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  1. MCG-1983 Great car with fantastic reviews. Be interested in your experience driving it. Perhaps when you do it’s best not mention how many m.p.g. you get. If you do you will be inundated with comments from Hybrid owners claiming 70 doing a steady 50 on the motorway. 😀
  2. I have to disagree with not to buy last year of model. Large discounts are available, the problems with them have been sorted and many have extra kit fitted as standard.
  3. My warning light came on yesterday. Not the easiest place to put the reset button, not clear where it is in the handbook. It would be nice if the display showed which tyre it was and reset itself when the pressure is back to normal. Dare I say that many other cars have that facility. And cost less.
  4. I used my 1.3 Yaris frequently for a motorway return trip of 220 miles. Never a problem.
  5. Sounds good with loads of tech, but come on Toyota. £20000 to £24000 for a small familly car.
  6. I owned a 1.33 autoYaris for five years and have found present 1.5 slightly better in terms of M.P.G. To add to our driving sins the wife likes to use the sports mode. I use the paddle shift on country roads. Last week when I filled it up it showed just under 300 miles range. At present it is showing 44.1 m.p.g. average. Not bad really as when allowed out once a week I do clog it
  7. Just thought I would mention other reasons for our shameful M.P.G. figures. Use of the sports mode and the paddle gear selector on country roads. Then again the car has only done 2000 miles and with the lockdown for the past two months, only a weekly short journey. When I filled the car with petrol last week it indicated a range of just under 300 miles. Current display shows an average of 44.1 M.P.G. Oh dear. I am sure you will be able to do far better than that.
  8. I have a 1.5 standard automatic Yaris. They seem to be pretty rare compared with the Hybrid. As you will know we all have different driving styles, in my case I like to press on and do not try to obtain the best M.P.G. Pre lockdown. 120 mile motorway trip at the legal limit, 54 m.p g. Country roads 48 m.p.g. Around town 42 m.p.g. Perhaps somebody who drives more moderately will do far better than that.
  9. I can also confirm that the armrest does not restrict in any way the use of the handbrake. Hi Bernard. Glad you like it. I am now off the tablets. LOL.
  10. Just hope you like it and it lasts. Mine has managed four years and looks like new. Otherwise I will never forgive myself in the recommendation. Must lie down now.
  11. Got mine from Wood Company Italy. Very sturdy with the ability to slide backwards and forwards. Fitted my previous 2014 Yaris and the current 2019 model. Also provides much needed storage space under the lid. Passengers love it. Be honest with an automatic you do not sit in a traffic jam with both arms clutching the steering wheel.
  12. Mine also has a rattle. Think its the glass as if I lower the window a fraction from fully closed it stops.
  13. Agree with above. Second thought. Water pump.
  14. So sorry to hear the sad news. Best wishes for a speedy and complete recovery.
  15. I have had the same for the past four years. Every time I travel up and over the Pennines on the M62 and give the engine a bit of welly. Running hotter than normal and burning off dust etc. C.V.T does some getting used too, especially after a traditional auto.
  16. I know its a lot of money but mine cost £100 two years ago for my 2014 Yaris at the main dealer.
  17. Bemused2

    16 v 17 Yaris

    Got an Email from Toyota about a new offer on the Yaris. It seems that the Icon now comes with front parking sensors and Sat Nav. However the finance contribution on P.C.P. is now £1250 and not the previous £1500. So its a £250 price increase.
  18. I have had the variable boot floor on my Yaris for a couple of years now. Got it so I can easily load my wife's mobility scooter. Apart from that I rarely remove it as it provides extra secure storage space underneath for maps, tom tom etc. Do not expect much change out of £100 when buying from a Toyota dealer.
  19. I too have a slight drivers door rattle which comes and goes. Seems to go away when the window is lowered a tiny bit. Could be just coincidence. Have a look at the door seals. Mine were slightly out of alignment. If all else fails take it back. I would be fearful of taking the door card off, only to find it would not go back properly.
  20. More cost cutting. I miss the ability to switch off the boot light and no illuminated vanity mirror on the passenger sun visor. Could ramble on about other cheap touches such as the tacky clips that hold up the rear parcel shelf cord, etc but will contain myself.
  21. I know that this may not be strictly relevant in your case but it is just an observation of my experience. Between York and Bridlington your have to climb a long 20% hill. When driving up it I always use high revs and put a lot of stress on the engine. Every time I do I experience a smell of something akin to mild burning. I put it down to the engine getting a lot hotter than normal and burning off dust etc from itself and the exhaust. This has been the same since the car was new three years ago.
  22. I have had the same occasionally when reversing out of our garage and leaving the car for a few minutes. Do not regard lt as a problem.
  23. Have been following a thread on the Honda Jazz forum concerning when the oil should be changed on there C.V.T. transmissions. Cannot find any reference to it in my Yaris Handbook and a search of this forum drew a blank. Does it have to be changed ( which I presume it does) and when. Thanks.
  24. Deck board. ( A false floor in the boot which makes loading a lot easier)