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  1. this turns off the alarm ultrasonic sensors in car enabling you to lock car with windows open or leave a pet/person in car and it wont set off alarm
  2. had mine done as it devoloped a judder in heavy stop/start traffic,but not on long journeys.was quoted £970 by toyota got it done at a1 clutches in dudley for £280
  3. i have a 2008 tr with 115000 on the clock.i also have a high clutch peddle and its been like this since i brought the car 5 years ago with 55000 on the clock.only problem i get is in stop/start traffic when the engines hot and it judders a bit when i pull away(looking on web it seems to say engine mount nearest gearbox could be the problem as this is the last one to warm up thus putting gearbox out of alignment.) i have no problem on long motorway journeys.the car has a toyota service plan on it and when mentioned to them the reply was you clutch is worn and needs replacing(been told that for last 3 services).the last service this year they even gave me a quote to do the job at £974.01all in. hope this helps.
  4. i did my partners 2010 tourer but i used a brake reset tool but it didnt rewind the pistons back far enough.ended up rewinding back by hand.when finished i just applies the brake and released the brake and used the rewind tool to check all was ok as its a fault code reader as well.
  5. i have replaced the drivers side one twice on my car.the original one got pushed out in the snow a few years ago and had a hole worn into it by the front wheel.i found the pattern part to not quite fit and after buying new clips from toyota fitted the first one only for it to work loose from the front of the car underneath the water bottle and get ripped off when doing 70 on a motorway.when i fitted the 3rd one i drilled extra holes towards the front and used large self tapping style plastic screws through the liner and under engine tray to hold into place.only problem i have is it hangs down a little bit low by the suspension arm on the outer edge as there are no fixing holes as its up against the outer wing and just keeps popping out of place.
  6. can confirm does not need toyota to reset.i have posted about doing my partners 2010 estate if you search for the thread
  7. i have a 2008 1.8 manual petrol and i get a average of around 33-37 going to work which is a 12 mile journey of 30/40 mph roads.i have got up to 50+ on a long motorway/country lane journey but not often.car serviced once a year by dealer.
  8. i have a 08 petrol tr and that dosent have Bluetooth either
  9. tyseley1


    i have a 08 plate saloon which has auto lights and wipers and my partners 10 plate estate also has auto lights and wipers,i have sat nav built in on mine which she dosent have but she has cruise control but i dont.both are tr spec
  10. i have a 2008 t25 and it dosent have auto lock.my partners 2010 avensis estate on the other hand does.handy thing to have but don't like the fact that it dosent auto unlock when you turn off ignition.
  11. had to do a rear on mine and as devon aygo says just bolt on bolt off hub.got hub from local branch of car spares £70.pleanty of wd and after ten minutes all bolts removed.2 hours later hub still on car wouldnt budge wven smacking hell out of it with 2 pound lump hammer.in the end toyota did it cost approx£120 and even they said it was a pain to get out.
  12. my drivers window wont go down on auto only close on auto,i have tried to reset by holding down the window button when open and holding up the button when closing which used to do the job but it wont reset.the owners manual says to operate the window an disconnect the battery which will reset the windows.has anybody had any luck with this method or does anybody know of another method i can try as holding down the button to fully open the window is doing my head in.
  13. i have a 2008 tr petrol and it dosent have cruise control fitted i belive the diesel does have cruise control.traction off does turn traction control off.
  14. i can confirm after doing my partners 2010 tourer that you can reset with the button.i brought a autel electronic brake reset tool to do the job but it didnt wind the pistons back far enough for the new pads so ended up doing them by hand.i reset the brake with the button and checked for any fault codes with autel tool and non found so useing the button will work.i was a bit confused before i did it thats why i ended up paying £168 for a tool which dosent quite do the job.i hope this helps you out.just remembered pistons cannot just be pushed back in with a g clamp as on older cars but must be wound in one clockwise and the other anticlockwise but cant remember which is which.can be quite hard to do if you havent got a propper manual rewind tool.i had one but was only for right hand thread so ended up useing 2 screwdriver on other side and a bit of force was needed to turn and push in piston at same time,ebay do sets of rewind tools at a fair price.
  15. job done.£135.00 for it and the service manager said the workshop staff said it was a right pain to change as it was sized in.did say they normally resort to angle grinder and chisels to get old bearings out.glad i paid for it to be done as would still be there now .