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    Here is some pics of my cars and what is coming up
  2. i checked some websites it seems to be that these are avensis wheel specs Pin Circle Diameter.(PCD): 5-114,3 Bolt/Nut Dim: 12x1,50 Offset (ET): 45 Centerbore (CB): 600 Rec. Tyre Dimensions: 205/60R16, 215/55R17, 225/45R18, 225/40R19, 225/35R20 so if some one knows what are max and min offset, plz share ur information
  3. finally my friend figured out what was the problem! The problem was in the adapter that i bought in ebay (picture). The blue wire was atached to wrong place on terminal. so my friend took it off and moved it one place right on adapters terminal. Now when blue wire was moved to right place it connects with small brown wire on avensis wires. we tought that brown wire is cars own amplifiers "wake up" or remote (i dont know eng word for that). So results of my installations were that adapter works on "Premium sound system" very well and its easy to install
  4. HI! Summer is coming and im buying rims to my t27 avensis. Does anyone know what is the offset limits of this car, i cant find real information anywhere :/ Im not sure but t27 normal offset is 45 but i would like to know can i put 32 offset rimms to my car :)
  5. Hi Dude! Here is guide: http://www.toyota-tech.eu/aimuploads/%7B96DE2D5B-A814-1B8C-A411-965D6B3DA814%7D/Toyota%20Avensis%20355L%20Frontgrill%20PZ439-T9493-AB%20%28030609%29%20Ver02.pdf hopefully it helps :)
  6. Hi! Are U sure it is missfireing? It might be an engine mount gone bad. U should check em out.
  7. All the plugs of adapter set with car and none of cars connectors were left unused. Some of cars connectors have wires which dont connect to ebay adapter. I think those must be amplifier wires I will post pics as soon as i remove the head radio unit
  8. Hi all! I tought i should join to this forum to get answers to my little problems :) My cars: Toyota Avensis T27 2010. 100k km. Last summer i installed toyota motorsport spoilers. Now installing audio system. Next summer suspension and rims Toyota Corolla E91. 106k km. Training car. 142dB audio system
  9. HI all! I got t27 -10 avensis. Its model with 11 speaker audio system with regular radio. Im trying to install pioneer avh-3200bt radio to old radio space. I got everything else but wires. Does anyone know where to get bolt on kit wires to this specific audio system? or is there any? I bought one wire set (http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=350270210091&ssPageName=ADME:L:OU:GB:1123) but it seems to be for normal audio system. In my car it only plays rear speakers and middle front speaker.
  10. Welcome to the Toyota forums Ballero :)

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