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  1. As I said I'm not too sure what it does etc, it connects to the air box which obviously goes through the air flow meter and throttle jobby, shouldn't imagine its blocked, I just had engine management come on with fault 'intermittent variable valve malfunction' had diagnostics and they cleared the fault and all seems well touch wood! Best bet would b goin direct to Toyota to get them to check it over but let them know u can't afford to fix it till say payday so u know exactly whats wrong then go somewhere else to get the work done as Toyota will mug u off! I had my bumper off the other day and saw my pump wasn't even properly connected up through to the cold air feed, so I just pushed it back on, could b something as simple as that or a loose wire, good luck
  2. When a friend broke his tsport down he sold the pump, new part is about £800 from Toyota I think, he flogged it on used for £250. On my rhd 03 tsport its between the front passenger light and the wheel lining, access via wheel liner only, connects up to the standard air feed from the bottom, if u have an induction it might not be connected anymore, it's the only thing stopping me gettin a KandN so instead have a custom cold air feed from behind the grill goin into the standard filter box with an up rated filter. Hope that helps a bit, tbh I don't really know what it does as I've never had one on any other car I've owned but I do know it looks easy enough to just unbolt to fit a new one as its so accessible
  3. Welcome, What difference does the gear box make?
  4. No it's a standard air box, found a few holes on it that someone's drilled so filled them up temporary but hasn't made a difference, from inside the car it sounds like front end noise, from outside it sounds like its from the exhaust.. It's gettin annoying though!
  5. Have realised the whistle happens only when My foots on the throttle, if I let off whilst in high revs it goes away.. Starts around 5000rpm+, sounds quite mean from inside the car but from the outside it sounds like I've ran over a few cats!
  6. Started to investigate puttin a better cold air feed to my 03 tsports air box and discovered two massive holes that have been drilled in the bottom half by a previous owner.. Wondering what this does and how it affects my car, apart from a really dirty filter :/ any ides guys?
  7. Wanting to replace my panel filter and put a decent cold air feed in direct from the front of the car. Wondering if anybody knows of the size of the pipe I'd need without me having to get it out to measure as it appears to b quite well packed in, cheers
  8. I'm looking at doin the same with my tsport.. Mtec's discs have been recommended by almost every1 on here.
  9. Well I'm having intermittent flat spots as my lift engages atm since I change my oil so not looking good, sometimes it's fine sometimes there's nothing so gonna get up to Toyota to look at it regardless of cost as I don't want it to get any worse!
  10. Legend, nice 1 pal will defo get um done
  11. Are the lift bolts DIY or garage job? And how much was the cost?
  12. I think there mainly used as helmet cams for extreme sports, there the dogs nuts but expensive..
  13. Not sure what this has got to do with toyotas but.. YouTube 'best of gopro', I've seen some pretty sick stuff people have filmed with them
  14. Can't link as I'm on iPhone.. eBay item number is 310216901890
  15. The search facility on here tells me that I've got a word with less than 3 letters in it even if I search 'tsport' or 'corolla' so apologies for any questions I ask that may already exist.. Seen some skirts on eBay but am unsure if they will fit my 03 tsport, any ideas guys?
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