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  1. So my May 2010 registered T Spirit has just hit 100k miles. I have quite enjoyed the last 3 plus years in this, my second Prius (first was a 2008 Gen 2). A brief summary of costs so far are as follows: Fuel - average MPG as logged (over 98,907 miles) 56.9 at a cost per mile of 10.4p. Tyres - fronts have been changed twice with lots of mileage left in the current set. (average 40k miles per set, barring punctures). Rears have been changed once, I think at around 70k. I have stuck with Primacy HP, as I have heard that mileage can be affected if using cheaper brands (HP are approx £150 per corner). Servicing has just been routine stuff. I had the air intake and ECU mod about 60k ago for the damp start knock. Despite this, it has still done it a few times since. My local Toyota dealer is going to something else to fix this (will let you know what it is when or if it happens). No other issues to report - I took out a two year Toyota extended warranty when the car reached 60k, no claims made on this so far. Car is now worth 6-7k according to Toyota against a new one so will be keeping it and see how it goes.
  2. Dave, have you pumped your tyres up - 42psi in mine. Another tip is to accelerate up to speed briskly and then come off the throttle and then reapply ligh throttle to hold the speed - this seems to make the mpg indicator go up.
  3. I got circa 40k on the fronts and 88k on the rears - although this is mainly motorway driving. The lack of grunt on a Prius makes the tyres last ages IMHO
  4. My old gen 2 used to skitter over bumps and drain covers - the effect was like it used to seem to speed up over them. I put this down to the hybrid braking and having tyres at higher pressure. My gen 3 does still do it, but it is far less pronounced - even with the same tyre pressures.
  5. HI Grumpy I followed your report on Priuschat - it was good to see that Toyota did the right thing with the inverter. I am now listening to my inverter on regen and it is whining like a London tube, which I suppose is good. My only ongoing issue with my gen 3 is the rattle when restarting when not previously warmed up correctly. The car still does this, even though the manifold etc has already been chaged under warranty. I have alerted my dealer to this, but they don't seem pro active on any solution to this.
  6. Outside temperature was 10C. In my previous gen 2 and the current gen 3 I usually block the bottom grill until the temps get to about 15C.
  7. If it is passed, wont there be a two year 'sunset' period for cars currently registered on the scheme? (like mine is)
  8. Had a couple of meetings yesterday and was in no rush (unlike my normal 85mph days) Had a steady run on A roads and Motorway and achieved a not to embarrassing 73.6MPG over 130 miles. Bottom grill is covered Quite impressed considering the cold(ish) weather. Car has now done 89k and am torn between keeping her or trying out an Ampera.
  9. Apologies for the strange title. I'm on my second Prius (up to 88k now on a gen 3) The Gen 2 had no heated mirrors Both of them fail to 'wipe' the side windows when you open them. I find it frustrating that you cannot clear the outside of the glass by lowering and then closing the front windows. It means I struggle to see out when the car is warming up. Do any other cars suffer from this stupid behavior? sorry, rant over...
  10. 85000 on my gen 3 from new. Still on the same rears! Hoping to get to 90k. I am on my second set of fronts.
  11. I have got to state that the gen 3 prius is not that slow from the lights. Its not fast per se, but its quicker than people realise. mind you, flooring it makes it sound like the clutch is slipping...
  12. Mines a 2010 (june) Gen 3 and at about 81,000 miles now. Apart from the noise on startup after a non complete earlier start, I have had no probs with mine and we probably keep her for a few years yet. Still on the same rear tyres still! Extended the warranty via Toyota, so keeping it should be a no brainer.
  13. so anyone else had this problem reoccur after having the fix applied?