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  1. thanks for the help guys, just updating this to say its now sorted! my mechanic fixed a horrible buzzing/ vibrating noise that turned out to be the exhaust manifold heat shield being loose, a happy side effect is the warning lights have all gone out! so problems all fixed, my celica looks, feels and drives almost like brand new again :)
  2. welcome aboard! sweet ride you have there :)
  3. i had exactly same problem with my 54 plate t sport after a major engine rebuild, took it back to a mechanic ( friend of the guy who did the original work) turned out to be a loose exhaust manifold heat shield, straightforward fix noise now completely gone replaced by the real sound of a sweet vvtli working properly!
  4. sorry for late reply thanks for the answers, car is going in to be checked early next week wish me luck!
  5. Recently got my 54 plate celica t sport back from repaire (engine rebuild after snapped con rod) Car perfect for 24 hours but now the VSC and traction control 'off' warning lights along with the engine warning light are persisently on, I rang mechanic who said bring it back Monday but I'm scared in case my poor car breaks down again! would the engine warning light come on as a response to the VSC/ TC issue? or is it likely to be something else I have to worry about as well?
  6. While I cant offer much in the way of help or advice I will just say I feel your pain! My beautiful t sport threw a con rod 2 weeks ago which damaged the crank and is still waiting to be repaired (under warranty thankfully!) so I wish you all the best of luck with your own car...
  7. Hello and welcome from another new member!
  8. Welcome to the Toyota forums paul t sport :)

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