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  1. Welcome to the club, I hope you get as much fun and economy (I know, as mad as it sounds it is possible) out of your Auris HSD as I do from mine.
  2. I only use it to pull away a little quicker from a standing start. Normal mode I find is as quick and less noisy when i'm already moving.
  3. Had the same problem on my Auris, connector failed, they sorted it in about 25mins and got me on my way full of caffeine :-) must say always been very lucky with my local dealer.
  4. I don't mind the auto lights to a point. That is going under the local railway bridges below a main station means they come on briefly and go off again. Looks like I'm flashing people. Even got shouted at for it once...
  5. Car back, immaculate. Very impressed with the quality of repairs. They even gave it a full valet for me :-) Time to fit the blackvue now ;-)
  6. Not fixed yet, parts are all in and work started. Two weeks to get it back good as new. :)
  7. I have documented it and requested copies of both phone calls from them seeing as they record for 'quality and training' purposes. Once i've finished dealing with the claim overall then i'll raise it. :-)
  8. I was told that the original garage was, but digging found out they were not. I was pretty firm but polite and they caved stating that they did not know whether they were actually approved as they don't store those details. Turns out my boss also knows the owner so it may be ready sooner :-)
  9. I complained about the expectation that it should be written off given the speed of the accident. It went to a new bodyshopyesterday and low and behold i'll have it back in 3 weeks after being repaired by a Toyota approved bodyshop. Success!
  10. Happy motoring, they're cracking cars for the engine size :-)
  11. Funny you mention that I have on order (ordered it about 24 hours before the incident) an in car DVR with gps. Paid a fair amount more but figured what with all the whiplash claims and 'It wasn't my fault honest' approaches nowadays I felt it best be safe than sorry. Knew I should've paid for next day delivery :(
  12. Fortunately I had a witness who saw them and has agreed to provide insurers with an account of events. I would imagine as she pulled out of a side road across give way markings and hit me from the side that it's going to be pretty straight forward right? *insert nervous look here* J
  13. That's great thanks guys. I have a hire car from them for now (I only have to pay £15 for the fuel 'surcharge') which I have every intention of claiming back as I had a full effin' tank and can guarantee it won't be when I get it back. Being without a car was due to me only being provided a car for two weeks after the decision has been made by the insurers, not sure where I stand if I contest it but as you say not my fault. I do have the gap insurance and worst case scenario is I claim on that to get the differnce back but i've never had to use it before (hey i've never had it before). She adm
  14. Thanks Martin, wish I was that lucky. Just wondering what sort of time frame I would be looking at for Abraxas (underwriters) to pay out for the gap insurance. Not liking having to bike to work in the bad weather.
  15. Can't on my friends Aygo she took delivery of last month. Given that they're intended for daylight use I wouldn't have thought it would be a feature manufacturers would enable you to chose to have on at night, they are pretty bright and not 'dipped' in any way. Happy to be proven wrong :)
  16. Hi all, My 61 plate Auris HSD with 8300 miles on the clock was hit by some dosey mare last Monday. Hit in the front nearside quarter (panel, alloy, bumper, headlight and wheel arch taking damage at 20MPH tops). Turns out that the insurance company want to write it off. I couldn't believe that my car is worth so little given that the rest of it is immaculate (words even used by the body shop). I get that you lose a lot of value when you drive it off the forecourt but still. £23.5k down to what they are claiming is now worth £12.5k in 8 months. Wow! Has anyone had experience with the Toyota Gap
  17. Great review. If i'm in a spirited mood i'm getting between 53 and 56mpg on a mix of A and B roads but driving sensibly i'm getting mid 60's. If I really try then I can routinely get 75mpg around the city. Cracking car, great style to it, amazing to drive and ridiculously cheap to run compared to all of my previous cars. Glad to see another happy Auris HSD owner
  18. Granted GPS is generally a more accurate indication but I would also edge on the side of caution. Depending upon satellite availability and a number of other aggravating factors they can read a little under. Having conducted some trials with GPS on vehicles to accurately account for speed and location my last employer found them to have some occasional inaccuracies.
  19. http://www.parkers.co.uk/cars/prices/used/toyota/auris/hatchback-2007/36004/?yearplate=87 Listing £6760 as a good private price
  20. Hey Sandy52, I know of a chap at my last employer who had folding mirrors on his '07 Auris. I'm due to catch up with him and a few others this time next week so if you don't get any joy in the meantime i'll find out what was involved in getting them fitted as they weren't factory fitted.
  21. HI all, I love the touch and go, it's a great bit of kit but I wondered what the difference is to the touch and go plus configuration rather than feature wise? It appears software function related, and whilst I know what the software features are, my question here is can it be upgraded purely from a software perspective and if so any idea how much it would cost? JD
  22. I can see both sides of the coin. As a security aware individual I wouldn't post the vrm in plain view for the car to be cached in Google. Would hapilly share it with any prospective buyers if they asked though. Then again I also understand for a prospective buyer the question may exist about what you have to hide. Depends on the motivation of the seller, there are people happy to show the plates that have sold cars on ebay that the plates don't belong to so it's swings and roundabouts. I would suggest seeing how willing they are to divluge the vrm after a message via ebay and take it from the
  23. JamieDow

    Auris Hsd

    Loving the touch and go! Just sent the address for my client onto my account, went out to the car, tether to my phone and bazinga. Very impressed I think they've done a pretty good job with it even if it is Navteq...
  24. JamieDow

    Auris Hsd

    I finally picked it up... :D I love this car, I don't do so many motorway miles nowadays although I didn't find the demonstrator that noisy on the motorway I guess because I like my music up loud. Always enjoyed driving Toyota's and particularly my old company Avensis but I have to say, despite the few frowns from friends and family before I got it, they love it too. Just want to say thanks all for posting such good content, it helped me no end in deciding if I was going to get on with the Hybrid long before I took the demo car out. I'm even going to be so bold as to say it looks good in islan
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