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  1. Yes it is possible. Fitted an android unit to my t27 estate, best thing I have done, makes commuting so much better, plus sat nav is excellent
  2. When I installed mine I had a couple of wires which were left unused. Is there not a wiring diagram provided with the kit? Best bet would be to plug and play now and see what you have working when you power up the new unit.
  3. Go to the connects 2 website, they have most types of adapter for fitting. Your new unit should have provided an ISO harness
  4. An external mic was included with my unit, quality is good aswell. it would depend if the plug for it is compatible with your new head unit. I'd guess at it not being but you never know
  5. Search for trim tools on eBay, about £3, basically just orange plastic tools which I found very helpful in places particularly around the air vent area. I'll try put a pic on
  6. Hi, They are correct, I have just replaced mine with an android unit. I removed side trim on both sides surrounding area by the sides of console, removed the black trim around the gear and storage area, the trim around the top air vents although not completely, you can partially remove it from the bottom to then remove black plastic trim around the radio. With that removed you can remove the radio by the 4 screws them pull the radio free. There are also 2 clips that hold the radio to the car, then it's a case of disconnecting the radio plugs. No need to remove gearknob and air con panel or glovebox or anything like that, only remove what you feel you need to remove if you know what I mean. Quite easy really
  7. Yeah I have the tourer estate with standard unit. Just want something a bit more modern than what's in there plus dvd for kids on long journeys
  8. Any suggestions for the unit itself?? Ideally dvd and sat nav and iPhone connectivity
  9. I am looking at connects2 at the moment. The year ranges are so vague though. I don't know if I trust it if you know what I mean. Mine is a t27 (09-) looking for a unit where I can use swc and its all plug and play.
  10. Hi, Has anybody got any success stories for fitting a plug and play aftermarket sat nav/dvd head unit?? On a t27 estate. I'm doing some research and am just after some clear cut information. Also I want to keep steering wheel functions Cheers
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    At the end of the day they are all roadworthy and I have had no problems stopping
  12. Phil24RN

    White Smoke

    White smoke is water, black smoke is carbon crap, blue smoke is oil. I wouldn't worry probs just some excess water from temp change, like condensation
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    Tyre is a tyre at the end of the day. All do the same job, save yourself some money and get on blackcircles. I bought cheapest tyres they had 2 years ago and they are still fine. Also I do 20,000 a year
  14. Will give him a go, cheers mate!!
  15. Hi all, Can anybody point me in the right direction of a number plate bulb housing for a toyota avensis estate t27 model?? (2009-) Help appreciated, Cheers phil
  16. Go to and enter your VIN, part number will come up for the assembly and you can google it from there
  17. My tech document says it has, and it's because I want to drain the entire system, my car has covered 108,000 miles so I want it changed, Cheers phil engine is 1AD FTV
  18. Hi all Does anybody know the location (with picture) of the cylinder head drain plug on a t27 avensis estate 2.0 d-4-d?? I have been out and thought I had located it but I'm not convinced Help appreciated Cheers phil
  19. Never mind, it's done and it was quite easy, heads up though for this model of car euro car parts don't supply the correct belt, it's too large so look elsewhere, Cheers Phil
  20. Hi all, I am planning on changing aux drive belt, is there anything to be aware of before I start?? Like tips or tricks?? My car is an avensis estate tourer 2.0 d-4-d (09-) t27 model Cheers Phil
  21. As mentioned go to Euro Car Parts and type in reg number. They never get it wrong. Just done mine recently and to avoid squeal get some mintex cera tec lubricant for the back of the pads off ebay. For a couple quid stuff is amazing. Much better than copper grease
  22. I have one, it came from Lithuania and is in complete English, very good program, has all components and how to check them on car and remove and replace etc. it has all variants from 09-. Is it possible to upload it to this forum or would that be breaching some sort of copyright law?? Lol
  23. May aswell try the throttle flap?? Could be sticking??