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  1. I agree, I did something similar, replaced my headunit with a single din bluetooth unit which lets me use it as a car kit, stream music from my phone etc.. So much easier - but the reason I want the screen mount is I'm fitting an android tablet inside it rather than fitting the toyota system. It allows me to have all the functions of a £1k-£2k system for around £200 lol. Its amazing the gear you can get to connect to android too lol, I've got a reverse camera, and then a sat nav etc, plus I can link it to run my music too lol :)
  2. Happy Birthday for Monday! Sorry I didn't reply last night, I didn't get home until late and totally forgot, however I found it for you :) Pin 1, 13, 14 are all 12v Pin 2, 25 are gnd Have a look here - I managed to find a guide in Russian : http://www.avensis-club.ru/forum/viewtopic.php?t=10171 I used google to translate to english if that helps :) https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=ru&tl=en&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.avensis-club.ru%2Fforum%2Fviewtopic.php%3Ft%3D10171
  3. Hi Andras, I did actually find the wiring! I've got it all written down at home in a file so when I get back home tonight I'll grab it for you and let you know - I managed to get the illumination to come on and the motor to open and close it :) I remember it was only 3 or 4 of the pins on the larger block - I think the two fat pins were the +/- and one or two of the little ones (on the other end of the block) were the illumination. Like I say, I'll grab the details later and let you know which pins work :)
  4. Hey i bought a set of estate heated leather seats today (7 hour round trip) but was an absolute steal! I'm going to be fitting these to my hatchback and it all looks simple enough. I've glanced at the plugs under the seats and it looks like I just need 12v and gnd to one plug for the motors to move the seats but I'm going to have to investigate the heating side of things. Does the avensis use heated seat switches or do they turn on automatically with the rear window/mirrors etc? i need to get a heated mechanism for the drivers one as it has been removed (which was not mentioned to me at the time of buying them) I may even buy a retro fit kit and do them with that if I cannot work out the genuine heated kit lol.
  5. Hey All, My renewal came up a few days ago and when I was looking and checking the comparison sites etc I was shocked at how much my insurance had jumped up this year. I'm 33, 3 points, 2 accidents, plus I've fitted a towbar, fog lights, reversing sensors and rear tinted windows on my 2.0 2008 D4-D. The renewal with Go Skippy came through and it was the cheapest but it was the most basic fully comp insurance I've had for a long time.... then I remembered the discount on here so I spoke to Dan, Called Adrian Flux and wow!!!! just wow! The guy I spoke to was brilliant, really friendly, really helpful etc, I've got a fantastic package including breakdown, key cover, legal cover, personal injury plus I can drive any other car on 3rd party - none of that was on the Go Skippy cover, When they gave me the price I couldn't believe it! £30 more than go skippy (£531) but some of the companies were around £800 and one place quoted £10,000 for my insurance lol... I cannot recommend Flux enough! I handle my dads insurances for him so I will be contacting Flux for the home and car insurances for him and my home insurance when they are all due again! Thanks to Dan and Thanks to the Toyota Owners Club too!
  6. I do tow, we did 800 miles towing the caravan last year and around 1200 the year before that - plus lots more with the smaller trailer etc... I'm not sure what I'm doing this coming year as the missus wants a hotel holiday abroad, although I do know the caravan is definitely doing one journey to the south of spain this year. I don't mind getting the genuine ones, I've pm'd Parts King and I'd prefer to get genuine if I can, I just wondered if there was an upgraded version that I could look at lol... Although I did read yesterday when looking at insurance quotes, if you change the brakes you need to notify the insurance company they are no longer standard, personally I'd assume that upgrading them would reduce the insurance, but that said - maybe that makes me a boy racer? lol... Its been a few years since I've been able to say that lol. Thanks for all the help so far :)
  7. Hey Guys Just a quick question (if there is such a thing lol) I'm aware I need to replace discs and pads all round my 2008 Avensis - I've put in my numberplate to Eurocarparts and it brings up loads of different options: Pagid, Bosch, Eicher, Brembo. Each brand offer several different types... Is there a manufacturer that is the "best" or should I be looking at Toyota Genuine Parts? Some are vented, some are solid and there seems to be 3 different diameters - 277, 280, 295, several different heights and thicknesses too... Can anyone explain to me if all of these different versions should fit - its got my numberplate after all! I'd love to get a set of 295 vented (I believe these are the best) but then if they are different to my current ones I may end up having to replace calipers etc I guess? Can anyone shed some light please?
  8. The controller that I'm trying to locate the wiring loom pinout for is 55313-20060 which is classed as CIRCUIT, DOOR CONTROL UNIT on loads of websites, but I cannot work out why it is called a Door Control Unit when it powers the navigation unit... You can see it shown here as 55313B:
  9. Hi Konrad C, I'm still looking at doing this, its driving me insane not being able to work out the wiring! The cable 82141B is fitted and it controls the switches and motor etc, its plugged in to the circuit board. If you look at the picture I posted earlier it shows the circuit board with the large white connections. On the top right there is a small connector (CN4) which is what 82141B plugs in to - CN3 is an earth connection and CN2 is an lcd output to the screen. I need to work out what pins on the large sockets (CN1 and CN6) are power - I'm assuming that if I can put 12v to the correct pin it will power the motor to get the mechanism going! :) What a nightmare!
  10. Hey, Did you get the heated seat switches too? I'm planning on doing exactly this install so could you take loads of info about the wiring for power / heating etc please?
  11. Trouble is, I can't work out which loom I'm missing, and by the looks of things this wasn't installed in UK cars, just European (I may be wrong though)... this is the screen I've now got, I'm removing the screen and I simply need to just power the motor and switches Can I do this safely without running the risk of blowing something? I have a desk mounted 12v power supply and currently the screen mount is on the desk but I didnt just want to throw 12v and ground aimlessly as I was sure I'd blow something :( I have found some installation info etc but cannot find the wiring info, All I need to know is which pins are 12v, illumination and ground - then I can get it installed :) I've sent some of the things I've found to a couple of electrical friends but its just not clear - or I just cannot follow it properly...
  12. Hi All, I've recently bought a motorised screen mount (Part Number: 55404-20330) See this link for part catalogue I dont have the loom installed in my car and I cannot for the life of me find the wiring guide to show me which pins are +, illumination and gnd. Can anyone point me in the right direction please?
  13. Hi Kaspars Can you ask your brother if his car had the motorised screen mount installed as standard or if he installed it himself? Mine didn't have one but I've bought one and a nexus etc to do a similar install but my car doesn't have the loom for this mount and I cannot work out which pins I need to connect to so I can get power to it - Does he have any ideas?
  14. Thanks for that - I'm waiting for this to arrive however yesterday all the warning lights have disappeared - so possibly the EGR wasn't fully blocked and its now cleaned itself or it is an intermittent fault. Once the reader arrives I'll check it :)
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