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  1. Hi, went up a very narrow lane the other day and some total git came the other way much too fast and banged my driver's-side mirror. The mirror is fine except the rear cover flew off and is now missing. Is it possible to get the cover on its own? I've looked on eBay and can only see whole mirrors for £70 or more. Any recommendations appreciated. It's a Jan 2004 (53 plate) 2.0 T-Spirit. The mirror is electric adjust and fold but doesn't have an indicator. The covers are painted but a black one will do. My Avensis is dark blue - not sure what the proper colour is (anyone know how to find out? I've Googled 'Avensis 2004 colours' but no good) Thanks for reading! Paul
  2. Hi, bought a 2004 T-Spirit (2.0 VVTi) at the weekend for my daily commute. All good so far, everything works and the car drives well (she's done 52K). Mind if I ask a few questions? The near side front fog light has a broken lens - would appreciate any advice on sourcing (and fitting) a replacement without costing the earth! The offside front light cluster appears to have some moisture in it (condensation at the top) - anything to worry about? I've got the old 200 sat nav - where's the box that holds the system and disc? It doesn't appear to be in the boot! Finally, I was wondering about the voice command button on the wheel, but looking at the forums suggests that it works on colour sat nav systems only. Strange it's mentioned in the manual with the command list, etc. But no, for me the button only cycles through the trip displays. Anway, thanks guys, any advice you can give about the Avensis will be gratefully accepted.
  3. Welcome to the Toyota forums paulwesterman :)