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  1. Just had my warranty extension quote through at £565 on a 2008 XTR Diesel RAV. I know if i take it..nothing will happen on the RAV for a year..but if I don't, it will inevitably go, tricky. Any thoughts anyone?
  2. Thanks for this...pointed the dealer at it and they replaced ore errors.
  3. All the best from me too....
  4. I am on occasion getting this error, and have read a few posts explaining what this was...can anyone confirm that the brake switch replacement was indeed the resolution? Do any of you think Toyota will recognise this, and if not, how do I convince Toyota that this where to look?
  5. I have a rav 2008 and about to take it down through Spain, so, I need to know if it is worth regassing the Aircon..I bought it from a dealer in May and only use it at weekends, so I am not entirely sure on the rough lifepan of a gassing before it needs redoing...Any thoughts?
  6. Well, I am only on 30,000 at the, i hope not...or i'll be buying a scenic. Actually, would Renault ever swap out a whole engine if it happened on one of theirs? Maybe not.
  7. Just returned from Spain where I hired a new Renault Scenic Diesel...what an engine that was...i thought it was petrol, it was so quiet. Anyway, got back to Gatwick and in my 2008 RAV...and realised the difference. Poor thing, really is a very noisy diesel..but, I forgive it.
  8. Fizzbang

    Wind Noise

    I'll give that a is definately that part that is making the noise.
  9. Fizzbang

    Wind Noise

    I did actually track it down to a metal plate inside the sunroof area...i think it is the plate that pops up when the sunroof is back...a quick fiddle with it and it disappears until the next time.
  10. Fizzbang

    Wind Noise

    If it is getting worse...think what it will be like in a few may have to wear ear defenders. It is funny how noises appear to irritate or appear the longer you have a car...i bought my 2008 RAV and after having my old S Reg avensis it felt silent..but now i noticed a slight rattle or buzz from the sun roof gets under your skin if you let it.
  11. I have seen a few scraps ofbinfo on this...but i just wanted to know?
  12. What do you guys use to touch up stone chips or scratches....or do you just leave them to pros to sort out.
  13. Hi, I have a 2008 diesel rav and am thinking about the options i have in maybe replacing the bog standard audio/6 disk changer to something a little more modern with maybe a, i do plan on letting toyota do it and would like to know what options they offer and if any ofyou would recommend a better option, idea or any guidance in it.
  14. I am pretty surenit is all 2AD engines up to 2008. After that it seems to be ok.