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  1. Thanks for the suggestion Scott. As it happens I went to the Shell garage yesterday. So maybe I'll stick with them . A little bit more but if it's better for the engine .. worth it. Ps.. warning message still no longer there 😊 Looks like the regen worked on the way home last night. Fingers crossed!! Nice long trip planned tomorrow. And fuel from Shell
  2. Phil42 h mentioned using a premium diesel, but my local garages only seem to offer one type ( unlike 2 grades of petrol ) On offer in my town is diesel from Tesco ( where I've usually gone) Morrisons , Asda or Shell. Is there much difference been the 4?
  3. Just a Thanks for the link.. we've not driven far in the last few weeks..averaging 30 or less Note to self, once this is sorted, to give it a good run more frequently. Nb it's not a warning light.. it was a message on the display "DPF full, Refer to Owners manual" Saying that, I 've had the car since Sept 2014 and this is the first time this had happened
  4. Yes I have Bridgestone tyres. Interesting comments re tyres. My 53 reg Rav had Toyo (?) Tyres fitted as standard and they were rubbish at gripping. When I changed tyres ( Dunlop I think) the difference was very noticeable. The only reason we got our first Rav was we did field archery and my low profile Celica wasn't suitable to park off road ( scraped the exhaust on a rock..and expensive replacement).Which is why we got a Rav.. We rarely get snow as we live on the coast so winter tyres probably aren't necessary.
  5. When I got there the "dpf full" message was there. They suggested a motorway drive to force regeneration but they said they couldn't do it straight away..not for at least 3 hours and then it would take 1 and a half hours. The also said even if the regen didn't work I'd still be charged £90.. ( would have used a lot of fuel my expense) They suggested a manual clean.. but they didn't do it. ..I'd have to find someone. I then spoke to the manager who suggested another try driving the 50 miles home. ..keeping the speed consistent . 40 + mph but keeping the revs to 2000.. don't force the engine. I pointed out that this was the direct opposite of what I was told that morning. But..I drove home , normal use of gears and was able to maintain an average of 49 mph. Car drove like a dream. When I got home and checked, the 'dpf full ' message had gone. Fingers crossed when I start the engine tomorrow the message has still gone. If not... There's a reputable garage in my home town who say they can do manual filter clean "No problem" Subject to it all being ok.. note to self to do a few longer runs.. shouldn't be a problem at this time of the year . Wish someone had warned about the possibility of this happening.
  6. Off to Morecambe ( Toyota) so hopefully the 50 mile journey at a good speed will help. If not I hope they can sort it. When we got the Rav in 2014 the 4x4 were only in Hobson's choice. We still need a 4x4..( country tracks , safer in bad weather etc) We'll be doing a lot more milage over the next 6 months...but maybe we need to rethink very carefully what our next car will be.
  7. Thanks for the link.. we've not driven far in the last few weeks..averaging 30 or less Note to self, once this is sorted, to give it a good run more frequently. Nb it's not a warning light.. it was a message on the display "DPF full, Refer to Owners manual" Saying that, I 've had the car since Sept 2014 and this is the first time this had happened
  8. Today a DPF warning message came up on my 64 reg RAV 4. I checked the handbook and it said to drive consistently for 20 30 minutes at 40 mph. I drove for 40 minutes and kept the speed at 40 / 50 when I could and a few blasts at 60. The lights still on. The nearest Toyota garage is 50 miles away.. i phoned just befor closing and was told to drive the car for " about 50 minutes at 50mph and don't go above 4th gear. I'm not sure this is right for the engine. I've only done 26000 miles and it had a full service at the end of August, so surely the filter was checked then? It's still under warranty. Is this a common fault ? I'm phoning the Toyota garage again tomorrow... to book a time for them to check . The light may go off if I can keep the speed up.. but I'm doubtful. Will it damage the engine if I keep to 4th gear but drive at 50 mph?... for about 50 miles?
  9. I don't think it is down to the bare paint..When it's wet it looks like the marks never been there. Surface is completely smooth When it's dry it looks more like a a white smudge. I will get a photo taken later. Cars in the drive and its pouring
  10. Thanks.. It's true..The first ding always seems the worst.! I ll have a Google for mobile paint finisher s ( I have a feeling I have seen a mobile van in the area) and perhaps getting a laquer spray..May be brave and have a go!!! The laquer Toyota sold me for the last car was clear and in a a small bottle with a buffer on the pad. I used that but on some deep scratches. From what you're saying are some laquers coloured . My Rav is vermilion red...Presume, once i have the paint code I can get it from Halfords? My tablet keeps putting lawyer instead of laquer! Lol
  11. Thanks. When I had my last Rav I got some touch up paint and Laquer and used that on a deep scratch.. I suppose I'm going to have to ask Toyota.. Annoying that the nearest Toyota garage is 60 miles away! I can't believe a small scratch is going to cause so much hassle!
  12. Thanks where would I get a paint finish code ? My Rav is registered Sept 2014 and is Vermilion red. Would I get that from a Toyota garage? I'll ask round and see if someone could it without costing a fortune. But to start with.Would putting on a high quality wax help? Autoglym ?
  13. Small question but you know what it's like when your car is new. Someone scraped my door..White paint.after carefully wiping I have finally removed the paint but there is a scrape 4 inches long and an inch wide ( 9cm x 2.5 .. the scrapes look like its in the varnish..I used the T cut red Wax polish as its not abrasive I and it seemed to have gone but...the wierd thing is, when it's wet it is complete invisible . But now it's dry I can see it again So, what should I do ? What should I put on / use..? Help please!
  14. Thanks Philip for the reassurance. It is nice to find someone who likes the Icon. As you say, it is a lot different to the previous Rav... I got the manual rather than the automatic, having driven manual for over 25 years and never driven auto, I thought it would be more in my 'comfort zone' . So far I have only driven 420 miles in it so its definitely in the 'running in' stage lol I don't plan to drive it over bad terrain, but we do field archery and that means driving and parking in fields and up forest tracks rather than anything that would be more suited to a farmer's Landrover. But living in the lake district I need something that can get me up winding lanes and hills. The worse track will be in our Club's woods which is a bit steep but with only one sharp gradient and a bit of a sharp turn to add to the fun. First time last week I managed ok, 2nd attempt I stalled it.... but no problem with my hill start! 3rd attempt tomorrow.... So first thoughts, comparing this Rav to the previous. The steering feels less light which feels better, the pedals seem more sensitive... time, practice and the right shoes will help! The engine is quieter and has good acceleration. :)