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  1. Johan Damitha De Silva


    Hi guys I am thinking of reviving my neglected Yaris T-Sport from 1999 but I need to cost it all up. Having bought a newish Honda the old Yaris in comparison is so flabby now. For example, and hypothetically if I was to go round Spoon Curve in Japan (a little bit like one of the slip road out of the industrial estate in Basingstoke) the car leans so much at high speed G’s that the oil indicator has known to come on! I am sure it never used to be that bad did it? So according to all your posts here, all I need to do is replace the springs?... Will standard T-Sport springs do and what are the typical costs? (everything standard holds its value if it ever becomes a classic (no joke)) If I don't go with the standard. Do harder springs give a harder ride – I don’t really want a harder drive just less lean into high speed corners?
  2. Johan Damitha De Silva

    2.2 D4D Cold Start Problems

    Hi all Sadly after running V-Power and injector cleaner and giving it a good long distance run around France and the UK all year, the weather got under 14 degrees one morning and the car had take 3 goes to get going. It's now on fleebay (with issue explained) as I don't need a headache and bother of the SCV replacement hack. Gone back to petrol cars as we do lots of short trips.
  3. Johan Damitha De Silva

    Starting Problems 2.0 D4D

    Hi all Sadly after running V-Power and injector cleaner and giving it a good long distance run around France and the UK, the weather got under 14 degrees one morning and the car had take 3 goes to get going. It's now on fleebay as I don't need a headache. Gone back to petrol as we do lots of short trips.
  4. Johan Damitha De Silva

    Smoking T180 d4d

    Presume no problems starting but note the info in this article, could it be water? "White Smoke Normally means that the fuel injected into the cylinder is not burning correctly. The smoke will burn your eyes. * Engine/pump timing out * Fuel starvation to the pump causing the pumps timing not to operate correctly * Low engine compression * Water/petrol in the fuel"
  5. Johan Damitha De Silva

    2002 Corolla Verso D4D won't turn on

    Hubrad, Jlo89 please can please report back as to what the final fix was as I am keen researcher of D4-D starting issues in the winter as we can spend a lot of time and money trying to resolve this. And did you have any of these symptoms: Quoted source:
  6. Johan Damitha De Silva

    MOT - new smoke test limits from May 2018

    Thanks for the heads up on this. Regarding the diesel, it is well worth paying for a couple of consecutive fills of V-Power or BP Ultimate into a diesel every year especially if the car has been run on pure supermarket diesel that has no additives that are required to keep diesel healthy as well as the environment and our health. Visible smoke was completely eliminated and pollutants did drop on MOT. I know all D4-D loves V-Power. Not sure it works for petrol though, I remember premium stuff made the Toyta petrol 1.5 smoke a bit for ages so never went back.
  7. Johan Damitha De Silva

    How to demist the windscreen quickly

    Keep the inside of the car dry by opening the windows when it is dry outside especially after a wet day. The worst car for misting must be the Toyota Auris first generation. Glad I got shot of mine.
  8. Johan Damitha De Silva

    Starting Problems 2.0 D4D

    Hi all, I have posted my cold starting update in another thread because I have 2.2 engine (OK perhaps it was by accident!). I have recently changed to Shell' V-Power and will report back next winter by then will have done more than the recommended by BP recommendation of 6300 miles:
  9. Johan Damitha De Silva

    2.2 D4D Cold Start Problems

    A really good diagnosis table here: Diesel Engine Problems Everything on this table is checked off now for me. Half the faulty glowplugs replaced and no significant improvement in starting. However more recently, I have been using V-Power and it 100% helps to start, but now it is too warm to see if this will fix the underlining problem by cleaning the injectors because I have not given enough time to clean as BP's vice president of fuel technology Anne-Marie Corr say we need to do 6300 miles with BP version of Shells V-Power called BP Ultimate Diesel but another source at BP say it takes just 2 tanks!!!. Whatever we know V-Power (and other non-supermarket Diesel) will instantly lubricate and give a higher amount of energy that is very noticeable in an old D4-D and not placebo like with most of the premium petrol users. I speculate that you can not run a D4-D engine for years on pure Diesel without the lubricating and cleaning additives, that are not in standard Supermarket fuel. By next winter the V-Power (may switch to BP Ultimate in August) should have clean out the entire fuel system plus I have a fuel filter change due during the next service. I also used a shot of Hydra Diesel Power Blast Injector Cleaner just before topping up with V-Power as the tank contained a quarter full of plain Supermarket Diesel. I will report back in December/January. I pray this will work on the injectors and I do not need to do the SCV hack that increases pressure from 50bar to massive 100bar (may just buy one of those Qashqai instead). For the record, my symptoms had been - struggle to start on cold days under 7 degrees and compounded by the wet (moisture in the air) and will fail to start at less than 0 degrees. Once started will start again instantly withing about 5 hours. Smelly white smoke is given out when struggling to start that would indicate a pressure (SCV), crank speed or glowplugs that all checked out and fixed at Toyota (see quote below). Toyota diagnosis will spot low pressure failing SCV and mine were fine. Out of interest do any of you know if lubrication in the Diesel will help the SCV work better? Some great quotes from: and we all fall into the white smoke category... Sources: 1. 2. MOTEST Toyota Farnham 3. 4.
  10. Johan Damitha De Silva

    Starting Problems 2.0 D4D

    Just seen the video. You have a separate issue to this thread (a clunky sound on cold days but it does start and so not a starting issue as such). Yunus I read here some of your symptoms may point to the section Car fuel system problems on
  11. Johan Damitha De Silva

    Toyota Verso 2007 Engine Sludge?

