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  1. Good shout! Sprayed a couple of bottles through the system whilst idling and it's completely cured the turbo issue. Cheers for the suggestion.
  2. I have a 2005 Rav4 D4D that has developed an intermittent turbo problem. Pull away in 1st gear and the turbo almost always comes in and it accelerates normally, change up through the gears though and more often than not the turbo doesn't kick in. It is very random though you can be driving along with no turbo boost, then it'll suddenly come in and accelerates, then it'll suddenly stop boosting again. I've checked all the IC hoses, vacuum lines and can't see anything obvious, there are no dash warning lights but I haven't had it checked for fault codes yet. Any ideas and help would be much appreciated.
  3. No not yet, haven't had the time yet to investigate further.
  4. The whistle can be heard whilst accelerating as the turbo spools up, off boost the sound goes. I know there's a boost leak somewhere, I suspect it's either the egr valve or there is some damage to the turbo, just thought I'd ask for opinions before stripping it to inspect the turbo.
  5. I have a bit of an issue that I'd appreciate some help with. I have an '03 Rav4 D4D (80K miles) that has developed a whistle when accelerating, I can still feel the turbo coming online but there is a drop in power and it is bogging down under wide open throttle. It's definitely turbo related but can't find any obvious leaks after a visual inspection of the pipe work and there are no warning lights coming on. Before I start stripping the IC and pipework off to inspect the turbo, I was wondering if anyone had any ideas what the problem could be? I've read that it may be caused by a sticking EGR valve but that this normally brings up the engine warning light, which I'm not getting.
  6. Thanks guys for the replies, does anyone have any pics of the genuine Toyota rubber mats? Thanks unfortunately they don't do them for the 2000-2005 Rav4, the Weathertech ones look good as well but only available in LHD :(
  7. Thanks, would you have any pics you could post?
  8. Thanks, did Toyota do rubber mats for the Rav4, I can only find carpet mats? Do you have a link for Kingo?
  9. Looking for a set of tailored rubber mats for a RHD 2003 Rav4, 5 door, any recommendations?
  10. I need to remove the steering wheel airbag unit on a 2012 Yaris. The centre unit seems to be held to the wheel by 2 sprung clips which I can see through the side hole, can anyone explain how to release these spring clips so I can remove?
  11. Anyone with a wiring diagram for a 2012 Yaris? I specifically want the diagrams for the steering wheel controls to headunit.
  12. Does the standard 2 DIN CD head unit in a 2003 Rav4 have either a CD multichanger or Aux connection on the back? Wondering if I can connect the following USB adapter? http://www.ebay.com/itm/USB-SD-SDHC-MP3-CD-Changer-AUX-Adapter-Radio-6-6-Toyota-RAV4-II-2-III-3-2003-11-/130733699837?pt=Car_Audio_Video&hash=item1e7055f2fd&vxp=mtr http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/TOYOTA-COROLLA-RAV-4-USB-SD-CARD-AUX-IN-ADAPTER-INTERFACE-CONNECTS2-CTATYUSB001-/150832238022?pt=UK_MP3_Player_Accessories_Cables_Adapters&hash=item231e4d4dc6
  13. Looking for a OEM Toyota rubber boot liner and set of interior mats.
  14. Just bought a black 2003 Rav4, the inside of the headlight are slightly yellowed is it possible remove the lenses to clean them?
  15. Looking for a 2003 Rav4 Black (202) Front Bumper in good condition.