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  1. Logo. It's just a lattice, hollowed out behind to take glue. There is no part wide enough let alone flat enough totake tape. Just saw some £40 and £44 on Amazon.
  2. Not sure that will work, the design of the badge won't really allow it. Struggling to find a new one at a reasonable price. New ones are like hens teeth. Hardly any change from £30!
  3. Noticed it hanging by a thread of the manufacturers gum/glue, lucky it was still there really. Cleaned the gum based glue off the boot paintwork with WD40 (seriously good for gum removal). But what to stick the badge back on with? Maybe CT1 from Travis Perkins? These new DIY adhesive sealents are supposed to be pretty good? Any thoughts?
  4. I didn't try cleaning the head, I'm not familiar with the process so it didn't occur to me. I just lashed out the £25.
  5. Yes Konrad, that is the model in mine, with the cd player being just the lower half with the slot to take the disc, and a single (eject) button. It was so simple to change. I got one from a popular online auction site for £25 delivered, and I didn't need a code for it, it just fired up immediately I put a disc in. I still have to change the sat nav back to miles as some of it reset to km after I reconnected the car battery, but hey, a result.
  6. No, it's both sides. I got the bulb clusters out and tinkered for a bit to check for furred up connections/spades etc but they were in great condition. The rear fogs even came on permanently (with ignition key in), but wouldn't turn off. They're back to just not working now. All fuses are ok. I can't read wiring diagrams. Is there a relay that might be dodgy, that I might replace before giving it to the man that can?
  7. Thanks but I'm not sure that looks right, the bottom half is a completely different shape. My cd player is just the lower half in my photo, the bit with the slot to take the disc. The top half also accommodates the various sat nav buttons. The readout display on mine is used by the cd player & sat nav?
  8. My rear fog lights don't work, local garage can't trace the problem and think that it might be an idea to replace the 'multi-fuse' under the bonnet. I had the bulb units out of the tailgate for a tinker and they actually came on, but then wouldn't turn off whilst the key was in the ignition. They're back to just not working at the moment. Any ideas? Obvs this is an MOT requirement so I really would appreciate a few pointers.
  9. My CD player has died. It started skipping but quickly progressed to simply spitting all cds back out. It doesn't display any error message. It seems that the simplest option is a salvage unit. I see that sometimes the cd player/radio, heater controls, sat nav controls all come together, is replacing just the cd player possible? On Ebay there is one but a code is mentioned, that 'can be obtained from the manufacturer'. What is this?
  10. The pertinent questions seems to be - How old is the car that has air-con failure? Does it's age justify a possibly on going air-con repair bill or air-con complete replacement? Experience (and reading many posts re air-con) has taught me that if your air-con goes down and your car is out of warranty, then the best option is to forget about it. Any local garage will 'have a look' at it or 'service' it and the unit will come back re-gassed plus an invoice to pay. 5-6 weeks later it won't be working. Air-con seems to be a finely balanced, high performance element in a car, not something that wi
  11. Thanks, haven't checked the gearbox oil level but it smells fine, probably a new clutch then.
  12. (Estate) If I'm going go up a really steep hill slowly in 2nd and give too much throttle (or just over egg it) then the clutch slips. It does it in 3rd too. You do have to give it quite a lot of rice before it does it but it still pulls fine if you drive steadily, even with a full trailer on the back. Any Ideas......?
  13. Welcome to the Toyota forums IgReilly :)

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