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  1. O2 sensors and Idle valve checked out ok. Turns out Toyota have to fit a new three-way cat costing £840. OUCH!!!!!!!!!! :ffs: Thanks for the help anyway. May well have to sell this computer to pay for the damn thing.
  2. Thanks Phil01. Don't need to ask me twice, it's sweltering here. Going to Toyota garage tomorrow. My portable diagnostic threw up two error codes. one for the CAT (it has three) and the other for the O2 sensor. Still think there is an underlying cause though, hence the visit tomorrow to have it checked.
  3. Thanks a lot Phil01. Will check it out and report back on the thread.
  4. My Avensis T-spirit 2003 2.0L semi-automatic started cutting out dead (no splutter or any engine noise) when I slow to a halt and then try to pull away again. The car will start again no problem and drives like a dream. Never happens when I first start the car and pull away, only happens when engine has been running for a bit. This fault is intermittent but has now become more frequent in the past week. Any ideas?
  5. Had the same problem. "Burp" your cooling system with radiator cap off and coolant reservoir open. For an easy guide see YouTube for quite a few videos of simple instructions like the one attached. Worked superbly for me.Car Maintenance How to Burp Your Car\'s Cooling System - YouTube.wmv
  6. Hi again folks Problem solved with the sat nav system. It appears I have the TNS 200 system already installed (though it was well hidden and had to buy two manuals to find it). The maps disc is the UK release 02-06 version 2.1 (part no 08864-00886). I checked the official Toyota site for updates or European discs and they do supply but charge 100 euros plus postage!! I wondered if anybody could point me in the direction of another source of discs or downloads. Amazon and e-bay don't seem to have anything suitable. Cheers
  7. True Dave. But I do have hobbies other than sheep.
  8. Cheers Peter. Hope ewe are not pulling the wool over my eyes. I just joined the flock. (these sheep jokes could provide a lot of mileage, should have played safe and stuck with my original choice of forum name.....!Removed!)
  9. Hi guys thanks for the welcome. Replied to each of you using the link sent to my e-mail address but can't see replies on the forum (thick as a sheep me, bit wooly headed) Hi dervdave and Taff. And cheers to Mistermena. Not interested in sheep romantically. I worked in the lab that developed the cloned sheep. (I prefer donkeys) :-)
  10. I am a newbie to this forum and hope one of you guys can help here. I wondered if the TNS 200 sat nav system can be fitted to my existing set up, which is a standard radio/CD/tape player and also has the traffic avoidance system. I can see most of the parts on e-bay at very good prices but do not know if I need additional wiring, if it means a straight swap of the audio units and where the computer disc drive should be located (if of course the TNS can be fitted at all. Thanks in advance.
  11. Hi all I became the proud owner of an Avensis T Spirit yesterday and am really looking forward to interacting with fellow members to discuss aspects/queries regarding my new car. Cheers dollythesheep
  12. Welcome to the Toyota forums dollythesheep :)