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  1. Hi there sir. i saw you posted that you had instaled 1zz parts on3zz engine and have dyno of that? Could you send me that dyno sheet?

    1. Wallabi


      I was wondering the same thing.

  2. But i heard that The electric turbo adds like 20-80bhp.
  3. This is gonna be awesome man!!
  4. Hi mate. I think this has been done before. And you can keep the 3zz ecu. It will adapt.
  5. I think it will be easier to replace the entire drive shaft as splitting the joint will be a !Removed!. I just replaced the drive shaft a few days ago on my rolla. Remember gearbox oil will drain out when you do this.
  6. CV joint, check the rubber boots for splits and grease everywhere. I have exact same problem. However I have left it too long to getaway with just a new boot :(
  7. I mean the Inlet manifold, Throttle body AND injectors from a 1zz.. I have seen there is a metal inlet manifold too not just the plastic ones...apart from that no aftermarket. head over to rollaclubuk there is a nice FAQ topic just for this mod. It has all areas covered :) and contains my dyno printout :D
  8. Yup go for the 1zz intake system. And yes I have dyno proof that mine went from 109bhp to 130bhp. :D
  9. Haven't updated on here for ages. Kind of live over at corollaclubuk dot com Running one or two extra bits now. Check it out over there.
  10. Check out the maf sensor dude. Give it a goos clean with some brake cleaner.
  11. Very nice looking e11 face lift. If you are after a few bits let me know I maybe able to get some for you. But as mentioned Baz at breaking Toyotas is a top lad.
  12. Hi dude. I have a 3zzfe but an older style with a manual throttle body unlike your electronic one. Me and a few other members have made some pretty nice mods to our 3zz engine. Just the type of thing you describe...bolt on. What we have done is a pretty much cut down version of madvinegar. Instead of stroking the full engine up to a 1.8 we bolted on a 1.8 inlet manifold 1.8 throttle body and 1.8 injectors. We all have found a good difference between this and stock. In your case you would need to source a 1.8 electronic throttle body. This is all from a 1zzfe engine. We found that using parts from a Avensis 1zz was perfect but im not sure what differences there are with newer 3zz engines. As i say they are all straight forward bolt on parts. I am yet to dyno the car but believe me it does make a difference. Another point to note. If you are running a bosch ecu you may have issues with using 1zz injectors...although a member did sort this out by adjusting the throttle and is running the 1zz parts i have mentioned but with a 4zz engine. I know madvinegar had some friends that had issues with the 1zz injectors in the 4zz. However me and the other guys running 3zz engines have denso ecu. So drive around with some high octane fuel for while and all is rev hunts when you first do this mod as the ecu is learning. Just be patient lol