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  1. Hey Pedro

    i know it’s a while ago just wondered did you get to the bottom of your smoke I’m having same problem wondered if the TSB worked



  2. Hi Folks, Can anyone reccommend where i could get an EGR valve for my SR180 at the best possible price any help would be very much appreciated. Pedro..........
  3. Thank you or that Lee the car would now be outwith the warranty as its a 58 plate what do you think i would be expected to pay if i was to contact Toyota about this ? And who would i contact would it be the dealer or contact Toyota direct ? Cheers Pedro
  4. The smoke is more when driving and usually its worse within 10 mins of starting the car from cold, As the engine is starting to get up to its optimal temperature thats when you see a thick curtain smoke coming from the exhaust.
  5. Most of my driving is motorway although in the mornings and evenings the motorway i.e M8 Motorway can be like a carpark i do take it for runs where i give it some wellie i have already cleaned the EGR and i have already used a DPF cleaner then had the car put through a full service .
  6. I have had a check at both the coolant and oil and its been fine.
  7. With the tints at the rear of the SR180 i cant be 100% sure but it looks greyish in colour
  8. Is the EGR valve the same part number for the the T180 and SR180 and what sort of price would they be from toyota? as i have seen Denso ones for approx £186.00 Cheers Pedro
  9. Hi folks, For some time now my SR180 has been blowing major amounts of smoke this happens dailly and is more noticable when driving first thing in the morning when the car has been sitting all night or after work when its been sitting all day in the car park. I have cleaned the EGR and inlet pipe, MAF and also had a major service completed but this hasn't made any difference and smoke is extremly bad for approx 1 mile of driving and seems to be even worse when stop start and sitting in heavy traffic on the motorway. I have considered buying a new EGR and replacing it incase the valve is sticking and i just wondered if the valve was sticking would this cause the smoking issue's ? becuase i have had no engine management issues and the mechanic i spoke to thought that EGR may be the cause and i thought i would hopefully gets some good advice from yourselves. Cheers Pedro
  10. Good luck with it mate thats really the first Sr180 i have seen in red but tbh i have'nt seen many Sr180's up here
  11. What you could do is search for a Universal back box on line and have an exhaust centre fit it for you closer to home .
  12. The only things i have done with the car was 1.Fitted K&N panel filter 2.Exhaust system 3.Wind Deflectors Front and Rear 4.Repaced Rear speakers 5.Wired in new speaker cabling from the rear of standard head unit and fitted Amp and sub in the boot (Which sounds far better than it did) I love the wee Auris great car to drive even though i have had plenty of issue's and problems with it .
  13. A bit more of a growl but not loud lol You can hear the pitch of the exhaust when planting the foot but nothing much changed from standard when idling which to me is perfect ! I like yourself wanted to change the rear silencer and tail pipe as i thought it looked like something off of a diesel generator.
  14. Before Exhaust was fitted After Exhaust was fitted I had this exhaust built and fitted by C&C custom exhausts in Hillington ,Glasgow and the cost was £336.00 increased the bore size to 2 1/2" from DPF back in April 2013 . Hope this helps Pedro
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