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  1. I just returned from a shopping trip and locked the car (single press on fob) and about 2 minutes later the alarm went off - flashing lights and horn. I checked the car inside and out but could find no cause. I notice some Toyota key fobs have a Panic Mode button which remotely triggers the alarm. My fob only has the two buttons for open/close but I'm wondering if it's possible to invoke Panic Mode by pressing or holding the buttons, which may have happened as I was bending to put the shopping away with the fob in my pocket?
  2. Interestingly the three batteries in my Auris were Yuasa AGM batteries but the replacement the dealer fitted in the Corolla isn't AGM.
  3. My experience with my previous Auris is it's best to change the battery once it's been flattened. They never seem to recover full capacity. I faffed around with tests that showed the battery to be OK yet was let down time after time after only a few days of not being used. I had a total of 3 batteries over 6 years of ownership. My current Corolla was 8 months old when I bought it and it had been sitting at the dealer's yard for weeks when I turned up for a test drive. I told the salesman I doubted it would start and he said he never had a problem before. Right enough it was totally dead. Naturally I made a new battery a condition of sale. The Corolla battery is 45Ah vs 35ah in the Auris and considerably cheaper!
  4. Tried the 'Rav4' solution above and it's sorted 👍🏼. I wonder if some of the settings were changed (or maybe reset to default) by the update?
  5. Thanks Andrue - I think I've just found the solution in an old Rav4 post: "Navigation Manual Page 96 3-5 Setup “ Save recent route” Select to display a trail of breadcrumbs on the map.It is one of the toggle options on the Setup Menu / Navigiation. Toggle Save Recent Route to Off"
  6. I updated to v2 a few days ago and ever since the map shows my previous few journeys in thick purple lines, which are a distraction and make it difficult to see the actual roads on the maps. I don't recall seeing this 'feature' before the update and I can't seem to find a way of deleting these journeys. Any suggestions?
  7. I had a faulty one when I bought my 2020 demonstrator - there was evidence of a puncture repair on the tyre with the faulty sensor but that might just have been a coincidence. Anyway it was replaced under warranty by the main dealer who said it wasn't a common problem.
  8. Hi - it turned out to be a faulty valve unit on the rear OS wheel. A new one was fitted by the dealer under warranty and it's been fine ever since. Apparently the diagnostics software only identifies the ID no. of each unit and its pressure reading but NOT its actual location on the car. Identifying which unit is faulty involves letting pressure out of each tyre in turn until the one showing the fault code registers a drop.
  9. I'm just off the phone to Toyota Roadside Assistance following a misunderstanding. I bought an 8 month old ex-demonstrator in March 2021 and assumed the Roadside Assistance would expire on 1st June this year when the car was 12 months old. So I renewed it in June 2021 but when I received the membership cards today it shows the membership as running from March 2022 to March 2023. The explanation was that the one-year membership started on the date I bought the car and therefore the renewal commences one year after the purchase date. The agent told me every new or used Toyota bought from a dealer automatically comes with a full 12 months Roadside Assistance membership, hence my confusion.
  10. Out of interest is your Corolla a 1.8 or 2.0? May not be relevant but I'm not relishing another trip to the dealer after having done the 130 mile round trip 4 times already this year.
  11. It's not only you. If I click on a link like 'how to access a destination sent to your car' I end up on a sales page unrelated to the issue.
  12. I moved to DL from NFU after a big increase on renewal a couple of years ago. There's sometimes no rhyme or reason for the premium differences. DL now £225pa fully comprehensive with protected NCD. I guess a decent premium is one of the advantages of being an older low mileage driver with no convictions or claims. Living in a relative low crime region helps too.
  13. My local Toyota dealer in Aberdeen is part of a large national chain to be avoided at all costs imho. Unfortunately personal circumstances meant I once had to use them for a service. A few weeks later I found out they'd over-torqued all the wheel nuts and put copper grease on all the studs and on the face of the hub, in spite of there being a safety warning in the handbook not to do so. I called them so they could instruct the mechanic not to do it again but was told it was company policy so they would continue to do so. I complained to Toyota UK following which I received a call from the dealer saying I must have been mistaken as it's not the company policy and disputing that it had happened. I sent them a copy of their own video from the service showing clumps of copper grease on the wheel studs but heard nothing more. Not worth following up. Apart from that one occasion I've always used Struans in Dundee for sales and service and I have found them to be very good to deal with. It's a 150 mile round trip but well worth it and one of the reasons I decided to stick with Toyota as a brand. Interestingly when I called this week to book a service I also asked about catalytic convertor guards and was told they only had experience of one customer having one stolen. So maybe not such a problem away from the bigger cities?
  14. I've had the same thing since I picked up my 2020 Corolla from the dealer in March. It'll probably need dealer or specialist intervention as not possible to identify where the fault lies without hooking up to diagnostics. My pressures are stable so will get it looked at when in for service in June (150 miles round trip to nearest trusted dealer so not worth booking in for a one off fault)
  15. There must be more to hybrids' attractiveness to thieves than just the fact that the petrol engine has less running time. If the engine is only running 50% of the time then on average a 3 year old non-hybrid should be as attractive a proposition as a 6 year old Auris? Is it possibly more to do with accessibility and amount of precious metals in certain models? eg Honda Jazz often targeted. I wasn't aware of Audis being a target until I read this thread.
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