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  1. Happy Birthday Tony Barnsley!

  2. As I was told by a dealer . . . It has to come from a customer complaint . . . I.e Is it supposed to use that much oil? If you don't ask it never gets looked at
  3. There is no DPF . . . But there is a CAT The D-CAT Models have a DPF AND a CAT. Both have issues with short runs, but a good run on the motorway does (in my case) clear the issue in my (non D-CAT) Rav
  4. It's not a weight/economy/emissions issue, it's just something the marketing guys at Toyota UK can up with as not wanted in the UK. The 4.3 Rav (not sure about the face lifted 4.3.5) IS available with a door mounted full size spare wheel . . . in Europe and Ireland . . .As these countries also have EuroCap 5/6 emissions test, it can't be argued that we can't have it in the UK to reduce the emissions either. There have been plenty of other people who used to frequent this forum who have tilted at that particular windmill for some time, with no result (well apart from the space saver in the 4.4
  5. I know CharlieFarlie does have one for sale, but he's been banned, so you can't contact him on this site.
  6. I think you miss on the warranty based on mileage, if you are not using oil then you have no claim
  7. Happy Birthday BA. It does appear that a lot of the regular contributors appear to have gone elsewhere though. The odd tumble weed does blow through the door now and again
  8. As others (who are no longer on this site) have said If you have difficulty starting your diesel RAV . . . Change the Fuel Filter
  9. Banned!!Really?Well where My status under my Avatar says member via FB, Charlies says 'Banned', make of that what you will . . .
  10. I had a quote from a local well respected body shop to respray my bonnet and a full buff to remove the swirlies / scratches for £300 + VAT. Once done as long as you wash it properly then swirlies should be minimal . . . red fading . . . unlikely
  11. In 87 it was a bit windy down south . . .My In laws had a 10 by 12 shed roll round their garden . . . in the caravan park next door, a caravan was picked up, and deposited upside down on a new Volvo!
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