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  1. Cool, i might have to speak to Kingo then, just a shame it cant be re-mapped as my mates garage is next door to a re-mapping place. Ive no pictures yet mate will take some for you over the weekend when i have time, as for the video will need to try get one done and figure out how to post it on the forum. Im really enjoying the subtle pur it gives whilst idle and going through the gears. Nothing anywhere near the noise of a modded petrol car but that has to be expected, removing the backbox made no difference at all on its own. Centre silencer is a must, main reason i done it was due to not liking the crappy look of the standard tail pipe. Cheers
  2. Thanks for the info. Need to have a wee think now.
  3. Vrrrrrrrooooooooooooooooom

  4. So.................. Just wondering if anyone has done any mods to thier Auris and what they may be?? Im currently driving an SR180 and looking to re-map it have the DPF removed and currently waiting on a set of 18" BBS CH alloys. Iv'e also removed the back box and middle silencer having it piped from the cat to the tail pipe, courtesy of my mates at C+C in Hillington. Ive also been looking through many a different thread and noticed cool rear lights i would love to have but im struggling to find them, does anyone know the best place to look?? Look forward to reading any replies
  5. Fingers crossed it never happens and to Mr Munday i hope its dealt with quick and not too annoying for you.
  6. likewise i have an SR180 which i bought second hand from Toyota like yourself will just keep an eye on it and its good to kno the engine warranty is 100k or 8 years anyway. Although like Acetip says issues like these should have been noticed in the design n development stage, not many a year after the cars have been sold.
  7. Ok buddy, looks like im just going to have a good look around and hopefully find what im looking for. Thanks
  8. Hey guys n gals, Where is the best site to purchase parts for the Auris?? Such as rear lights, bumpers, lower springs etc etc Any help would be much appreciated Cheers
  9. I have been on the forum for a few months now and thought it was about time i said Hello Used to drive a Civic Type R now driving an Auris SR180 hopefully a few mods to be done in the future. Good looking site and helpful so far, keep up the good work.
  10. Welcome to the Toyota forums Buzz85 :)