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  1. Starting Problems 2.0 D4D

    Just seen the video. You have a separate issue to this thread (a clunky sound on cold days but it does start and so not a starting issue as such). Yunus I read here some of your symptoms may point to the section Car fuel system problems on
  2. Toyota Verso 2007 Engine Sludge?

    I am not a mechanic. I would presume the oil filter would have got clogged up at some point and so some of the bearings could have run dry (presume no blue smoke on idle) and yes 280 miles is pathetic. Perhaps this will get better with more servicing I dunno? but you have to do the calculations to see if you can live with 30-40% inefficiency in your fuel bills and the potential for engine failure (even from a tough Toyota engine) against a second hand Verso for 2.5 to 3 grand (cr100k miles). We have all made expensive mistakes and have to learn and move forward.
  3. What Tyres are people running?

    Hi AygoStu, I too have Yaris and Verso but I am with Mr Wolf here regarding Goodyear Efficiency Grip for the Verso. Comfort, low noise, hard walls but more importantly the grip is there in cold weather all the way down to end of life not tested in the magazine reviews. I do not run these on the Yaris T-Sport as this spoil the fun... but now I am getting older maybe I will in order to save me buying a Micra
  4. Bike carriers for Verso 2006

    I would like to carry 3 or possibly 4 bikes on the verso. What kit are you using or recommend? I have roof bars but I concerned about the hight so I was wondering about 2 on the back (if possible?) and one on the roof.
  5. Verso-S Dunlop Sp2030 Tyres

    Dunlop are mid quality and have in the past cracked for me. You get what you pay for. Budget and mid-range tyres made by companies like Goodyear would never make these mid/budget brands anywhere as good as say the bog standard Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance (one of the best selling tyres in the world). It is in their interest not to. This is the perfect tyre for the Verso (or similar family used car) and does well in winter for a summer type. Unlike other brands who win "awards" like Continental, you will find Goodyear outperform "award winners" mid and end of life by being always sure-footed.
  6. Starting Problems 2.0 D4D

    I am reviving this thread (again) because I felt there is too much bias towards the SCV. The SCV upgrade with EUC update is clearly a hack to get the car working and is not getting to the crux of the actual issue because if it was the SCV then a software update (and device upgrade) would not be required and all you need is a new standard SCV. I have created an order from what I understand from various sources. I am currently on step 3 with the garage and not a mechanic. 1. No engine light or obvious faults like split intake hose, weak battery etc 2. Heat up the SCV valve to see if it starts better (did not work for me so I goto step 3). If heating does work then replace SCV with upgrade but it should work without the software update in theory because you diagnosed an SCV to be the issue. (...but I suspect many miss-diagnose hence the software update(hack) magically does work to cover up the real issue(s) and possibly saving some money on the next steps). 3. If your car has done about 100,000 then replace glow plugs (about 250 pounds). Glow plugs are designed to run 100k perhaps depending on how many trips you take rather than distance. 4. If step 3 fails then change starter motor (v.expensive close to 400 hundred pounds)* 5. If the above fails to start the car then do change the SCV and ECU update (minimum software version 302v0000 ) the increased pressure (or whatever) could overcome any technical issues (about 300 pounds). I hope the above is a definitive summary but very open to edits. * one could skip on this and go into SCV to save money but a failing starter motor could catch up at a later date. I would like to know if there is a way of diagnosing a starter motor issue that struggles in the cold?
  7. Can Dvd Audio Be Played Via Verso's Speakers?

    No good news; however if one lifts the driver seat position up and look under the seat above the DVD player there is box with a male 3.5mm going into a (Centurion Video) Adapter AD-6865 that I find very odd because it is an male and not female connector. Has anyone converted this male into a female in female out and then plugged in an male 3.5mm audio device or headphones? I am going to order one of these connectors "3.5mm female joiner".
  8. Red Line On The Top Of A T-Sport Grill

    I noted some Black T-Sport in the Guildford area had a bit of a red line on the top of the grill a little like the VW's do here (any idea how to do it to my Black T-Sport):