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  1. getting a set of 16" STR-RSGT's (white with a silver dish) off a mate for a very good price as he has now changed car and had no further use for them. When they were on his facelift e11 corolla the car wheels use to catch the arches and scrape when there was weight in the car or when he was driving at a good speed. was just wondering if anybody had them on a pre-facelift corolla and was there any arching or scraping?i know i could get the arches rolled but was just wondering are they worth it?
  2. G6lad

    Spark Plugs

    was wondering what kind of spark plugs people are using in E11 corolla bug eye shape?what would be recomended for my 1.3 G6
  3. after eyelids/eyebrows for a per face-lift corolla 97-99 was just wondering can they be bought anywhere or are they just stickers? any help appreciated
  4. G6lad

    Tte Spoiler

    sound lads thanks very much i knew i was just being stupid
  5. G6lad

    Tte Spoiler

    this might seem kinda stupid but i got an original TTE spoiler this morning, as you all probably knot there are 3 bolts in them for fitment onto the boot lid.it all seemed grand until i popped the boot lid when i got home and found only 2 places for the bolts, one at either end??? was just wondering what becomes of the centre bolt?? :/ slightly confused maybe its just me? the car is the first of the E11 Corolla's, a 1997 G6 would appreciatie if anybody knew what i was on about?
  6. G6lad

    Jap It

    to ad to dat ive jap wheels put on lite weight schneiders in a charcol gray and they make it look way beta dan da khan's
  7. G6lad

    Jap It

    iveseen it done to some cars and think it makes them look well, and i dont want putting mods on that the gaurdswill rapeme over, i want to make it different to all the cars around cuz corolla's are done to the same spec and the only difference is the colour. Like iv see the civic washers, will it be the same kinda thing i need or is it totally different?
  8. G6lad

    Jap It

    i wanna jap style the bonnet in my 97 g6...any ideas how to do it cuz i cant find the washers for a corolla fitment anywhere its all death trap civics bits i find..?
  9. ive looked at ebay and there there in poland for about a 100euro!colour wudn other me as i wanna make a 1off colour on myn with a quick sand and few different spray paints etc etc and mayb sum toyota badges so ya...
  10. right lads, as u can se im from ireland, body shops here are rare and extremley expensive!!bad experience with 1 in the past!where could i import a E11 TTE spoiler from?relitivley cheap and a thrustworty source? any recomendations are appreciated
  11. Normal metal polish. And no it hasnt - it has to be done every month. Ill be laquring it soon to keep the finish, as im fed up of doing it On another note i resprayed the end plate of the TTE spoiler and blended it back in. Its worked perfect as the spoiler looks as if its fresh from a professional paint booth :D well happy with that result :) thanks lad :) il b tackeling myn so :)
  12. what polish did u use on the gear knob metal?and has it stayed like that since?
  13. i hear these gearboxes are fragile anyway?any1 else have bother?
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