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  1. Cheers. I hoped that would be the case ... but you know what they say about assumptions. I can now brief SWMBO accordingly.
  2. I've had this 2018 hybrid for only a couple of months and the weather hasn't been exactly warm, but with an eye on summer approaching (hopefully) I felt the aircon was a bit feeble so booked it for a check. However, waiting in the car for someone today I had more of a play and found that you have to actually turn the a/c on with that button. With other cars I've had for several years now pressing the auto button for climate control means the car will use all available resources, but the Yaris doesn't seem to do this. The handbook is somewhat vague of course. Is my understanding corre
  3. If the battery is 6 years or so old I wouldn't bother with a charger (which may cost as much as a new battery anyway). If a car battery is more than 3 years old and gives any sign of getting weak or actually fails I replace it. Life's too short, and I don't want to be worrying about whether the car is going to work or grovelling around keeping it charged when not in use*. At the end of the day it's a consumable like fuel, oil, tyres and wiper blades. ( * Unless it has been intentionally stored for a long period of course.)
  4. Full electric cars have exactly the same problem. Many of them have 'died' like this during the pandemic.
  5. I think I'd be inclined to use the heating to force start the engine. If the car interior is really hot then use the aircon for a couple of minutes (or just open all the windows) while setting off across the cp. Then turn the temp setting up to max which should call for heat, which should then start the engine. You won't get heat of course. Let it run for 30-60 seconds then turn the temp back to desired. The engine will likely stop again, but at least it's now got oil everywhere, and incidentally will have pushed some round the transaxle whose oil pump is also engine driven. It's then all
  6. Strange, I saw no results from Toyota at all on eBay. That said, I've wrestled with changing rubbers in the past and I'm not sure it would be worth the small saving.
  7. I recently bought a 2018 from a Toyota dealer. The (single) wiper wasn't clearing a band and on investigating the blade had actually split for a few inches. I guess it was the OEM blade. Dealer is 40 odd miles away, so I just looked on ebay. From past experience I know wiper blades can be 'interesting' so I did some due diligence and eventually got this one: TOYOTA YARIS 2011-Onwards Wiper Blade 28" 700mm Aero Flat Style Replacement Kit Not the cheapest but Heyner seem to be reputable as a make (though their UK ebay feedback isn't perfect). However it works well the few times I've us
  8. To be really thorough, or just nerdy, treat one pair of bushings/joints at a time and test drive between each. If it does fix it at some stage you will then know which are the culprits and can consider getting them replaced at a convenient time.
  9. Our last several cars since a previous 09 (I think) Yaris (Mini, Smart, Jeep, Hyundai) have had cruise control/speed limiter. Recently got an 18 plate Yaris with CC, but absolutely amazed and disappointed that it doesn't have the limiter function. 😠 It also doesn't display what CC speed is set, so 'Set' is a stab in the murk and 'Resume' a gamble. I never even thought about it until after I collected it and found out. I don't know if it would have been a deal-breaker if I'd realised sooner, but it's amazing how a simple thing like that can take the shine off a car. By-the-by, of
  10. It's a lethal weapon, so there are local laws that need compliance if you want to use it on public roads. Simpler to buy a gun 🙃
  11. Now one of those would be nice when buying a car 🙂
  12. They have 2 in fact - MG1 and MG2. They don't have a 12V alternator. (Or a 12V starter motor.) How much is "so much"?
  13. That's an odd message, but on some cars I've noticed that some alerts/lights to do with rear seatbelts get activated if a rear door has been opened and shut, even if no-one got in (eg. chucking a coat in the back).
  14. Over the years I've noticed a lot of car batteries come in 'handed' versions with the dimensions and capacities the same but different 3-digit code number with opposite polarities - eg. 054 and 055.
  15. MikeSh


    Most modern cars seem to show the mileage on the dash when you unlock/open the door.
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