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  1. Johan Damitha De Silva

    2001 Yaris T Sport Intermittent Lack of power

    No, and I have been here for many years and not seen this reported in our cars. Presume it has had a full service including fuel filter and no engine management light then to me, the problem could be a fuel pump issue but replacing random parts will be too expensive. Sadly no mechanic wants to invest in time looking for intermittent issues that they may not be able to locate. The car has a timing chain so will not be a belt issue. Do try and run the car on a full tank of Shell Petrol V-Power for its cleaning properties (very easy to pick up the Diesel V-Power nozzle by mistake!) Good luck, it's a great little car.
  2. Johan Damitha De Silva

    Vpower In A T-Sport - Overkill?

    Posting 8 years later (for an extended test!) and presuming you all have the car (not likely), I totally agree with z-tune that vpower or 99 RON is indeed a bit, throatier than normal. Notable in 2nd and 3rd when overtaking it pulls well. But not on BP 97. The weird thing is, according to Toyota and cross-referencing the engine number, it appears that the 1.5 of any model never had an adaptive ECU and only takes advantage of regular. This may explain BP. So it must be another additive in vpower and momentum. Perhaps it is anther additive but we will never know.
  3. Johan Damitha De Silva

    Changing Headlight Bulb (passengers Side)

    I may have confused people here in 2014. To change both the passenger side main beam or indicator you still don't need to remove fuse box or anything. Just use your left hand to release one side of the metal pin... Large Main Beam with Dipped H4 Car Bulb on Yaris 2001 to 2005: 1. Pull to remove the plastic plug with wires attached. 2. Pull to remove the large black rubber bung/ring/cover. 3. There is one large clip that needs to be pushed in and to the side to release at both sides and held in place with a screw to prevent it falling off when you release. You should use your left hand to release one end of this clip. The photo by Justin Smith above is a slight variant on a clip found on a newer model I believe but the principle is the same. 4. Place new light bulb in and re-assemble. Indicator light: 1.Push and turn clockwise to release and put back in
  4. Johan Damitha De Silva

    T Sport very high cold start idle

    Our cars are getting on a bit. Pehaps I am clutching at straws here but I would certainly run some V-Power through it for the additives. As the car is designed for low RON fuel they would have for years been running on fuel with only a little cleaning agent. Short trips would then hurt petrol engines (even worse in a diesel engine). This resolved issues with my faulty sensor and on cold mornings resolved issues with accessive white smoke. Its a shot in the dark with a small but significant chance of success. V-Power failed to resolve another car I had with a diesel engine so it is hit and miss.
  5. Johan Damitha De Silva

    Moving from Wax to Sealent and servicing

    Yep I will ask. It's just this is a complimentary valet everyone has taken for years yet I (like everyone) have never been asked would I like it waxed or sealant. I presume it is just washed in that case with shampoo but the water beads off - I will ask next time.
  6. Johan Damitha De Silva

    Moving from Wax to Sealent and servicing

    I have decided to move from wax to a sealant based product. The potential issue I have is. When I take my car to be serviced at Toyota (and the other car to Honda) they often give it a wash and clean. What I want to know is when they wash the car do they apply any Wax or use a wax based shampoo that means I then have to clean the wax off the next time I use sealant?
  7. Johan Damitha De Silva

    Paint damage caused by goalkeeper gloves!

    Not come across Farecla G10 before but this looks like the ideal product for the job. If I had owned both I presume you would then recommend G10 in the first instance?
  8. Johan Damitha De Silva

    Paint damage caused by goalkeeper gloves!

    My son wiped off the water/snow with his dirty goalkeeping glove leaving damage as seen on this picture? Wax did not bring back the shine. Could I use t-cut on the entire area or are we looking at a re-spray?
  9. Johan Damitha De Silva

    Starting Problems 2.0 D4D

    You need both the SCV and the software update from a proper dealer for it to work and quote them Technical service bulletin EG-0132T-1110-EN. Otherwise the same problem because the issue is not caused by a faulty SCV. The reason for the cold starting issue is unknown by Toyota and I have lost complete faith in D4-D.
  10. Johan Damitha De Silva

    Yaris T-Sport Miles out of Full tank?

    Your right I forget about the fun. I have new tyres (Michelin Sports) and have reduced the PSI to 31/30 and now getting only 42MPG and blasting out of a clear roundabout or so only on occasion.
  11. Johan Damitha De Silva

    Wing Mirror Back Cover Broken

    It's not actually a back cover. I have ordered a unit (non-electrical one) from eBay and will attempt to take it apart to learn and attach to my electric unit.
  12. Johan Damitha De Silva

    Engine management light

    Toyota recommends new Glow Plugs every 100,000 miles. The car will run fine on 3 glow plugs but the weather has to be very cold.
  13. Johan Damitha De Silva

    Wing Mirror Back Cover Broken

    The back cover has broken off. Can I replace just the back cover instead of the entire wing unit? How do I get the back cover off? Looking on youtube at other makes you first take off the glass bit right? I do not seem to be able to find just the back cover so will be buying the whole unit.
  14. Johan Damitha De Silva

    Toyota service offer - service & MOT £99

    FROSTYBALLS, just across the border in Surrey there is "Motest Toyota Farnham" with an approved Toyota desk and offer to service and parts only. Use the postcode Gu11 on the Toyota website.
  15. Johan Damitha De Silva

    Toyota service offer - service & MOT £99

    The little one-man Toyota service centres (with no showroom, tea, masseur etc...) have not all signed up for this. Especially in the leafy areas where most Toyota's have very large engines, however, my centre was happy to accommodate me for the Yaris on this occasion. I have been a customer of two Toyotas for over 5 years and find these centres some best and honest.