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  1. Hello, I'm searching for any ideas on resolving an issue with the OBD2 port. It's a 2005 Hiace with the 2KD-FTV engine. There is power to the port but the generic code reader I have won't communicate. The same code reader worked in a Hyundai and Citroen. I've been scouring the internet before posting here and tried pulling fuses in turn before attempting to connect but no luck so far. Is there a way to meter the OBD2 plug to check continuity especially the ecu connecting pin ? I'm having an ABS intermittent warning light but have no way to check what the problem is. This is an incredibly reliable van with only minor issues so far. Any ideas more than welcome. Steve
  2. Hi, has anyone managed to remove the EGR valve form the D4D engine on a Hiace van. I took the turbo pipe off and some electrical connectors. I can see the throttle body and the EGR valve behind it but there seems no way to access the fasteners as there is little room to work. I'm guessing this could be 'one of those jobs' as in simple to clean etc but hard to get it off to clean it. Any help or advice welcome Steve
  3. Thanks for that, I'll PM him. Steve
  4. Hi, I've been trawling the internet for a replacement exhaust for my 2005 swb 280 Hiace van. There are plenty of systems for the 2.4 flat fronted Hiace but I am not having any luck finding exhaust parts for the more common 2.5 diesel vans. I thought there would be lots of exhaust parts for these vans out there. Any information would be well received Steve H
  5. Well after some thinking I've traded my UC for an IX 35 2WD. I will miss the handling and looks of the wee cruiser and obviously the four wheel drive. If I could have towed my hovercraft with the UC it would have stayed and had a cruise fitted but it wasn't big enough. I'm not going to miss the lack of left knee space and soft paint (the front of the car had too many permanent marks and chips to count) The new car has more toys than should be allowed and will need it's winter tyres if I'm, not going to be laughed at by passing UC drivers in the snow. Toyota should have stuck with this car in my view offering a 1.6 diesel option with more equipment and yes a cruise control while pegging the price back a bit . Thanks for everyones replies to my posts, hope you all keep enjoying your cars as I did mine.
  6. Hello gordon, I have a spacesaver from the petrol version in the boot all the time. The boot is tiny anyway so the spare doesn't make that much difference. I have the downlit underdash which I thought they all had. I've also got the paint made from cheese which chips far too easily. I was polishing a person from works kia bonnet the other day (scratched by fitting those eye lash things- fitted for a charity event), although the eyelashes had marked the paint it appeared to better quality than my UC with a better gloss. So don't go fitting eyelashes to your car, they scratch your paint to say nothing to what they would do for your credability :-)
  7. I've bought a tuning box for my Hiace van but can't fit it as the rail plug is near impossible to reach (still working on a way to do it without major surgery) I hope the UC common rail plug is easier to reach as I'd like to try a box on it although I'm still not sure what the difference is between the £80 boxes and the £300 ones. I also think the car may go better without the DPF but that will have to wait until the warranty is up.
  8. I don't suppose any of you know where the common rail connector is on the Hiace version of the 2.5 D4D. I have bought a chip box but the photographs with it are for the Hilux which may have a slightly different set up as it looks different from my engine. There is a brown connector on the right hand side further back almost out of reach looking form the front that may be it. Any help appreciated. Steve H
  9. As a small hatch it's pricey for what you get at least in terms of equipment, one power socket is a bit mean and the ever so keen to please intermitant wipe needs a cup of coco and a chill pill or they could fit a variable one for a few pence. As a four wheel drive it's not a bad price at all setting aside the need for four wheel drive that is. One of the great things about this car is it drives like a sharp (ish) hot hatch and goes through twisty bits without getting you in to trouble. Yet it's an economical four wheel drive!!! Once you get used to your 90bhp (I came down from 170) the engine feels fine too. Insurance was £100 cheaper for me and low road tax and good fuel economy means you have more cash left over for other things. I would love Toyota just to tweak things a little just as other owners have mentioned, a few more cheap to fit extras like a power socket in the boot, arm rest, twin reverse lights, a real horn, variable intermitant wipe, more colour choice and cruise control (not fitted mine yet). The icing on the cake would be a 1.6 120bhp diesel option that would make this an unbelievable little motor.
  10. I mentioned on another post test driving a Kia Venga. We got back in to the UC and it was obvious that it was streets ahead in quitness and smoothness. I could still do with a little more oomph, comfier seats and some incuded extras though. Also my left knee will be destroyed in any serious collision but I won't remember how because I'll be hit in the back of the head by anything in the boot :-). On the plus side the fuel mpg is sitting around 53 which is much better than the colder weather figure. I'll love it more when I fit the cruise control and a centre arm rest for those longer runs.
  11. Well I still have the UC, the massive loss in depreciation was a big incentive. Having just fitted a cruise control to my Hiace camper van I think the UC will now get the same treatment. The very helpful man from Howard May told me that it's the same system as I've just fitted but unfortunatley no can ban connection available (yaris has) which would reduce the calibration time but that's no big deal. I will have to make a neater job of the wiring on the UC but that should be ok. PS, I've actually seen another three Urban cruisers and now also think I may have bought a car for the ladies :-) I may also now fabricate and attach a large home made and roughly welded bull bar to restore the manlyness of my motor !!!! PPS, I test drove a Kia Venga as a replacement for the UC. Nice and airy inside, nice dash and lots of extras but wheezy engine, and huge amounts of road noise were not so good. The UC is a Rolls campared to it.
  12. There aren't many UC's about. Very few up here in NE Scotland, only seen three so far. To be honest I'm thinking of changing mine but haven't made up my mind fully. The long distance drive I do is become more of a thought, lack of cruise, lots of resonance/road surface vibration through the steering wheel, (even the windscreen wiper can be felt through it), annoying under body resonance at 75mph takes the shine off the journey. On the plus side the cornering is excellent as is the four wheel drive (needed recently) especially like the fact that you can manually switch on the 4x4. Decent sound system too. Might go for something two wheel drive and invest in snow tyres. Or fit a Howard May cruise.....still not sure.
  13. I used mine a couple of weeks ago, made my other half laugh, best probably not use it again :-)
  14. Just to update my own post I've tried revving the engine to around 2000rpm static and no resonance. The other bit not mentioned before is it's most noticable on light loadings.
  15. Does anyone notice a slight resonance on their diesel UC at motorway speeds in top gear? It's between 70-80mph which is where I tend to sit. It's more noticable on quiet surfaces, stops with engine coasting. Thought it may have been wheel imbalance but seems like either exhaust or possibly the drive system under load? I noticed the first time I drove on the motorway. As an experiment only I took the car above 85mph for a few hunderd metres and it dissapeared so appears to be at specific speeds.