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  1. Hi everyone, I appreciate everyones input, very helpful. So yes that sorts it will go for a 1.3 or perhaps a 1.5 if money allows. We want to buy and keep for around 10 years so it makes sense to go for the 'stronger' engine and I agree that because of the hills any fuel saving provided be the 1.0 will be eroded by having to change down more gears than a 1.3 or 1.5. Best Regards Bob
  2. Hello, We are looking to buy a Yaris 2016 - 2017 model year for my wife in the near future. The main use will be a school run (approx 40 miles a day) which comprises local roads, some 50mph dual carriageway but does also involve some steepish hilly roads. The car might be taken on the motorway now and then but not often, and will generally be seating 3 people and possibly 4 (2 adults and 2 teenagers) I was fixed on the 1.0 engine given its slightly better road tax (£0!) and better economy figures, but I am wondering whether the 1.3 might be better for the hilly/steep roads which will be part of its daily use and the odd motorway trip. Anyone who has driven either of these engines have any suggestions? Other than the economy difference and road tax (£30/£0) I have noticed the 1.3 has a 6 speed box rather than 5 but that seems to be about it. Is the 5 speed better than the 6 because I recall reading something about notchy gearchanges? and what about the engines are they equally reliable? The only other thing is do both engines have the stop start technology? because I don't like it much and would prefer to not have it (I recall that it was removed from the yaris but am not sure) Many thanks Bob
  3. bobcat

    best yaris??

    Thanks for all the opinions. I think I will go for a newer Yaris then, if they are as good as the original model, and yes a 3 year old model makes sense, as it has some warranty left. In terms of the 1.0 V the 1.3 I guess we would just test drive both, and see if we notice a difference. The hybrid is likley to be a bit expensive, and once we buy a 3year old mode, I intend keeping it for around 10 years so the hybrid could start costing lots of money in later years if the electrical side of things goes a bit pear shaped. Thanks again
  4. bobcat

    best yaris??

    Ok that's great, thanks for the feedback.
  5. Hi everyone, I have a great Carina R reg 2.0TD, purchased from Toyota back in 1998, I dont do many miles now (5000 a year) but it still has over 220,000 miles. Its been a super car, and has a lot of sentimental value. I have a slight issue with the gearbox, when i change down from 3rd to 2nd its difficult to get in, especially when cold..i spoke to a gearbox specialist who thinks its a cracked hub? or similar. He said the parts were unlikely to cost more than £150 but would charge £350 to strip/rebuild the box. All the other gears go in fine. As the car is realistically only worth £500 max I dont want to spend £500 on the box, I can manage running it as it is, but its a pain. Does anybody know of a diesel carina that I could the gearbox from, or know any Toyota enthusiast who has a passion for fixing gearboxes cheap!! Thanks guys. Bob
  6. bobcat

    best yaris??

    Hi, I am looking to buy a yaris for the wife soon. She only covers low mileage and mostly local runs. I am a big diesel fan, but am a bit concerned with modern diesels, unless they are used regularly on longer journeys with all 'eco friendly' bits fitted these days they just get clogged up. I am therefore thinking a petrol yaris..I have driven a few yaris 1.0's years ago, (2001 - 2005 models) and always considered them to be quite nippy and fun to drive. A few questions then to current owners: 1 - Am i correct on my thoughts about diesel in yaris format for our intended use 2 - Is the 1.0 litre engine more reliable/as good as the 1.3 (i have heard some negatives about the 1.3) 3 - which model year is the best? i have seen a few good examples in the 1.0 engine around 2003/2004 for between £2500 - £3000 which seems like a lot of money, and you can get much newer 2012 models for around £6000. Any preference between the different model years?? 4 - I am not interested in the models with stop/start technology, but I think that is only on the 1.3's? and I also have heard about dodgy gearchanges on the 1.3, does that also affect the 1.0? Thanks in advance Bob
  7. hello dont ask how! but i have managed to get some paint on the black plastic strip on my bumper and on my tyre Any ideas as to what i can use to get rid of this I thought about using t-cut on the plastic but will this make it go a funny colour?? Thanks
  8. Hello It is not for illegal purposes, honest! The barrel has gone faulty (key gets stuck) Toyota will not just sell a barrel but the whole immoboliser system which will cost £250 if use one key to get in car and different one to start it or over £300 for the same key I spoke to a locksmith who will try and fix the barrel but i need to remove it first
  9. Hello Can anyone tell me how to remove the ignition barrel from a Carina R reg I have been told to put it into acc and just pull it out?? presumably some wires etc need to be disconnected Any help would be appreciated PS - it has the transponder system and alarm
  10. Hello Yes i am waiting for the glowplug light to go out
  11. has anyone had a problem starting an Avensis turbo diesel ? the car takes a while to start when it is hot i.e. it turns over for a while. The car is ok when strating from cold, i have been to 3 Toyota garages who can't diagnose the fault Thanks
  12. Hello I am after a celica coupe ta22 or 23 Needs to be in reasonable condition e-mail me: or ring 077 909 136 31 Thanks
  13. hello I have an R reg Carina and the ignition key turns so much but keeps gettinng stuck at the acc position. By moving it back and forwards it can get past it is as if something keeps getting stuck The toyota dealer said this is a common problem on the avensis and that a switch on the end of the barrel for the immobiliser goes and needs replacing Any body got ideas as a new barrel and immobliser costs over £300!