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  1. Happy Birthday exon16m!

  2. over the last year the lacquer on my red 2003 Tsport has blown on nearly every panel. I have never had this with any other car so am wondering if it is a known issue manufacture repair item?
  3. Does anyone know if the VVTLI has a different shaft to the 1.8 or 1.6 ? thank you
  4. Same poor heater function problem here also... Looks like a failing part problem for toyota
  5. If anyone has the technical PDF please let me know
  6. Have not been on here for ages but was looking for a technical pdf on the 2zz-ge engine that I downloaded from here about 2 years ago anyone have a copy? Matt
  7. Its the new model corolla, unfortunatly. My mother phoned a toyota dealer who advised her as it only 5l just fill therest with petrol and it should be ok... I was a little supprised and phoned another toyota dealer who said they would not advise this, and it would mean major engine repairs would be needed...
  8. hope some one help: Last night my mother filled the TS up with diesel. realsied her mistake so the engine has not been turned on... can some one guide me through how to empty it ? THANK YOU
  9. little confused ... are you saying the TS does not meet new standards ? i thought the way the TS worked made it more efficent. how does supercharging improve the emissions??? your getting more power out so one would assume more fule in? so lower MPG
  10. Its a shame that toyota dont try and match the competition. All the new fast hot hatches are coming in at 240bhp range, this is not beyond the 1.8 as lotous have proved.... they are doing a 240bhp ish version for the elise.
  11. I know that its just ive been doing it with out realising
  12. I was driving my dad back home over the weekend and he noticed that i seem to hold the throttle down between changes tring to match the revs for the next gear, to make changes smoother. I only seem to do this in the TS not in any other cars i drive. Am i the only one? as he said i was destroying the clutch.
  13. I think toyota are still aiming too low the neew ST will be packing 217bhp so the new RS i recon will be between 250-300bhp would not mind one though
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