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  1. It seems to change the way the boost comes in, it feels stronger the extension of the pipe is bringing the pipes probably about 15 cm closer to the front bumper. I think to get power out of it the map would have to be changed. Off subject a bit I dont know wether it was a recall but my car has a sticker on it saying it was remapped by toyota- its in the passenger side door shut. Does anyone else have this?
  2. http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&id=221370641681&alt=web these are the pipes I bought, standard pipes are 2 inch the silicone bends came with the intercooler I bought but all you need is 2x 90 degree from 2 inch to whatever size the output on your intercooler is I think mine are 2.5 inch but most the pipes are in mm I will check the car today and see what size in mm the intercooler outlet is it will be around 65-51mm if you type in 90 degree silicone hose reducer on ebay they pop up. If you want them quickly I wouldn't order from auto silicone hoses (ebay seller) as it took weeks for a hose for my impreza to arrive and their customer service is shocking
  3. Hi guys, Aidsy, yes I just used the pipes to reach to the new intercooler. Smudge, the standard intercooler has some weird attachment on to go to the pipework ill try dig them out to see if you could just pull the standard intercooler forward, you would need to extend the pipework somehow make sure you order pipes with a lip on the end otherwise under boost they will slip off.
  4. Hi Tom, Yeah they do thats what I meant when I said bevelled, couldnt think of the word! The car seems just as quiet as before. Just been out in it taking wife to work and it just pulls a lot nicer. Cheers
  5. Finished this off now, the parts you need if you want to do it are: Intercooler (measurements in this post) 2 x 90 degree pipes to go from the outlet of intercooler to feed back to the car) 2 x 30cm pipes 2 inch diameter (bevelled at end) Nuts and bolts and some brackets Car seems to spool quicker but I have only took it down the road and Back.
  6. Pipes are finally here, will fit them this afternoon!
  7. Plumbed it in today but as soon as the boost builds up it pops a pipe off, im going to order some pipes with a lip on to replace what ive got but here are the pics. I dont think it'd be possible to swap the air con and intercooler without a lot of ****** about
  8. No original intercooler is mounted between radiator and air con radiator. The standard piping looks like standard black hosing, I have not removed standard intercooler yet as I am waiting for the pipework to come, I got a used pipe kit off a s14 thats 2.5 inch but I also have 2.5 to 2 inch reducer pipes I will let you know when I know more as I'm just really tackling it as I do it but don't really want to be taking it to bits without having the parts as it is a daily car
  9. I dont think you could go much bigger without having to start cutting more than the bumper
  10. I bought mine used off ebay 60 quid posted but these are the measurements lenth550mm height140mm width65mm length with pipes fitted around 89cm. Piping goes to the standard intercooler at around the same position as where they are needed for the front mount so all you'll need is a couple of straight pipes to connect up aswell as the 90 degree pipes that come off the intercooler. All being well my pipes should come today and ill plumb it all in ill keep you all posted how I get on
  11. I think slightly yes, im not sure if I can live with it ***** eyed ha ill have to adjust it when im plumbing it in
  12. Put it back together now not sure if I like the way its sitting plus ive got to tidy up where I have cut the bumper but this is the way it is sitting now
  13. Here is how far I have got so far tonight, im just waiting for the drill to charge to bolt in the intercooler. The standard one sits between the air con radiator and radiator. Once removed all that looks to be required for plumbing it in will be 2 straight pipes probably around 30cm im just mounting it for now whilst I wait for the pipes to arrive. Will put more photos up when all back together again!
  14. Cheers for all the information guys, once intercooler arrives and I get a spare evening I will take off the bumper and see what ive got to work with, I'll take pics as I go and keep this thread updated
  15. Ill keep you updated on how it goes do you have any idea where the standard one is? I've got a feeling its behind the radiator but im not too sure
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