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  1. Len7

    Rav4 Tyres

    I have changed my front two tyres recently and thought I would update this topic I had Yoko Geo G 91 on the car and decided to stay with the same. I have always been pleased with grip/ noise level with these tyres Although I don't look for longevity particularly, they have lasted 39000 miles mainly motorway which I think is very good for front tyres which do 90 % of the work on any car 4 x4 or not. I think they suit the series 3 rav well and have done well for me in various weather conditions including snow and very heavy rain. I paid £136 fitted per tyre at my local Kwik Fit who matched the on line price.
  2. Recently I found oil on the top of the engine and a small leak under the car overnight after a run. The oil had run down the engine. I was surprised to find it was a small leak from the oil filler cap This was a new one on me - I have never known an oil filler cap to leak. Anyway I replaced the cap and all is well. Thought I would just share this in case anyone has same problem and it may help them diagnose it quicker. I am sure GJN and others will have come across this but as I say it was a surprise to me.
  3. At my local Esso station every Saturday in May, they are selling Esso Supreme, both diesel and petrol at the same price as normal fuel. And their price is one of lowest already! Happy days
  4. I had a look at your Alphaline battery on eBay and it looks fine Diesels need bigger Cca batteries to start up And of course you will be pleased you have it in cold weather But I suggest double check size and may be call them to be sure It will be a fair old lump and as GJN says it needs to fit snugly
  5. Len7

    Toyota Mats 2005

    Hi notebook When I looked at this the Toyota mats were best value and not that expensive Sorry don't know the part number but parts king can swiftly assist no doubt
  6. Thanks for your recommendation John In view of the price I will get that as well as the 3 legged variety And thanks for mentioning my birthday!
  7. Many thanks GJN My 100mm is approx so on reflection I think its a good idea to go for the 3 legged ones Thats a good idea Thanks again
  8. HI, I need to do oil/filter change on a 2004 series 2 Rav4 diesel . These have the full size 'change the whole thing' filters. It has 15 flutes and is just under 100mm diameter. I have searched the usual sites but can find nothing - there are plenty for the series 3 including this site of course (Anchorman) But I cannot find one for the series 2! Can anyone point me in the right direction or better still post a link please? Be grateful for your help!
  9. Hi -really sorry to see you have this problem which comes up regularly on this forum I saw your post over Xmas and thought you might have a response by now - it must be because of the holiday break because folk are usually swift to help. Firstly correct diagnosis is v important - does your car have the symptoms detailed here? Also there was a post by gjnorthall in which he suggested an option might be to go to a member of FER - Federation of engine re- manfacturers - I can't remember where though! If you wanted you could send him a note directly Hopefully you will get further responses shortly
  10. Len7

    Stolen - Rav4!

    Really very sorry to read your post Lets just hope that the police pick it up and it's ok -even if that seems unlikely Nothing could be more annoying or frustrating Especially when you have done all you can to keep it secure
  11. There is an outer ring road around Paris called the A104 or La Francilienne which might be a help There are a number of garages on the road with fuel at non motorway prices Sounds a brilliant trip and hope you have a great time Full report expected when you are back of course!
  12. Len7

    Oil Filter Jammed

    Thanks Chris you have described it exactly so I'll follow your advice That's really helpful thanks Regards Laurence
  13. Hi I know it's silly but I was hoping to change oil and filter today. But I found the oil filter cap jammed. Before applying what I would think is unnecessary force I thought I would check with Toyota. Toyota say that the oil filter body and the filter cap are made of different metals and this happens regularly. Apparently a new oil filter cap is £44 but of course I may not need it. Because the cap may come off ok - but it may not! And then we will not have the car for a couple of days whilst the oil filter cap is ordered and I cannot collect it as the car cannot be driven. For the record the filter cap was not over-tightened last time which was only 6 months ago Be grateful for the advice of fellow Ravers
  14. I was thinking of general grabber uhp rather than the all terrain (at) tyres as flyboy said he uses the rav mainly on motorways
  15. On the series 2 I would take a look at General Grabber tyres -I seem to remember a previous post said General were connected to Continental