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    Hid Lights!

    Hi everyone. I am wanting to purchase some HID lights for my 04 Facelift Rolla. What I need to know is, Where is the best/cheapest place to purchase these ? , How bright can I legally have them? I am looking for lights for my headlights, sidelights and for the number plate.
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    Car Cleaning!

    Hi Everyone! Wanting to know what the best products are to use to get my car looking pristine? Also, how many different products do I need to buy ? I.e, do I need a pre wax, seperate product for alloys, seperate products for windows, polish?
  3. Decided to now buy a 1.4 Rolla as I cannot find any 1.6 facelift models near Glasgow! IS the 1.4 a good enough motor ? Tell me the pros and cons please? BTW, How much would it cost to make a PFL model look like a FL model ? As there are plenty of PFL 1.6's that I could buy. I just like the look of the Fl model much more.
  4. Trying to decide between these two cars, now please try not to be biased and tell me the main differences between the two!
  5. Was thinking about buying a T-sport, but are they not really expensive to run ? Also having trouble finding Corollas for sale near where I live.
  6. Within the next month I will have to decide which car I am going to buy as my second car. I have been looking at 3 cars, Seat Ibiza mk4, Ford Focus mk2 and the Corolla as mentioned in the title. Why do you guys recommend I buy the Corolla ? Give me some good and bad information on it. Also, a few questions I have: Is there a lot of supply for detailing the car, both inside and outside ? How reliable is the car ? What is the drive like ? I am looking to decide pretty quickly between the three so I can start looking at buying.
  7. Seen a couple of good, clean 1.4's as well! Is there much difference between the 1.4 and 1.6 ?
  8. Managed to lower the insurance by adding both parents. Looking at loans, 4 years 4k, 83per month plus about 130 per month insurance, I can manage that.
  9. Right, So now what I need to do is see If I will get accepted for a loan, and then find a goo car. Anybody help me with the latter ?
  10. Frostyballs, the thing with comprehensive is it will bring the price right up. Yeah, been looking on moneysupermarket.com and it will definatly be a loan that I will try to get now, not through a credit card. And the length of time for a loan I was thinking about was around 5 years. Cheers for your post ;) Cheers Dan, I am going to look at insurance prices again, see what I can get cheapest.
  11. Couldnt insure a T-sport, well I could but would be skint every month! Going to be a 1.6. Anyone seen or know of any for sale that they would recommend? What should I be looking for when buying? Also been looking at this http://www2.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201119387008393/sort/pricedesc/usedcars/engine-size-cars/1-4l_to_1-6l/price-to/3000/price-from/2000/transmission/manual/model/corolla/make/toyota/radius/200/page/1/postcode/dg14jg?logcode=p
  12. Just really wondering what way would be best to buy the car? I dont have money saved up so it would either be credit card, finance or a bank loan.
  13. Thats a seriously cheap car, £600-£1000 off what it retails at. Still some wheels and a rear spoiler on it and it would look spot on. Got to wonder why its so cheap though? Yeah, for that I would have to go have a proper look at it, to see if there is something wrong that the ad doesnt state! I would consider a 1.4 if there is not too much difference in performance compared to a 1.6
  14. Hey, SO I want to get myself a new corolla, and am having a little trouble finding out the best way to pay for the car plus the insurance. I was thinking about getting finance, a bank loan, or using a credit card to buy the car with. The cheapest insurance I can find will be 90 pound per month, and I reckon I could afford to pay 200 per month for insurance plus car. The cars I am looking at cost from 2 to 3k. Insurance 1600. How did you guys get your first Corolla?
  15. http://www2.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201119387008393/sort/pricedesc/usedcars/engine-size-cars/1-4l_to_1-6l/price-to/3000/price-from/2000/quantity-of-doors/3/model/corolla/make/toyota/radius/1501/page/1/postcode/dg14jg?logcode=p Have been looking at this, 66k miles 3k cost. What yous reckon ?