    I am not a mechanic. I would presume the oil filter would have got clogged up at some point and so some of the bearings could have run dry (presume no blue smoke on idle) and yes 280 miles is pathetic. Perhaps this will get better with more servicing I dunno? but you have to do the calculations to see if you can live with 30-40% inefficiency in your fuel bills and the potential for engine failure (even from a tough Toyota engine) against a second hand Verso for 2.5 to 3 grand (cr100k miles). We have all made expensive mistakes and have to learn and move forward.
  12. Johan Damitha De Silva

    What Tyres are people running?

    Hi AygoStu, I too have Yaris and Verso but I am with Mr Wolf here regarding Goodyear Efficiency Grip for the Verso. Comfort, low noise, hard walls but more importantly the grip is there in cold weather all the way down to end of life not tested in the magazine reviews. I do not run these on the Yaris T-Sport as this spoil the fun... but now I am getting older maybe I will in order to save me buying a Micra
  13. Johan Damitha De Silva

    Bike carriers for Verso 2006

    I would like to carry 3 or possibly 4 bikes on the verso. What kit are you using or recommend? I have roof bars but I concerned about the hight so I was wondering about 2 on the back (if possible?) and one on the roof.
  14. Johan Damitha De Silva

    Verso-S Dunlop Sp2030 Tyres

    Dunlop are mid quality and have in the past cracked for me. You get what you pay for. Budget and mid-range tyres made by companies like Goodyear would never make these mid/budget brands anywhere as good as say the bog standard Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance (one of the best selling tyres in the world). It is in their interest not to. This is the perfect tyre for the Verso (or similar family used car) and does well in winter for a summer type. Unlike other brands who win "awards" like Continental, you will find Goodyear outperform "award winners" mid and end of life by being always sure-footed.
  15. Johan Damitha De Silva

    Starting Problems 2.0 D4D

    I am reviving this thread (again) because I felt there is too much bias towards the SCV. The SCV upgrade with EUC update is clearly a hack to get the car working and is not getting to the crux of the actual issue because if it was the SCV then a software update (and device upgrade) would not be required and all you need is a new standard SCV. I have created an order from what I understand from various sources but a Toyota garage will be your best bet. Diagnosis order: 1. Obvious stuff: No engine light or obvious faults like split intake hose, weak battery etc and is serviced (filters etc..) 2. Glow plugs: If your car has done about 100,000 then replace all 4 glow plugs (about 200 pounds fitted). Glow plugs are designed to run 100k perhaps depending on how many trips you take rather than distance. When you get glow plugs replaced Toyota also check injectors for you but you may need to ask. Glow plugs are the most common cause of diesel cold start problems for all makes. [I had two glow plugs faulty, but underlining Issue still there! I am amazed] 2.2 Fuels (NEW ENTRY) Try changing to premium fuels with double the additive for a year e.g. V-Power, BP Ultimate (not Premium!) Esso Synergy, Texaco Supreme... Read [I am currently doing this until the next winter] 3. Injectors: Toyota injectors (there are 4) and a diagnosis by Toyota will check these and if faulty [I could have 1 injector faulty in diagnosis but no real-world issues when engine is running. This is a costly fix and spring is here now so have stopped this process until next winter - but I will be using premium fuels this year and see if this is the issue] 4. Glow plug relay: don't know much about this, presume Toyota diagnosis will pick this up when changing glow plugs. 5. SCV test: Heat up the SCV valve to see if it starts better (did not work skip test). If heating does work then consider replacing SCV with the upgrade but it should work without the software update in theory because you diagnosed an SCV to be the issue. (...but I suspect many miss-diagnose hence the software update(hack) magically does work to cover up the real issue(s) and possibly saving some money on the next steps). 6. Starter motor: If step 4 (SCV test) fails then perhaps consider starter motor (v.expensive close to 400 hundred pounds)*. I am not expert on this and this could be a red herring. A faulty start motor will not work at all meaning the engine will not tick over at all... however one military mechanic claims the oil and gunk can go sticky causing the engine not to start in the cold but more evidence required (please post if you know about starter motors and I will update my post). Perhaps skip and goto step 7... 7. SCV (hack): If the above fails to start the car only then do change the SCV and ECU update (minimum software version 302v0000 ) that increased pressure (or whatever) could overcome any technical issues (about 300 pounds). Technical service bulletin EG-0132T-1110-EN I hope the above is a definitive summary but very open to edits.