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  1. My local Toyota dealer in Aberdeen is part of a large national chain to be avoided at all costs imho. Unfortunately personal circumstances meant I once had to use them for a service. A few weeks later I found out they'd over-torqued all the wheel nuts and put copper grease on all the studs and on the face of the hub, in spite of there being a safety warning in the handbook not to do so. I called them so they could instruct the mechanic not to do it again but was told it was company policy so they would continue to do so. I complained to Toyota UK following which I received a call from the deal
  2. I've had the same thing since I picked up my 2020 Corolla from the dealer in March. It'll probably need dealer or specialist intervention as not possible to identify where the fault lies without hooking up to diagnostics. My pressures are stable so will get it looked at when in for service in June (150 miles round trip to nearest trusted dealer so not worth booking in for a one off fault)
  3. There must be more to hybrids' attractiveness to thieves than just the fact that the petrol engine has less running time. If the engine is only running 50% of the time then on average a 3 year old non-hybrid should be as attractive a proposition as a 6 year old Auris? Is it possibly more to do with accessibility and amount of precious metals in certain models? eg Honda Jazz often targeted. I wasn't aware of Audis being a target until I read this thread.
  4. Many thanks... I was just a bit surprised by the length of the plug but it's been many years since I had puncture repair.
  5. I suspected a slight drop in pressure (approx 2psi) in one of my tyres since I last checked them about 3 weeks ago. I removed the wheel to check for nails etc but only found evidence of a previous repair - see pic. Does this look OK? I'll get it checked out in the next couple of days anyway.
  6. Just a thought about Toyota's claim to have reduced the quantity of precious metals in the catalytic convertor by "up to 84%" in more recent hybrids, thereby making them less attractive to thieves .....how would a middleman accepting stolen cats from thieves, often for export to Eastern Europe for processing, know which type or age of vehicle it was removed from? If they can't tell the difference between an older and a modern model of cat wouldn't their value on the black market be the same and therefore be equally attractive to thieves. I'm guessing there's an obvious answer to this one.
  7. I picked up my 2020 Corolla TS a few weeks ago. It was a little used demonstrator with only 2k on the clock. As expected there was surface rust on all the discs however general use over a couple of hundred miles (incl sustained braking and sharp braking) has failed to remove the rust from the rear NS disc. The opposite rear side and front discs are now fairly shiny. As I was concerned the calipers/glide pins were sticky through lack of use I tried some firm pumps on the brake pedal whilst parked and was surprised to find I was able to bottom out the pedal against the floor. Is this normal or
  8. I can't justify fitting Cross Climates as I've only got 2k miles on the current ones. That said I don't find the Falkens particularly noisy. If anything road noise is more subdued than on the Auris on its factory fits and cold weather Michelin Alpins. Hard to explain the variation in experience of individuals with near identical cars.
  9. The wheel I bought on ebay is described in the 2019 Corolla brochure as "17 inch black-faced machined 10 spoke.... Standard on Excel Touring Sport". Ideally I'd have found a wheel with a tyre but in the end I bought a near mint wheel for £195 + £12 delivery and separately fitted a matching Falken ZE914b 225/45R17 91w with tyre for £85
  10. To be absolutely sure you're best to remove a wheel and check the specs, which are stamped on the inside of the wheel. My 2020 Corolla GRSport TS specs are 17j7.5 et40 5x114.3 cb 60.1 which an online wheel checker website states is the standard European spec for the Corolla 2019 onwards. The reason I'm not totally sure is I've seen some Corolla wheels for sale with an et45 offset, which may be an error. The ebay seller I bought my Toyota wheel from helpfully included photos of all the stamps on the wheel so I knew for sure it was exactly correct. It's a bit of a minefield and I've been around
  11. I've received a reply from Toyota Parts Direct to the effect that the jack IS the correct on for my car and that the (wrong) photo on their website was 'for reference only' and therefore shouldn't have been relied on. I've asked them to update the picture to show the item they actually supply to avoid others being mislead. They've offered to supply an older 'slotted' version at a cost of >£40 incl postage and accept a return on the current one, subject to me paying postage (which would be more than the £8.48 refund) . Onyhoo...what to do? It's back to my original question... does it ma
  12. I'm hoping to avoid the battery issue with my 2020 Corolla ST with regular use and switching the hybrid system on if sitting for more than a few days. The Corolla battery was flat when I initially viewed it at the dealer and they agreed to replace it when I bought it. I had to replace the battery on my Auris twice in 7 years - I agree with some of the comments above regarding the battery never fulling recovering capacity once fattened, even with a smart charger. Interestingly the new battery fitted to the Corolla is 52Ahr vs 35Ahr in the Auris. It's very hard to research Toyota replaceme
  13. Good news.... I managed to pick up an identical spec (and virtually identical looking) 17" OEM Toyota Corolla wheel from ebay in near mint condition and got a matching Faken tyre fitted today. It fits in the wheel well with about 5mm to spare even with the boot cover in the lower position. I'll place it face down with the jack and accessories inside the wheel cavity and source a securing bolt. In my view a much better option than a space saver or can of gunk for those of us who frequent the more remote parts of the country.
  14. Thanks for the clarification Mike.... nonetheless I would have still thought it was a safer option than Ebay etc, esp as the description and photo were of the correct part. It'll be interesting to see how they rectify their mistake - always a good test of customer service.
  15. Well after all that faffing about with which type of jack to get ie slotted or 'dished with no slot' I decided to play safe and go down the Toyota Parts Direct route and order the correct part with the slotted head as clearly shown in the photo below. https://toyotadirectparts.co.uk/parts/toyota-corolla/corolla-mk12-2019-present/accessories-corolla-mk12-2019-present/toyota-corolla-2019-present-jack/ Sods law though - I've received one without the slot (I suspect it may be the CHR fitment?). You couldn't make it up!
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