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  1. Best to ask over here www.mr2roc.org its a forum dedicated to the roadster, not many roadster owners on here. What colour is the smoke, whats the water look like in your expansion tank, have you lost any oil? From what i've heard when oval bore occurs you don't really know much about it as far as smoke goes, it just runs out of oil pretty quickly and the engine goes bang.
  2. As said, join up to MR2ROC as that is a forum dedicated to the roadsters. As you say you've read all the precat bit, doesn't only affect the pre 03 cars though, the true fix for the problem didn't come until the late 05 cars. I believe one of the most effective precautions against this is regular annual servicing (oil and filter changes) its poor old thick oil that blocks up the control rings and starts the problem so when you look at it have a look at the service history if it has any and the state of the oil on the dip stick, before and after you take it for a spin, incase they have just topped it up. If you have a sensor socket you can take out the O2 sensors and peer in and look at the state of the precat without taking off the heat shield but even the O2 sensors can be a bugger to undo sometimes and a soaking in plusgas is needed? Have a good look down through the engine bay at the lower cross member as these can be rust magnets, you could try looking up from underneath but its hard to see if the plastic nappy is in place which is why it goes un noticed during an MOT. it is possible to get new or reconditioned ones of these if need be and bolt them in (no welding required I don't think?) Check the tyres are the correct size and stagger (i.e. the backs should be wider than the fronts, I think its 185 on the front and 205 on the back but as long as they are wider it should be OK, if they are not then factor that in as it affects the handling.) the pre facelift models had 15" wheels all round, the later 03 onward face lift models had 16" on the back. Roof drains, this is something you can check when you get home as its not a deal breaker, they are down in the sides of the parcel shelf behind the seat belt, when these are blocked they fill up with water which overflows into the storage bins behind the seat, the first you'll know about this is the sound of sloshing water. The drains should be flushed out once a year to keep them clear. But when you look at the car you can check the bins are dry. Check the roof is in general good condition, when you open and close it you usually have to help it by placing the palm of your hand flat on the back window as it goes down, don't force anything though, smash the window and its a new roof. Check the engine management light comes on when you turn the ignition on and goes off again when you start the car, if it doesn't come on someone has disabled it to hide an error? Lastly, if alls good and you take it keep a close eye on the dipstick for a while, every journey at first, then weekly, if the car has always been well maintained and you carry on doing so then you'll probably be safe knowing you've not bought an oil burner and you can check it monthly.
  3. I miss mine now its gone for anywhere between £2k - £5k I really think you'll struggle to find a car that offers as many smiles per mile but over that and theres a lot more choices to be had. Will it get another one? possibly if I can pick up a bargain but failing hat I might spend a little more and look for something with a bit more refinement, may not be as involving to drive but you have to try these things
  4. Seeing as this thread is over 9 years old, i'm guessing they would have sorted their problem by now :D
  5. Hi Phil, Welcome along, I would have thought the mod might have put this into the mk3 section, where I would have seen it earlier! Its sounds like oval bore could be your problem but smoke isn't always a sign. usually the oval bore means a greater consumption of oil, as much as a ltr in 500miles or less which usually goes un noticed and then its run dry and bang! So keep a fine check on your oil levels. The next thing that happens if the oil has been kept topped up is the excess oil breaks down the pre cat which is then digested back into the engine and bang! Is you car using a lot of oil? what colour is the smoke? Any loss of power at all? Any chance of taking it back to where you bought it? The best thing to do is to check out the MR2 Roadster owners club. That forum is dedicated to owners of the Mk3 and its little idiosyncrasies and the guys on there live and breath the Mk3. I'm sure they'll have some good advice for you? Good Luck.
  6. I have to stock airbox lying around but want to keep it in case I return the car to stock. I would join up over on mr2roc and ask on there, there's always people looking for an induction kit that would probably be willing to swap, do you know what make of induction kit it is? You might make more by selling it and buying a stock one off a breaker. I know one up in Warrington who breaks mr2's for a hobby, you could try him, ill dig out his details and send them to you. If your not sure what kit is on there post up a picture of it and I'll see if I can identify it for you, then I can tell you what's its worth 2nd hand.
