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  1. For the last few weeks when slowing at junctions the ABS brakes have cut in, not violent but do cause a judder that all in the car can feel. It's always at speeds below 15mph. The dealer (I'm in the UK) disconnected a sensor and so the ABS light came on all the time, of course this means the ABS doesn't work but the judder went away so we know it's an ABS fault. The problem the dealer tells me is the system isn't recording a fault code. They thought a wheel sensor might be damaged and have changed that at great expense but it's no better. They say they can do no more and suggest I drive it around, juddering to a stop at each junction, until the problem gets worse and the fault light comes on and records something, not a very satisfactory solution. Anyone experienced a problem like this with their brakes ? If so what was the cause ? Thanks, Therasa