

    Gen2 to Gen4

    A few more thoughts if I may: Is there anywhere to put small amounts of paper/rubbish out of sight? e.g. can you get a lid for one of the cupholders? There was no info on the voice command button on non-excel models, so I assume it does nothing. I keep reading about cracked windscreens on prius chat, is this really an issue? Or more importantly, did the cars starting in 2017 have a better windscreen?! (i.e. should I avoid 2016 cars?) Are people happy with the non-JBL stereo? The gen2 JBL is ok, once you disconnect that useless centre speaker in the dash! Thanks!
  6. RelaxedDrive

    Gen2 to Gen4

    Thanks for all the info. Yes, I definitely want the 15" wheels and the spare wheel. This makes it much harder to find one though (2nd hand). Comfort is very important to me, so it's good to hear it's better than the gen2! Does the Carista app let you change settings like the auto-headlights sensitivity level? I really wish we had a proper off control though. I am looking forward to all the cool toys such as HUD and active CC. Infact, just having heated wing mirrors will be a novelty! I get between 52-58mpg(tank to tank calculated) in the gen2, so it would be great to have another 10mpg or so as well!
  7. RelaxedDrive

    Gen2 to Gen4

    After 6.5 years of Gen2 ownership I am now looking at getting a Gen4. I went and sat in a gen4 at the dealers and had some questions/comments: the usb socket is out in the open by the cupholders - is this really where you plug the mp3 stick in for music? Or is there another socket hidden somewhere? the seats are definitely lower! I have got used to the high driving position on the gen2. where did all my storage space go! I guess you get used to it... but I will miss it in the boot. does the voice command button do nothing on models below Excel? how are the displays when using polarised sunglasses, on my gen2 there were slightly darker but still usable. do the heated seats stay on unless you turn them off? (can't believe they work like that, but they felt like switches...) is the leather really cold in winter? (I currently have cloth). This is putting me off the Excel, but I would have preferred the better sound system + voice commands. I do use the latter in my gen2. By the way, is there a way to sell my gen2 on the forum? I'd rather it went to a good home. I've just had a new 12v battery fitted too! Thanks for any info.
  8. Ok, but the number one attribute of the car has been temporarily impaired because: 1) The model will have had it's fuel efficiency officially rated with 0w20 and that was reflected on the spec sheet in the showroom. 2) The car would have been originally supplied with 0w20. Whereas, our car no longer matches that specification. Anyway, lesson learnt I guess!
  9. > Has there ever been any credible study done to prove that the difference in fuel consumption is of any real significance? All I can say is we noticed it pretty quickly, based on how often the car is filled up. My gen 2 prius has got 60mpg(measured tank to tank) most of the summer; seems like the Yaris is not on a par with it frankly. I did notice in the Yaris manual that it said if the dealer uses 5w30 they should then use 0w20 at the next service! Seems like a pretty clear directive to me that you should not keep 5w30 in it. Preferred or not! We will ask for this oil in future services as suggested to hopefully prevent issues. (I had assumed that as the engine is basically the same as the gen 2(1.5l), the oil would be the same, so didn't question it at the time!) > The dealer has used a suitable oil (5W-30), but not Toyota's preferred oil (0W-20). Yes, I saw that after I posted, thanks. I think it's a bit criminal to sell a car based on an mpg sticker, then change the spec afterwards during servicing! I wonder if Lexus owners have similar problems? That 'cheap' Tesla can't come quickly enough frankly!
  10. Yes it was fixed price servicing and they have agreed to sort it, although they claim it was ok as it was. I guess they rely on people not checking!
  11. Our Yaris hybrid was recently serviced and we noticed a significant drop in fuel economy. When I looked at the service document I saw that the dealer had used 5W30 oil instead of 0W20. I can't believe after all this time this is still happening... great cars, shame about the servicing :-( I feel my next car is not going to be a Toyota at this rate.
  12. RelaxedDrive

    Why Did You Buy A Hybrid Car?

    Yes! I got asked that too and had to check; I can confirm the gen2 does it as well!
  13. RelaxedDrive

    Why Did You Buy A Hybrid Car?

    So easy to drive, cheap to run, very reliable, lots of space and cool technology. It's also nice to drive something a bit different. :-) Passengers often chuckle at the rotating wheels on the 'energy' display!
  14. RelaxedDrive

    Government E-Petition For Proper Spare Wheel

    Does the latest Lexus CT200 have a spare? I seem to remember a dealer recently mentioning this was something customer's had asked for so they were going to provide one in the latest model. I have already has to use my spare and given I had to *order* the replacement tyre due to the funny size(so had a day or two without it), having the space saver was very useful for short journeys in the meantime!
  15. RelaxedDrive

    Hybrid Health Check At Main Dealers

    Just a follow up regarding my lack of HHC proof, I contacted the dealer and 'no certificate was available'. I think this confirms the HHC was not done! They are going to do one separately now...this could have all been so simple if they had just done it right the first time.... It's things like this that seriously tempt me to change makes I'm afraid, although I really like the car. (GrumpyCabbie, I am in the UK and Parts-King, changing dealer would involve a fairly long journey, but thanks for confirming that a HHC certificate should always be available!)