  7. Hi Matt, First of all it sounds like you picked up a bargain! The hardtop along with its fitting kit are worth £500-600 alone (always sell together if you ever want to get rid of it). You've done the right thing by gutting the Pre cats but as you say this does not necessarily mean you are home free, there are long discussions on whether the breakdown of the precat is what lunches the engine or if it will lunch anyway at a later date due to the oval bore issue. I for one know others who's PFL (prefacelift <03) cars have done over 130k on the original engine but there are some who's have lunched it at 40k. In the hand book Toyota say that it is acceptable for the engine to use 1ltr of oil every 600 miles (1000 km) . One thing to consider though is that often people join forums when they have a problem, the number of times people say "hi all I'm new here, my mr2 has started......" and so reading the forums makes you think your driving a ticking time bomb. There are something like 10k mr2 roadster still on the road and the vast majority of their owners aren't members of an owners club and are driving around blissfully unaware of oval bores or precats. As far as I'm aware there's nothing you can really do to prevent it, the later 03> or facelift models did have some engine internal modifications to address the issue and as far as I'm aware they don't suffer the problem. If I were you I wouldn't worry about it, I think it is a matter of luck and the biggest thing in your favour is that at £900 (-hardtop) if your engine did let go you could get a rebuilt one fitted and still not lose any money when you sell it Enjoy your 2 Chris. Mod Edit We do not allow adverts for other sites, copy removed
  8. I got a pair from Kwikfit, £2 for both ^_^ What about the o rings that go between the tail pipes and the back box? one of mine is quite badly corroded but you can't seem to get them anyone?
  9. What a great day and so lucky with the weather not many MR2's but a lot of MX-5's so have to try and do something about that next year :D
  10. I am meeting up with some other roadster owners so I'll see you in there, look out for a group of MR2 Roadster owners :)
  11. its looking like i might be hooking up with some other MR2 roadster owners so might not make it in time to meet up with you guys before you go in but ill see you inside. :D
  12. Unfortunately the mileage, as you have found is stored in the clocks and not the cars ecu. I think your only option is to try to find a company who can adjust it or try your local Toyota dealer, I doubt they'll be cheap though and i'm not sure what the legality of it is either? http://www.fixmymileage.com/ Seems a bit daft to me as its far cheaper to switch clocks than change the ecu and so easy for any unscrupulous seller to fake the mileage?
  13. I may be up for this? I've got your Mob number Steve so i'll let you know before the end of the week as we are local to each other we could meet up and make the drive there together, as i'm not 100% yet i'll probably get my ticket on the day. Chris.
  14. Ok, I've had a look and there are two fog lights so you can count out a blown bulb unless they've both gone? I can hear a relay clicking when switching them on it sounds like its coming from somewhere behind the air vent/switches to the right of the steering wheel. I don't know if you can get that switch box out to get access? Either that or from underneath? Good luck, let us know how you get on....
  15. Ok, I'm guessing yours is pre 2003 as you say you have no front fog lights? Front fog lights were added to the facelift model from 2003 onwards. In my manual the fuse for the rear fog lights (I think both clusters light up?) is number 27 which is a 10amp fuse in the side of the dashboard on the passenger side, it also controls the wireless remote control, gauges and meters so assuming their working it can't be that? Does the fog light icon come on on the dashboard? As you say due to the type of switch a relay must be used to keep them on, I would think it would have its own relay otherwise if another function used the same relay it would affect the operation of the fog lights? You say there is a warning light on the dash is that the orange engine management light? If you can get hold of an OBD reader (£15 off eBay) then you could read the code and find out what it's reporting. Another owner told me the indicator relay is located behind the instrument panel so the fog light relay may be there too? I'll have a listen tomorrow to my car and see if I can hear a click from the relay and where it's coming from :)