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  1. The immobiliser wasn't the problem, it was a short blowing a fuse!
  2. Turns out it was a short blowing a fuse!
  3. Hi, I'm posting this here rather than the Carina Club as I'm hoping it's a general thing that any Toyota expert might be able to help with. Last Friday I replaced the Dizzy Cap and Rotor Arm on my 1994 Carina E 2.0 Gli, after I had finished I reconnected the Negative wire to the battery and left the car to finish off something else. Upon returning to the car in order to go for a test drive it refused to start. I called the AA out and the immobiliser was deemed to be at fault. After much searching and trawling through this Forum I have tried various things to no avail. Most threads mention a two button fob, I have a single button version as shown below. I have also taken pics of the key and ECU. Can anyone shed any light on the problem?
  4. Finally found the ECU under the drivers seat. Followed the above instructions as best I could (only one plug on the unit) but no dice.
  5. It seems that the engine type has a part to play. Mine is the 3S-FE lump. Behind the glovebox there is only the engine ECU. I think the other ECUs are under the centre console.
  6. My '94 Carina E has just immobilised herself following a dizzy cap and rotor arm swap (that's gratitude for you!). I'll give your idea a try.
  7. Not a great time of year for the dizzy/coilpack/ecu to go on the fritz.

  8. Posted on here and got nowt. Ended up getting help from a member of the Radio Control forum I'm on. Have all the Carina owners left this forum?

  9. Will this fit my manual 'box? http://www.ebay.co.u...=item4d03f4cf1f
  10. Driveshafts. Need some.

  11. Got the washers sussed, rear one was clogged with half a boot full of gunk lol
  12. My garage has pinned it down to the inner CV joints. They've found somewhere that can recon the joints but that's a 400 quid job! I managed to locate some driveshafts on fleabay and contacted the seller to confirm compatibility, was told that they would defo fit so I went ahead and bought them. Garage went to fit them yesterday and lo and behold they don't fit!!!!!!!!!!! :censor: I gave the seller the details of year, engine size, gearbox and bodystyle. He assured me that although his shafts came off a saloon, they would fit my wagon. What are the parameters I need to be looking at when finding replacements?????????? Will this fit my manual 'box? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Toyota-CARINA-E-DriveShaft-2-0-PETROL-AUTO-DRIVER-SIDE-FRONT-DRIVE-SHAFT-/330778857247?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item4d03f4cf1f
  13. The bearings seem ok, not too much play in them. Am not gonna get rid if it is expensive, I love it to bits.
  14. My '94 GLi Estate has developed a nasty vibration from 55-65 mph but only under power. I have had all four wheels balanced but that has not cured it. One of the guys at my local garage thinks it could be a bulge in one of the tyres but another of the guys is now saying it could be a driveshaft. Do you have any ideas???????????????????????