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  1. Is that the 1.4 engine? Sounds interesting. What is its bhp and torque standard? Have you got it on a dyno? Where did you get straight through pipe and do you replace this at MOT?
  2. Has anyone fitted these to a AE111? I wouldn't be able to low the suspension as need all the height I can get.
  3. Not good for power steering to go completely full lock. Pushing/pulling when wheel will go no further.
  4. Where can i see the envy version?
  5. It is used in the corrolla and if you look at the improved tte.de website they have a tuning box for it on the corrolla section.
  6. You want a cold air feed. That is only makingsure the air is coming from somewhere with clean, cooler air. Tend to have aluminium shielding to protect it from heat from the engine. If you look on google you can find the difference air temperature makes.
  7. Basic advice is warm the oil up as you always should. The temp light is for water and when that goes out it does not mean the oil is warm yet. Then use the full range but don't hang around in air specific rev for miles on end and don't bounce it of the limiter (don't really go about 5000 and I would do this nearer the end run in. Don't load the engine (5th at 20). I take it was a joke rosso lol your so funny.
  8. I just found this guy who makes suspension he is meant to be really good and springs selling for yaris drop them 40mm don't ask me if t sport or not. http://www.dfaulknersprings.com/ £100 quid for set.
  9. You can get the S with PAS an option. The Pump is just wacked on dosen't look that complicated.
  10. So if you wanted a 4*4 corolla you have to import it. Why don't then do them over here people would buy it.
  11. How much is the toyota sub? Is it 60? Thanks
  12. What kimi and spratt are in the official toyota mag?
  13. Hope he is called Spatt Did anyone go down there or know how he did? Thanks Si
  14. It would be the same as the tte one look at the website. tte.de
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