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  1. Hi all. After a little advice for my brother's 1999 Corolla 1.3 liftback. The car suddenly stopped running and cannot be restarted. He seems to think the VSS is faulty and wants to take it out for testing. Having seen photos of the equipment that is in the way trying to access the sensor from above, is it possible to remove / replace the VSS from below? Any advice would be gratefully received as it looks to be a booger of a job. Thanks in advance. Rattus
  2. Cheers for the reply Gareth. I took a deeper look by removing the scuttle panel and trying the wipers. The sound was coming from the pivots that the wiper arms mount to. Took the wiper assy out and liberal ammounts of WD, followed by engine oil and operating the mechanism with a spanner freed it up. Unfortunately I couldn't disassemble the pivots as they are assembled with a type of lock washer and I didn't want to damage them. However, all is now super quiet with the wiper operation. Thanks again for your advice. Althe best Rattus
  3. Hi all. My 2004 Corolla T2 has developed a squeaky / grating front wiper noise. I raised the wiper arms to make sure it wasn't the blades. Has anyone had this happen and did manage to cure the issue (without replacing the link arms or motor)? Any advice will be gratefully received. Cheers.
  4. Hi Simon. The sill should be repairable with welded plates. Cost is variable as it's down to who does the job. I've had sills welded on my previous car (Rover 214) and I found a place that charged £50 for 3 plates (where I've been charged £50 for 1 plate in the past). Replacing the sills is an option, but again cost is down to who does the job (and how well). I have patched the sills on a Austin Metro (ended up looking like a patchwork quilt) only to find out a few weeks later that a motor factor could have supplied replacement outer sills for £10 each (quite a few years ago tho'). If you like
  5. Hi Jamil. The label on the bottle (in the Halfords link you included) states it's for use in batteries and cooling systems so will be fine. Bear in mind that it will dilute the concentration of the coolant in the cooling system a little, but the amount you'll top up will be minimal. Cheers
  6. Hi mcorban. I have a 2004 1.4 Corolla E12 and have the same rise in revs between gear changes. I believe this to be standard and that it is a way of ensuring fuel from the manifold is thoroughly burnt off to get the emissions as low as possible (I have seen this mentioned a few times on the web). Whilst I do find that fast gear changes are greeted with the grinding of the gears (I have to release throttle, dip clutch and wait a mo' before I can change gear smoothly), I also find that normal driving the gear change is so much smoother. I can't say for definite that this is the same for your 'Ro
  7. Hi Sohail. Good to know you got your stereo sorted and thanks for letting us know. The 1.4VVTI engine is timing chain, not belt. You shouldn't have anything to worry about unless there's been a lack of maintenance. My 1.4 T2 is on 80.000 miles and is still very quiet. The clock should be adjustable via the options menu. To access this press the mode / ent knob on the right hand side of the stereo. You then rotate the knob to the option you want (ie clock) and press the knob again to select. Then you rotate the knob again to the desired 12/24hr setting. Once set, just leave the stereo alone for
  8. Unfortunately our model stereo won't display track name / title, just the track number. The later version stereo does tho, but don't know if it will fit without wiring adapters.
  9. Hi Sohail. The second picture down shows the CD changer connector (7 pin row and 5 pin row underneath). The Connects2 USB I have looks to be a later one than the one you listed. Mine has Phono, SD card and USB inputs. CTATYUSB001 is the model. Take a look at Connects2.co.uk and search under Toyota - Corolla - 2001-2004. Cheers
  10. Hi Sohail. I use a connects2 device and it works great. Had it for over 3 years with no problems. Google it. Also look at Xcarlink too. Others have tried these with excellent results. Be aware that around 2004 ish the CD changer socket on the rear of the head unit changed, but the picture of the socket you posted is the same as mine (the early version). It changed to a smaller "more condensed" socket. Any questions, please reply. Cheers
  11. Hi proguru. The p0500 error code does relate to the speed sensor that is mounted to the top of the gearbox. It can be failing (but not enough to stop the speedometer from reading) or it could be sending an incorrect signal to the ECU whilst the car is not moving. This can be caused by a faulty sensor unit, corroded / dirty connection or damaged wiring to the sensor. Best bet would be to check the wiring and connections first to before splashing out on the sensor. The speed sensors on the ABS are different in that they monitor rotational speed of the wheels and trigger the ABS system when the
  12. Rattus

    Tyre Wear

    Hi OC. I did think it may be the tyres themselves. The rear tyres were fitted over 2 years ago and the previous tyres were the same make / model. They older ones were evenly worn, but it could be down to the previous owner rotating the wheels to maximise mileage. I don't tend to carry much in the car, but do keep the fuel tank topped up every week. Cheers for your help.
  13. Rattus

    Tyre Wear

    Hi Cyker. The uneven wear is only on the rear tyres. It's got me baffled. The only thing I can think of is wear from roundabouts and cornering, but I drive like an old phart. I suppose that soon I'll have to replace the rears and I'll get advice from the tyre fitters regarding the wear. Cheers
  14. Rattus

    Tyre Wear

    Thanks for the reply OC. The rear tyres have covered approx. 25000-3000 miles. The outer groove of the tread is approx. 2-2.5mm deep. The innermost groove (nearest the hub) is approx. 4-4.5mm deep. Alignment is something that I doubt as it has a common axle rear. If the alignment was out one way or the other, then one tyre would wear on the outside, the other on the inside (I think ~ unless the axle is bent). Tyre pressures I have always set to 32psi. It seems to give the best ride and good grip. I have checked tyre manufacturers web sites for correct pressures and 32 seems to be spot on. Chee
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