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  1. Hi all I'm thinking of changing my car because of the really poor mpg, at best I'm getting low 30's, I've cleaned egr, reset ecu even been putting bp ultimate in and yet it won't go up. How much better is the mpg on the normal 2.0d sr maybe I could change to that, I don't thrash it, I don't know what else to do, Any help would be appreciated thank you
  2. Also could anyone tell me the model number of a good camera, I have seen them on ebay for £12 but want to pay a bit more for a named brand if poss. Thank you
  3. Hi all, I wuss just wondering my sr180 has sat nav, does this mean the wiring for rear camera is also installed or will I need to get a new piece from toyota. Any help really appreciated Thank you
  4. Just checked filter its filthy and damp, I will get a new one and see ifit helps. I had my car serviced at toyota main dealer in march and I'm surprised it wasn't replaced then, should it be a service item?
  5. Thanks for the advice I will check it
  6. Hi everyone, my sr180 seems to mist up really easy and its really annoying as I keep having to press ac button to clear it. I was just wondering if anyone else is the same and would people recommend to help prevent this. Thanks guys
  7. What are they like and how much are they
  8. SR180BOB


    Cool, I looked at the k&n website and I can only find panel filters for my 2.2 sr180
  9. SR180BOB


    Hi what k&n filter do u have on it
  10. Hi I just wondering, I have the b9005 sat nav is there any way to install a reverse camera with this head unit Thanks
  11. Hi I've just noticed that my springs say toyota motor sport on them is this standard or optional, because people say my car is low for standard car, thanks all
  12. I have the b9005 sat nav and my speed sensitive sound works a treat, you can even adjust the sensitivity of the volume
  13. Hi guys, I saw some wheels being refurbished today and that got me thinking, I have standard 17 inch 5 spoke alloys, I would love some of the motor sport alloys. I was thinking of changing my 5 spoke colour to gun metal grey or maybe white, also has any one else had a colour change on the 5 spoke. Also my car is black what do u think will look good Thanks
  14. Hi I'm getting quotes for custom exhaust and just wondering what exhaust tips people have, my sr180 has standard bumper. Would this look good do u think Thanks guys Just had a quote of 350 for a cat back system from longlife, also I was asked if I wanted the dpf removed, what would happen if I did or does it not matter to much. Thanks peeps
  15. Hi all, I'm after a custom exhaust but having trouble finding some where in Buckinghamshire, I was just wondering if anyone new of any decent ones in Buckinghamshire, Thanks guys
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