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  1. Is that the 1.4 engine? Sounds interesting. What is its bhp and torque standard? Have you got it on a dyno? Where did you get straight through pipe and do you replace this at MOT?
  2. Has anyone fitted these to a AE111? I wouldn't be able to low the suspension as need all the height I can get.
  3. Not good for power steering to go completely full lock. Pushing/pulling when wheel will go no further.
  4. Where can i see the envy version?
  5. It is used in the corrolla and if you look at the improved tte.de website they have a tuning box for it on the corrolla section.
  6. You want a cold air feed. That is only makingsure the air is coming from somewhere with clean, cooler air. Tend to have aluminium shielding to protect it from heat from the engine. If you look on google you can find the difference air temperature makes.
  7. Basic advice is warm the oil up as you always should. The temp light is for water and when that goes out it does not mean the oil is warm yet. Then use the full range but don't hang around in air specific rev for miles on end and don't bounce it of the limiter (don't really go about 5000 and I would do this nearer the end run in. Don't load the engine (5th at 20). I take it was a joke rosso lol your so funny.
  8. I just found this guy who makes suspension he is meant to be really good and springs selling for yaris drop them 40mm don't ask me if t sport or not. http://www.dfaulknersprings.com/ £100 quid for set.
  9. You can get the S with PAS an option. The Pump is just wacked on dosen't look that complicated.
  10. So if you wanted a 4*4 corolla you have to import it. Why don't then do them over here people would buy it.
  11. How much is the toyota sub? Is it 60? Thanks
  12. What kimi and spratt are in the official toyota mag?
  13. Hope he is called Spatt Did anyone go down there or know how he did? Thanks Si
  14. It would be the same as the tte one look at the website. tte.de
  15. Welcome back. Your quite near me, well when I home. How good a deal did you get if I may ask?
  16. Hi Could one of you nice people please help this guy out. I would but my car is miles away and I won't see it for ages yet. Be cool if someone could do it for him the forums normally really good for helping people out.
  17. Made a difference to my car. I used to get loads of stones flying up against the side and fitted and now only get the odd one but I do live where your cars just get covered in dirty and lots of stones. Admit they could do with being a bit bigger but where do you stop rally flaps?
  18. It's advertising there products. The green airfilter that looks like an intercooler is their product, the suspension is their product. (Its what they look like)
  19. Anyone know if you can get bits from toyota and any idea of prices? Just out of interest.
  20. Have a look at there website they sell stuff which looks interesting. Never heard of them before.
  21. Lower compression, forged pistons, metal gasket, oilcooler, massive intercooler, maybe water misting/injection stuff, mad cams, Big turbo (Twin (corr)), NOS, big old open exhaust, tuned manifold to turbo would help, throttle body conversion, Dry sump Ohhhh you could have so much fun. You could keep going but depends on how much money you have and probably how often you want to rebuild the engine.
  22. Thats the sycro isn't it. You can hear it when you change down at about 5 mph at a junction. Wouldn't really suffest going into first much higher than 10 mph not much point even in second at that speed you are ok.
  23. Never done on my yaris. Its a bit fiddly normally but easy. At the back of the light unit the sockets will be there. Just remove the covers normally bit of plastic twiste don. Then a rubber sock thing to seal it just pull off gently. Then carefully pull the unit out. Don't touch the bulbs or contacts. The bulbs just pulg in I think. All from memory so don't hold me to it. Its quite obvious and should be in the manual
  24. Checking it out now. Thank you my funny little black man.
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