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  1. I'm taking delivery of a 2020 2L Corolla GR Sports TS + TRK ☹️ next week so will be able to compare the models. It would be ideal to be able to fit a full size spare
  2. That's astonishing.... I'II try that out when I get my Corolla GR Sport TS Very interesting... I tried the same thing in my Auris Excl TS recently and it didn't fit
  3. I think you're right. I spent a lot of time faffing around with my Auris battery when it first started playing up because a couple of battery testers told me the battery's health was good. When I changed the battery the problems disappeared.
  4. Interestingly my dealer (in Scotland) has been flat out in sales since last May. I know the sales guys pretty well and am sure they're not spinning a line.
  5. It's very hard to get a clear idea of which 12v battery is used across Toyota models. My Auris has had three batteries in 7 years - 1st replaced under warranty and the second was £130 off an excellent hybrid specialist seller on Ebay. I'm about to take delivery of a nearly new 2.0L Corolla TS and was chatting to the dealer's spares bloke so I asked him to look up the replacement battery for the new car - the part no. he quoted was 28800-YZZZF and cost roughly 60+ quid plus vat. I can find virtually nothing about this part on the internet apart from a couple of Polish and German hits, and not f
  6. I remember a few years ago on the Honest John website there was a long term review of an Auris hybrid and they tested it on a long commute on Sport and Normal modes and found the fuel consumption to be very similar.
  7. My experience across a variety of makes is when a battery has been flattened it never fully recovers full capacity, even with a Ctek smart charger.
  8. Corolla front overhang 935mm Auris front overhang 905mm So 3cm greater overhang with the Corolla but there should still be enough leeway. To confirm a previous point it does appear that the overall ground clearance is the same irrespective of wheel size.
  9. Thanks Geoff..... very valid point of course. I had considered it and reckoned the front overhang in the Corolla would be similar to the Auris so reckoned the overall geometry would also be similar. I'll check it out anyway (from memory the Corolla front overhang is 93.5cm). What a great resource this forum is!
  10. That's enormously helpful thanks. It looks like the lowest point is about 7.5" above the ground. The Auris has a rubber diffuser/spoiler beneath the plastic chin. The rubber spoiler is less than 6.5" above the ground so the Corolla actually provides an extra inch of clearance. Many thanks again to everyone who offered assistance 👍🏼
  11. Top man! Tomorrow would be great thanks... it looks like the ground clearance is a bit less than the Auris but it's the height at the nose that's critical to me
  12. No takers? I'll settle for anyone with a Corolla TS on 17" wheels - I don't want to get caught lying under the front of a stranger's car with a ruler!!!!
  13. Thanks, that's interesting. I'm in no rush to change but there's a really good deal on a nearly new GR Sport that I'm considering. Worst case if it does scrape I could drive front ways up the drive and reverse out but that's not ideal.
  14. Thanks Clive but not really a practical option as it's 140 mile round trip to the dealer so it would be an overall 280 mile drive for the double trip just to find out. Having checked the Auris again I've got about 4cm clearance between the road and the rubber spoiler when the front wheels are in the dip of the gutter. The style of the Corolla make the front end look much deeper than the Auris but it's maybe no lower.
  15. I wonder if a GR Sport owner could do me a quick favour and measure the ground clearance at the nose of the car? The reason for asking is I'm just about to trade in my 2003 Auris TS Excel for a 2020 GR Sport TS and am worried about possible grounding of the nose as I reverse up my drive - used to happen with a previous car (1991 Golf Gti 16v). I'm sure the Auris and Corolla clearances will be similar but I've only got an inch or so to play with so would like to be sure. Many thanks in advance 👍
  16. I received a fairly positive reply from Toyota UK who said they will raise the matter with the dealer. In the meantime I've degreased and rinsed all the gunk from the faces, studs and nuts back to their original clean dry state. Although it's now sorted it simply shouldn't be necessary. Presumably the thousands of Toyotas serviced and MOT'd at this dealer will have received the same treatment and their owners placed at unnecessary risk.
  17. Thanks Swwils and Afro I think Swwills makes a good point about keeping the faces dry so that when they are clamped together the friction between them will prevent all the braking and drive turning forces being transmitted to the studs. The hub and faces were packed with copper grease so the friction between the plates would have been much reduced. Today's job is to remove the wheels and give everything a good clean. Afro...there are a few reasons I don't service the car myself...firstly changing wheels is just about my limit and I'm getting too old to learn new tricks! Also having a
  18. Apparently, it can take several weeks or, in my case, never! A few weeks ago I had to approach the dealer and Toyota UK to add a missing service from Feb 2017. It wasn't as straightforward as it should have been. I wouldn't have bothered other than the main Toyota database also indicated a missing service which could have been a hassle when the time comes to sell the vehicle. Personally I've found the MyToyota portal to be more trouble than it's worth.
  19. For the past few years I have used my trusted Toyota dealer some distance from where I live, rather than the local Arnold Clark dealership, which is only a couple of miles away. Earlier this year circumstances dictated that I was unable to travel so had to give AC a go for the annual service. At the time I was pleased with the overall experience. Today I got round to changing the wheels (I have a spare set of alloys with 'winter' tyres) and was very surprised to find (i) the nuts had been severely over torqued and I had a heck of a job removing them (the wife would have had no chance!) and (i
  20. Interestingly when I dropped the car off for the Mot only one headlight was working but got a call to say it had passed with no defects. When I asked them to recheck the headlight they said it comes on if you "give it a bump" and offered to replace the bulb. I said to go ahead as a headlight that comes on and off with bumps is not ideal. The bulb (£26) is not covered under the Mot test warranty as the extended cover doesn't kick in until the Toyota factory warranty expires when the car is 5 yrs old. Not a big deal as long as the headlight is fixed 💡
  21. Thanks FB....it will be the extended warranty - your link nicely describes the MOT cover, incl the £10 'excess'. The main dealer must regularly test vehicles with extended warranties, which is why I was surprised the service receptionist had no knowledge of the cover 😕
  22. When I read the Toyota warranty T&C's I was surprised to see that it included cover for mot failure parts such as bulbs and brake discs. When I handed my car into the main dealer today I mentioned the cover but the service receptionist had never heard of it! Is it widely known/invoked?
  23. They can be a life-saver! When I first tried my one using the fuse box jump terminal I thought it wasn't going to work. However a bit of fiddling with the -ve earth clamp and the connector at the jump battery did the trick.
  24. I got the T10 version and it works well using the jump terminal in the fuse box. Warning!! once power comes back on the car sometimes locks itself so don't leave the keys in the car with the doors closed whilst attaching the jump starter!
  25. This got me started a few times until I replaced the 12v battery (under warranty) ..... used the jump terminal in the fuse box in my Auris Hybrid. From memory paid around £30. Suaoki T10 Car Jump Starter 400A Peak Current with Jump Leads as 12000mAh Battery Pack with Dual USB Port and LED Flashlight: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B072FVVK1S/ref=pe_3187911_189395841_TE_dp_1
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