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  1. Car back after being furnaced , started to clean it up now ready for all the welding.
  2. My WRC rear subframe
  3. Not 100% if im keeping the 4 stud at the moment , i would rather keep it as i already have a set of nice wheels. Car is currently at a place in Tamworth being furnaced , will be picking it back up Monday or Tuesday next week.
  4. Just got hold of an original WRC rear subframe , will get a pic uploaded next week. Car is going to be furnaced in the very near future as its a right pain trying to get all the seam sealer off. Then holes which there are quite a few on the rear of the car will be welded and then in for paint.
  5. A couple of onboard videos from this weekends North West Stages Rally in Blackpool before the clutch went completely.
  6. Disappointing weekend , clutch went :( Couple of videos from the weekend.
  7. Anyone attending North West Stages in Blackpool this weekend? We will be there in the Celica along with Jonny Milner in his Corolla
  8. Could always fire a message off to Lewis Rally Sport on facebook see what he has to say , but i do know they are very busy too atm but once again not in the south but a little bit further south than Droitwich :)
  9. Just a pic of a few project cars.
  10. Had some spare time so did a tiny bit more on my car.
  11. How you getting on breaking the E11? Nice looking new motor btw :)
  12. Does he own Clarkson Autoradiators on the industrial estate in droitwich?
  13. Lol nope didn't notice just see it pop up as unread , oops
  14. A Worcester phone number , any idea where abouts in Worcester he is based?