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  1. I have test driven an MMT and I was not too impressed. In 'auto' mode there was a definate delay between gear changes, the same thing applied to the manual change. I am used to driving a fully automatic car so maybe my critisism is slightly unfair. The idea is brilliant though. I finished up buying a new Yaris T-Spirit automatic (black) to replace my aging Corolla automatic. Quite imressed with the Yaris. Brian
  2. I have just bought a new Yaris T Spirit Automatic. Does anyone know how to set the cruise computer for an average mpg for a set distance. I would assume that one of the trip meters would be set to zero and then do 'something else'. I am sure that the salesperson said that it could be done but how? Thanks
  3. I have a 1989 Corolla 1.3 Automatic. All of a sudden the carb started making a 'clunking' noise. When the car is driven over about 40 mph it is fine but at low speeds it is very 'jerky'. How much is a new carb? I have tried to get a used one but with no success. Any help greatly appreciated. Brian :P
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