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  1. Hello Forum members, Since having a full service at Toyota on my 2008 Avensis 2.2 T Spirit they seems to be a short whirling noise, maybe fuel pump has appear, the noise was not present before the service! Is this noise common or do l need to take it back to the dealer? Thank you for any advice regards this problem, or if its not? Conker
  2. Thank you for the replies regards the question. Jas, there is nothing visible to place a phone in, or any holes where one might have been that’s why l thought it might be Bluetooth. There is an adaptor for iPod/iPhone charger in the glove box, but my iPhone does not work off it, just plays the music off the phone
  3. Hello Forum members, Can I replace the flasher unit or relay so that my 2008 Avensis T Spirit will indicate 3 times like my Mondeo ST and works VW Caddy does when just pushing the switch up or down Also I have a Black plastic microphone between the sunvisor and interior light switch, but when I try to find a phone via Bluetooth nothing is visable? Do I need to go through the Sat Nav stereo to find it Thank you for any advise with the above questions Conker
  4. Hello Forum, As a new owner of a 2.2 Avensis Spirit estate, and new member of this excellenty forum! I have now seen from the information written on this forum that my 2.2 might have cylinder head problems at some stage! What percentage of Avensis made actually have this problem? Out of interest? If Toyota knows of this major head gasket problems, and have to rebuild these engines on a regular basis! Would it not have been cheaper and easier for Toyota to sort the problem by sourcing a better make of head gasket and uprate the water pump and replace them say at 40000 mile service or before or am l just over cautious! Thank you
  5. Welcome to the Toyota forums conker :)